The concept of God being outside of time and space…

The concept of God being outside of time and space is problematic on a practical level.

God is a God of order, not confusion.
No, I am not changing the Bible, nor adding to it. I am making a statement, that by coincidence, shares two words with a Biblical phrase. It is difficult to speak about God and not do that, every once in a while.

Anyway, If God is outside of time, then for him, there is no chronological order, everything is just, NOW.

This means that all he did, every thought, every interaction was done at one time.

Like Space, time is not created. We invented a manner to measure it and God gave us the moon, sun, and stars, as well as daylight and the darkness of night TO MARK the passage of time.

And he made us in his image.

It also means that we cannot count on God, or the past, or trust in him for the future!

IF God does not exist in time, but we do, then his participation in our lives CAN be jumping around, back and forth, according to time. thus we cannot know that the past and its included good and bad events actually happened or if we are altered in some way to THINK they did, or that God did change the past for some, and maybe not for others.

While I find it nearly impossible to conceptualize a past that is not universally changed, meaning that in history an event happened, it happened for the whole planet, but maybe not. What is to stop him from making two histories that meld into one, since time does not exist for him?

It gets
and God is not a god of confusion! This leading idea is the Mandela effect.

Go and look it up, Not going further here.

The Bible told us that God did things in order, which is logically the order, chronologically the order and physically the order.

The best way, for me and at this moment, is to think like all events are written on a very large piece of paper, and the page is blank, here comes the printing press and in one motion, ALL the things are events, thoughts, etc… are printed at one moment. the printed work contains a chronological order, but their printing does not.

This leads to God being the author of all things, for it cannot be ANY other way.
There can be no reality, no freedom, no good nor evil.

Lex Luthor is the Bad guy in Superman stories, but he is just ink on a page, and so is superman.

If God IS outside of time, then we actually do not exist.

Isn’t this confusing?
If you think so, then understand this is not God.

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