Sign Fell on the Camel

OK…so one of our wonderful well-intentioned church staff members just sent along an email to several others on staff communicating something they noticed in the lobby of the church involving a nativity display. All they sent was contained in the subject line:
“A sign fell down on the Camel at info central and split in his back!”
Well….personally, I was unaware of the large nativity display…so…when I read the email subject with no context, I thought this was particularly funny. For some reason my mind immediately jumped to the potential of a new seen for “A Night at the Museum” movie series…you know, the one where all the museum displays come to life at night. So, here goes…
A news commentator comes on the screen….
“Breaking news from the Nativity scene in the lobby:
This just in… Christmas may be delayed this year!
As the wisemen were approaching Bethlehem, a large sign fell from the sky above and broke the back of one of the camels. The sign said, “You can join one of our teams!” The wisemen were confused because they thought they were already on God’s team. The wisemen are conferring as to what type of “sign” this is. Closer examination revealed the falling sign also took out the star they were following – so, ‘where to go from here?’ As they looked further they noticed yet another sign above that said, “Info Central.” They are hopeful they may be able to get new direction for this sign.
The camel will recover but the prognosis is he will be humpless and may not be home for Christmas. Ironically, his name is ‘Humpty’. Pursuant to Humpty experiencing the great fall, the three kings, and all the king’s horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Good news is Humpty is being treated by a nearby Shepherd who was watching their flock by night.
Authorities are pursuing a lead from other shepherds who reported some angels we have heard were high…and they probably dropped the sign from above due to the buzz. Shepherd’s did report that the angels appeared just a bit overjoyed and happy…and seemed to enjoy suddenly appearing and disappearing and scaring the Shepherds repeatedly. The last words of the angels were reportedly, “Glory to God for the highness and…peace out!”
Our prayers go out for the Camel and wisemen and for the shepherds who remain greatly afraid.
Stay tuned for updates.”

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