10 Cultural Responsibilities for Staff & Leaders in the Church

Updated Oct 05, 2013        
  1. I'm a can do person!
  2. This is not my job, this is my life!
    1. John 10:11-13
  3. I will serve the Lord with gladness!
    1. Don't think about minimums
  4. Empowerment starts with me!
  5. I am not on the gossip train
  6. I am one of them, not one of us
  7. I'll bring those around me on the journey
  8. My tone of voice is not whiny
    1. Be positive, be a source of encouragement... It's Replenishing!
    2. Opinion doesn't build a church, the counsel of God does
  9. I Delegate.. Not dump!
  10. My spirituality is attractive!
    1. People should be drawn to you based on your relationship with God.
Cultural terms we should focus on:
  • Replenishing
  • Life giving
  • Inclusive
  • Loving
  • Passionate
Hillsong Conference
- Pastor Brian Houston
Had the pleasure of sitting in a "staff" meeting with Pastor Brian Houston at the Hillsong Conference NYC.  Praying that God will speak and mold for our church!
Enjoy the Ride,
Pastor Cecil