(The Proof of Special Creation ) 1)No occurrence and no…

(The Proof of Special Creation )

1)No occurrence and no work can occur without applying force. Applier of force is compulsory for occurrence intellectually.

2)The DNA or Cell can not come in existence spontaneously without any Doer intellectually.

3) Unicellular or Non Cellular organisms may increase in numbers with its own division but can not turn in Multicellular.
Colony of Volvox is not the tissue nor the organ of Multicellular. Because cell of Volvox does not die with separation from Colony. While the cell of tissue or organ dies with separation. Single cell of Volvox can survive while single cell of Multicellular dies .

4)The natural features does not disappeare at any way. The dominant and recessive both genes appears in next generations.

5) In the species if both types genes are co-dominant ( some recessive ) then the features becomes combined and distributed . While in dominant and independent genes the features does not combine .

6)The hybrid of human and chempenzee be sterile. The fertile hybrid of human is not possible.

7)If in origin some Monkeys would be contained upon some of human features. And their fertile hybrid would be possible too . And if from those Monkeys the possibled humans would come into existence. Then those humans would possess the recessive genes of monkey’s features. These recessive genes would appear in their next generations. So consequently 1/4 part of intelligent monkeys and Non rational humans would come in existence.

8)If in early ages any Gorilla or Monkey would be contained half of Human features. Then its half monkey’s features would be exist today.
So any Organism contained upon complete human features is Compulsory from the origin. So human is Special Creation.

9)The nature and texture can not be finished nor can be changed but can be mixed.

10)The theory of Special Creation and Natural Selection both are Correct upto some extent. Evolution is correct upto some extent .Because fertile hybrids are possible due to relative Species and similarity of Chromosomes, DNA and genes.

11)The proved thing be the science whether intellectual proof or experimental proof. The unproved thing be the dogma.

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