The Message That Wasn’t Shared – Part 2

We continue with the idea that it takes teamwork to make the dream work.  When the challenges and struggles come, what is it going to take to build towards that God-dream becoming reality.  How can we keep that dream alive? Do we have a role to play in the process?  What characteristics do we need to possess?  

At the heart of this journey to realizing your dreams, you have to know God is not focused on the dream but YOU.  He is desiring to mold, refine, transform you through this journey.  He can use people, situations, circumstances, or whatever He wants but do we realize it? 

In Genesis 41, we see it has been 2 years since Joseph helped the cup bearer get out of jail by interpreting his dreams.  The only thing Joseph asked the cup bearer to do was remember him and mention to Pharaoh who helped him.  But the cup bearer forgot about Joseph.  Now 2 years have passed and Joseph is still in charge of the prison.  What the Lord showed me from this is that situations, people, life will teach us about PATIENCE.  You help people understand their situations, encourage them to fulfill their dreams, and you think they might remember you by extending some kindness with their influence.  But what do you do when they forget about you?  What do you feel when time just keeps going by with no progress in sight?  Joseph is learning to be PATIENT in this season of his life.  Why?  Because where he is destined to be, he will need to exercise it.  Could it be that was an area that needed strengthening in his life?  How is the Lord teaching you patience?  Who is he using?  What circumstances in your life are demanding patience from you?  

We get to chapter 42, and we read that Joseph now has encountered his long lost brothers for the first time.  He knows who they are but they don't realize they are talking to their brother, the "dreamer", the one they got rid off.  In verse 25, the Lord showed me the GOODNESS of Joseph on display.  He had the authority now as the "prime minister" of Egypt to do whatever he wanted to them.  You got the people who ridiculed you, hated you, hurt you, almost killed you, sold you off to strangers to another land standing in front of you.  You have the power and resources to do whatever you want to them as revenge for all the pain they caused.  What would you do?  Joseph showed his goodness by not even taking their money for the food they came to buy.  They didn't even realize it until they were on their way back home.  Could we do that if put in a similar situation?  When everything in our current reality screams for us to take revenge, hurt those who hurt you, we are called to show GOODNESS towards them.  Where the dream will take you will require you to show the same goodness towards people you know or don't know, you like or don't like.  

As we travel to chapter 43, the Lord showed me Joseph exercising LOVE.  He saw his youngest and only full-brother, Benjamin after all these years and he is deeply moved to the point of having to walk away and just weeping.  That bond and love for Benjamin showed me that Joseph wanted to love but didn't have anyone to  love all these years.  All the childhood memories of them playing in the fields with the sheep and all farm animals rushed back to his mind.  We have to remember that Benjamin and everyone else still doesn't realize they are not just in the palace of Egypt's prime minister but of their own brother.  Even when they don't realize it, deserve it, ask for it, can we still LOVE the people in our life.  We are commanded by Jesus not to love only those who love us or who we think deserve it but love our enemies.

That's installment 2 of The Message That Wasn't Shared at church!  Stay tuned for part 3.  

Remember, it's God's dream for your life but you have a role to play in that dreaming becoming reality. 

Enjoy The Ride, 

Pastor Cee