REACTION IN GOD’S TRIALS (Holy Week Message in the midst…


(Holy Week Message in the midst of covid-19 pandemic)

No matter how big this chaos can get, God is still here with us. He’s bigger stronger and greater than this.

I know it may not always feel and look like it, but He’s with us. Even now He’s moving. God allows these circumstances to happen for the purpose of turning our hearts to Him. This is not a surprise to God.

He knows this is hard for us but not to Him. He is aware. He’s not absent, and He’s working right now. God never promised we wouldn’t face storms, trials, sufferings and chaos, He just promised that He wouldn’t leave us when we face them.

Try replacing your “God, why is this happening?” to “God, what are you trying to teach me?”
I believe God wants to change our hearts. This is the perfect moment to be more intimate with the One who created you.

Let’s go back in the heart of worship. I believe God is using this moment to call our attention. If this moment doesn’t change us, I don’t know what will.
The world has to react in times like this but not us. He doesn’t want us to just react, He wants us to respond.

Our response is worship.

Our response is prayer.

Our response is praise.

Our response is surrender.

Our response is to say yes to the call.

There‘s no safest place here on earth right now than in His presence.Let’s go back to God.

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