“Therefore every tree that doesn’t produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.” Matthew 3:10

     One thing I love to do while living in Mobile, is driving through Spring Hill or Dauphin Street under all of the trees on the way to do hospital visits. There is nothing like good shade! How rooted are those trees? How old are those trees? Are they new trees that grew after a hurricane? All of these questions I have myself, but here lately, God has been challenging me about how “rooted” I am. What do you mean? Let me explain.

     Jesus cursed the fig tree for not producing fruit. We can look at a tree and see beautiful leaves, but Jesus did not call us to grow leaves. He called us to grow fruit. You and I cannot grow fruit if we are not connected to the main source – Jesus. I don’t care how many times you go to church, because just because you go to church does not make you a Christian, just like you standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car.

     The only way you and I will every bear fruit is to stay in the Word and stay on our knees. But, one of the things the Lord has challenged me with lately is if I stay rooted, my children, my family, and my students in my youth group will also be rooted. God did not call me to bear fruit so that I can eat my own fruit. He called me to grow fruit so that the people around me could eat my fruit. I can bring in the greatest food trucks every Wednesday nights, have 18 fog machines, 100 moving lights, the greatest youth band, and the biggest events (nothing morally wrong with any of those things) and still have surface Christian students. I’m sorry, but I want my family and students to experience the real, authentic Presence of the Almighty God.

     God has called my family, my students, and myself to go deeper. I choose to lead with integrity and authenticity because when storms come, I want my Source to be by my side. I choose to have a family that is dedicated and raised in the admonition of the Lord. I choose to teach my students, using techniques, sermon analogies, videos, and by my life, the truth that the world needs to hear without forsaking my beliefs in what God has taught me and shown me no matter what people say. I choose to not be another statistic. I choose not to follow the broad way and teach those around me to take the easy way out. God has called you and I for greater things. It’s time to hit our knees again and live in the Presence of God. Get rooted in the Lord, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord!