Twitter Blocks Campaign To Protect Pastors

Twitter blocked a petition campaign Wednesday to protect Houston pastors from having to hand over to the city government all of their sermons and personal emails dealing with the issue of homosexuality. The Christian organization Faith Driven Consumer’s Twitter hashtag campaign #HoustonWeHaveAProblem was censored by Twitter minutes after launching so that users could not Tweet the petition and a w... »

7 Ways Pastors Stress Out Staff

7 Senior Pastor stress inducing phrases “We’ll figure it out” Translation: I come up with ideas and you figure out how to execute them. I can’t be bogged down with the details. “Its a possibility” Translation: There is no way in heck we’re going to do that, but I don’t like to say no. So instead you keep thinking its a possibility and I’ll keep dreaming up new ideas for you to work on. “That’s a g... »

Digital Pastor: Are you one?

You can always count on the Barna Group to release interesting studies/statistics on churches and christianity in general. If you’re interested in stats, they are the people to follow. Recently, Barna Group posted an article called “The Rise of the @Pastor.” It’s full of interesting statistics and has a great infographic. Some highlights and the infographic are below. Be su... »

Pastors and the CHURCH