SMC Student – Reflections on Myrtle Beach Conference (pt 5)

This year was my first year attending Shabbach; and it was quite an experience! I have attended several youth conferences in the past but none can compare to this experience. I was blown away at first by the worship. The crowd seemed to dive right in. I have noticed that most congregations are looking for entertainment. After a while they may clap or raise their hands, but you must entertain them first. Shabbach seemed completely different. I could feel the presence of the Lord as soon as I stepped into the theater. I could tell that the worship team had spent many hours praying and seeking the Lord about which songs to sing. They brought the crowd immediately into the presence of the Holy Spirit. 
Another thing that I noticed was each speaker for each night brought a message that spoke to everyone’s heart and was exactly what they needed to hear. The timing was impeccable. I knew it was a God thing. From the very first service, to the very last, I could not wait to hear or see what God was going to do next. On the first night, Reggie Dabbs spoke, he preached on Adam and Eve in the garden. I have heard and read this story multiple times, yet the way he broke it down it spoke to my heart. There was an estimated count of five hundred and nine that responded to the alter call. What do you think of that? I have never seen so many people rushing to the alter. Praise the Lord!! 
I had such a great time! From the worship, to the sermons, to the staff and attendees, I have never seen so many people so excited and blessed to be in the presence of God. It truly cannot be explained, only experienced!

(North Carolina )