Stuck at home? Check out our Kindle selection!

Stuck at home? Check out our Kindle selection!
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Stuck at home?
Looking for some new reading material but don't want to head to the store?
Did you know that Pathway offers several titles available for instant download on Kindle? Below are a few selections we'd thought you'd enjoy.

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It’s time to become who you were created to be. It is time to take the lid off. It is time to reclaim the supernatural. It is time to let The Hero Within you, the Holy Spirit, do what He wants to do through you. It is time for us to let The Hero Within shape us into the people He always intended for us to be.
-Pastor Ronnie Phillips, Jr.
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Though our lives will be punctuated with opposition, we are confident our Lord will provide us with ultimate victory over every circumstance. No matter how arduous and difficult the journey may be, it will be “nothing compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us” (Rom. 8:18). In “Wolves at the Door,” Toby Morgan unpacks the means by which we can live triumphantly in turbulent times.
Read on Kindle - $9.99

Do we have an image of spirituality, or do we have the real thing? Is our faith reduced to rituals, ceremonies and traditions, or is it built upon a true relationship with God? In his down-to-earth style, David Cooper shows how to experience a meaningful relationship with God and avoid the trap of religion in this insightful book.  
Read on Kindle - $9.99

Dr. Jerald Daffe traveled across the U.S. to explore emerging and emergent churches. His findings are enlightening, hopeful, and challenging. This meaningful book will help pastors and laity face the realities that cause people to become disenchanted with church. In doing so, the church may be able to reclaim its heritage and communicate its message in a relevant way.  
Read on Kindle - $7.80
Other Titles Available on Kindle

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