The thief on the cross argument- The argument is that…

The thief on the cross argument- The argument is that the thief on the cross was not baptized and he was saved, therefore I do not need to be baptized in order to be saved.
1. this is silly. We do not know if he was baptized or not. that is an assumption based on no information of his history. Luke 23:42 shows that the thief knew something about the kingdom. That might mean that the thief could have been baptized by John the Baptist (Matt. 3)
1. There are some things today that we are privileged to that wasn’t available to the thief on the cross.

A. Christ had not died yet. Heb 9:16

B. Christ has not yet been buried Rom. 6:4

C. Christ had not yet been raised from the dead Rom. 10:9

D. Christ had not yet given the Great Commission Matt. 28:18-20

Im sorry but this is a bad example for not needing to be baptized as described in Acts 2:38; Mark 16:16; Acts 22:16;

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