SMC Student – Reflections on Myrtle Beach Conference (pt 2)

Looking back at ShabbachMB I could very easily highlight the estimated 509 people that made a commitment to live for Christ. Which in and of itself is awesome and by no means am I taking away from that! I'm an observer by nature, with that being said, my 'ah-hah' moment happened to be Friday night in the middle of worship. On the left side of the stage there stood a girl with her hands stretched out. She was younger than most of the teens yet there she was, along with everyone else, lifting praises to the King. She had tears streaming down her face. Later on Eddie James went on to say, "I believe the best moments in worship are when your heart and spirit are so engaged in loving God that you don't need anyone up here telling you what to do." This rang true for her. She was completely lost in worship. She didn't have her buddy beside her. Her leader wasn't around. It was her and God. She may have hopped up onto the speaker to see but she isolated herself from everyone else to spend time with the Father and that's exactly what she got. When we seek after His face He shows Himself, in whatever way we need to see Him. She had a moment which have me my moment. It doesn't matter who you are or where you stand (in life) God will always be there if we look in the right direction. Jeremiah 29:13 says, " You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Webster's Dictionary defines to seek as 1) to go in search of 2) to try to discover 3) try to acquire or gain. When we forget about those around us and drive out the distractions of life and go after Him with everything we have we WILL find him.