Spanish for those Hispanic readers

In a recent conversation with a colleague concerning the wide outreach of this ministry and who we might not be reaching. His suggestion was that we start posting in Spanish for those Hispanic readers. I am not quite sure that Spanish would be of help to the readers as it looks like most that read my post, are English speaking. However with this in mind, I am going to give it a try. I have spent most of the day using the Google translator to translate the Easter Messages. I will start the Easter Messages in Spanish Tuesday March 3. I have translated 17 Easter messages by different Ministers to post between now and Easter, in Spanish. As of now I will still post the English in the mornings and Spanish in the evenings. If anyone knows of a Spanish Group that we could post in, it would have a more far-reaching effect. Any suggestions, or critique would be greatly appreciated. It is my desire to reach as many as possible with material that might be a blessing to them. Luchen Bailey

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