This Day, October 3, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L


1189: Coronation of Richard the Lionheart (King Richard I) of England. “All Jews and women are barred from the coronation ceremony, but Jewish representatives are sent anyway with gifts in an effort to curry favor with the new English king. When Jews arrive with gifts, they are attacked, stripped naked, whipped, and thrown out. A rumor spreads that Richard had them killed, which inspires a mob in London to launch a massacre. They move on the Jewish quarter where they burn down houses, beat the Jews, and burn them alive. Some are forced to accept baptism.”

1210: John of Brienne, a penniless count who managed to wed Mary, Queen of the Crusader State of Jerusalem, is crowned King of Jerusalem. When the newly crowned king visited Acre “he was greeted by members of the Frankish and Greek communities and by members of the Jewish community holding up a Torah scroll.”  What should we make of this strange sounding behavior? Judah al-Harizi described the Jews of Acre as being ignoramuses “despite the fact that three hundred rabbis from France and England had settled there. Al Harizi was one of the last great figures of the Golden Age of Spain and was considered a noted scholar, poet and translator who gained additional fame for his visits to various Jewish communities.

1335: Levi ben Gershon, who is better known by his Latinized name as Gersonides or the abbreviation of first letters as RaLBaG Levi observed an eclipse of the moon today. He described a geometrical model for the motion of the Moon and made other astronomical observations of the Moon, Sun and planets using a camera obscura. Some of his beliefs were well wide of the truth, such as his belief that the Milky Way was on the sphere of the fixed stars and shines by the reflected light of the Sun. Gersonides was also the earliest known mathematician to have used the technique of mathematical induction in a systematic and self-conscious fashion and anticipated Galileo’s error theory. The lunar crater Rabbi Levi is named after him.

1430: The Jews were expelled from Eger, Bohemia

1508: “Rabbi Don Yitzhak Abravanel passed away. Born in 1437, he was a leader during the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry. After having served as treasurer to the king of Portugal, Abravanel became a minister in the court of King. In the Inquisition, an estimated 32,000 Jews were burned at the stake and another 200,000 were expelled from Spain. Rabbi Abrabanel reportedly offered Queen Isabella the astronomical sum of 600,000 crowns to revoke the edict. Abrabanel was unable to prevent the expulsion and was exiled along with his people. Most of his rabbinic writings were composed in his later years when he was free of governmental.” (As reported by Aish)

1533(14th of Tishrei, 5294): Erev Sukkoth

1559: Fifty-on year old Ecrole II d’Este, the Duke of Ferrara to whom the Ferrara Bible, a 1553 publication of the Ladino version of the Tanakh used by Sephardi Jews was dedicated, passed away today.

1666: In San Miguel, Spain. Felipe Nieto, the Venice born son of Phinehas Nieto and brother of David Nieto the Haham of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue community in London  and his wife Maria Flores Viya gave birth to Catalina Nieto Viya .

1669: Today, after “three-year-old Didier Le Moyne went missing in the woods outside of the village of Glatigny” on September 25th, Raphael Levy was arrested today on charges “of having abducted the child.”

1674: Pope Clement X suspended the Inquisition in Portugal. This came after the New Christian community asked for a more humane treatment from the Portuguese Inquisitional authorities. Many within the New Christian community felt the Portuguese tribunals were based on greed more than sincerity.

1649: Seventy-three year old Giovanni Diodati, the Italian born Professor of Hebrew at the University of Geneva who translated the “Hebrew Bible” into Italian passed away today.

1736: Abraham de Leon and his wife gave birth to Moses de Leon who eventually made his way to New York where he was buried when he passed away in 1828.

1767(10th of Tishrei, 5528) Yom Kippur

1770(14th of Tishrei, 5531): Erev Sukkoth

1770: Today, in Newport, RI, Moses Mendes Seixas, the New York City born son of Rachel Franks Levy and Isaac Mendes Seixas married Jochabed Levy with whom he had nine children.

1779(23rd of Tishrei, 5540): Simchat Torah

1779: Abraham Aberle ben Eliakum who had passed away on Shabbat was buried interred today at the “Hoxton Old Jewish burial ground.”

1780: Lt. Colonel Franks was acquitted of charges that he had conspired with Benedict Arnold in the traitor’s plan to surrender West Point to the British during the American Revolution. Franks was Jewish, Arnold was not.

1784(18th of Tishrei, 5545): Fourth Day of Sukkoth observed for the first time  as Richard Henry Lee, a hero of the American Revolution served as President of the Continental Congress

1787(21st of Tishrei, 5584): Hoshana Raba

1792(17th of Tishrei, 5553): Third Day of Sukkoth

1794(9th of Tishrei, 5555): As the new United States federal government asserted its power by putting down the Whiskey Rebellion, Jews heard the strains of Kol Nidre on Erev Yom Kippur.

1795(20th of Tishrei, 5556): Sukkoth shel Shabbat celebrated for the first time during the American Revolution.

1796(1st of Tishrei, 5557): Rosh Hashanah celebrated for the last time during the presidency of George Washington.

1796(1st of Tishrei, 5557): Israel Baer Kursheedt spent Rosh Hashanah aboard the Simonhoff, a single- masted American sloop bound for Boston.

1798: Birthdate of Morris Jacob Raphall, a native of Sweden who was educated in Copenhagen and England and who spend the last decades of his life serving as the Rabbi of B'nei Jeshurun congregation in New York City

1798(23rd of Tishrei, 5559): Simchat Torah celebrated as the people learned Nelson’s Victory at Aboukir as reported in the Times of London.

1800(14th of Tishrei, 5561): Erev Sukkoth observed for the last time during the Presidency of John Adams.

1802: Rabbi Chaim of Voluzhin (a village in Lithuania) issued a proclamation to establish a new yeshiva. The Voluzhin Yeshiva eventually became the center of Torah scholarship in Europe, hosting tens of thousands of students who went on to become leaders of the Jewish world. The yeshiva was persecuted ruthlessly by the Czarist government, and in 1892 the government closed the yeshiva. Yet in a deeper sense, Voluzhin survived; most of the thousands of yeshivas today follow the Voluzhin model. The Jewish people are immeasurably enriched, for as Chaim Nachman Bialik once said, a yeshiva is "the creative factory of the Jewish people." 7th of Tishrei 5563 (As reported by Aish)

1803(17th of Tishrei, 5564): Third Day of Sukkoth

1803: Birthdate of Middlefart, Denmark native Sophie Ballin the wife of David Philipsen.

1804: Belle Myers the daughter of Rachel Louzada and Hyam Myers married Samuel Asher Levy today in New York

1805(10th of Tishrei, 5566): Yom Kippur

1807(1st of Tishrei, 5568): Rosh Hashana

1809(23rd of Tishrei, 5570): Simchat Torah

1811(15th Tishrei, 5572): Sukkoth

1815(28th of Elul, 5575): Sixty-five-year-old Joseph Abendanone, the St. Thomas born son of Simon Abendanone and Grace Cohen Delmonte and the father of Grace Abendanone passed away today in Savannah, GA.

1817(23rd of Tishrei, 5578): Simchat Torah

1818(3rd of Tishrei, 5579): Shabbat Shuva

1818(3rd of Tishrei, 5579): Mordecai Lyon the Polish born tailor (who should not be confused with the 21st journalist of the same name) passed away today in Charleston, SC.

1825(21st of Tishrei, 5586): Hoshanah Rabah

1825: In Berlin, the cornerstone was laid for a communal school which would be overseen by Leopold Zunz once it was opened.

1826(2nd of Tishrei, 5587): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1832(9th of Tishrei, 5593): Erev Yom Kippur

1834: “King John of Saxony authorized the Jews to engage in all trades and industries.”

1835(10th of Tishrei, 5596): Yom Kippur

1835(10th of Tishrei, 5596): Eight-two-year-old Boston born Rachel Andrews who married after Solomon Wolf after having been married to Myer Moses passed away today Charleston, S.C.

1835: Birthdate of Gerson Vasen, the father of Sarah Vasen, the first Jewish woman doctor in Los Angeles, and the first superintendent and resident physician of Cedars-Sinai Hospital, then known as Kaspare Cohn Hospital. In 1856 he left his native Germany settling first in Philadelphia before moving on to Quincy, Illinois, where he prospered as a dealer in buffalo hides before going into real estate and the investment business.

1835(10th of Tishrei, 5596): Fifty-two year old Hannah Lazarus, the daughter of Marks Lazarus and the wife of Isaac Clifton Levy whom she married in 1802 passed away today in Hilton Head, SC.

1835(10th of Tishrei, 5596): Eighty-two year old Boston born Rachel Andrews Wolf, the wife of Myer Moses whom she married in 1772 and then married Solomon Woolf and the mother of  Priscilla, Eleanor, Myer Isaac, Esther and Bella, passed away today after which she was buried at the Kahal Kaosh Beth Eloim Coming Street Cemetery in Charleston, SC.

1836(22nd of Tishrei, 5597): Shmini Atzeret observed for the last time during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson.

1838(14th of Tishrei, 5599): Erev Sukkot

1838: Birthdate of Hagenbach, Germany native Johanna Baruch (nee Lamle)

1839: In Swansea, Wales, Hebrew teach Barnett Abrahams who later became a cantor in Manchester and his second wife Hannah gave birth Louis Barnett, “the headmaster of the Jews’ Free School in London” and a contributor to such publications as   The Jewish Chronicle and The Jewish Encyclopedia who was the husband of Fannie Rosetta Mosley with whom he had two sons including “Bertram Louis Abrahams, a physician, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.”

1839(25th of Tishrei, 5600): Moses Schreiber who is known as Moses Sofer passed away at Bratislava. A distinguished Orthodox rabbi he was the author of Chasam Sofer and a leading defender of tradition against the onslaught of the Enlightenment and Reform Judaism.

1840: In London, Sarah Hurwitz and Reuben Salomons gave birth to Albert Lionel Salomons.

1841(18th of Tishrei, 5602): Fourth Day of Sukkoth

1841: In St. Louis, Missouri, United Hebrew Congregation was formed making it the first Jewish assemblage in the city’s history. The congregation was also known as the Polish Congregation and it was a strictly an Orthodox congregation.  The congregation first met in a rented room at Broadway and Locust. Later, it moved to the Masonic Hall on First and Market Streets. One of the initial purposes for forming the congregation was the establishment of a cemetery.

1842: In Reckendorf, Bavaria, Wolf Hellman, a master weaver and his wife the former Sara Fleischmann gave birth to Isaias Wolf Hellman the successful banker who helped to found the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

1843(9th of Tishrei, 5604): Erev Yom Kippur

1845(2nd of Tishrei, 5606): Second Day of Rosh Hashana

1848: In Hungary, Rabbi Zvi Hirsh Goitein, the son of Rabbi Baruch Bendit Goitein and Hani Johanna Goitein and his wife Szali (Sara) Sarolta Goitein gave birth to Gador Gedalya Goitein.

1853(1st of Tishrei, 5614): As hostilities break out between the British, French and Turks on one side and the Russians on the other in what became the Crimean War, Jews observe Rosh Hashanah

1853: Birthdate of Bohemian native Maurice Weidenthal, the Cleveland journalist who was a reported for the Cleveland Herald, a dramatic critic and editorial writer for Cleveland Press, founder of the Jewish Independent and city editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the leader of a crusade against production of the Merchant of Venice in public schools because “he believed it created prejudice against Jews.”

1855(21st of Tishrei, 5616): Hoshana Rabba

1858: The funeral of Mrs. Raphall, the wife of Rabbi Morris Raphall is scheduled to be held this morning at 10 am in New York City.

1858: In Uhrichsville, Ohio, German born American attorney Simon Wolf and his wife gave birth to Florence Wolf who married Frederick Gotthold which meant that she gained fame painter Florence Wolf Gotthold who most famous work was “A Venetian Lady.”

1858: One day after he had passed away, 35 year old Solomon Nathan was buried at the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Jewish Cemetery.”

1862(9th of Tishrei, 5623): Erev Yom Kippur

1862: One day after she had passed away, 48 year Rachel Leah Isaacs (nee Cohen), the wife Is Israel Loley Isaacs with whom she had eight children was buried today at the “West Ham Jewish Cemetery.”

1862: In Chicago, Elias E. Greenbaum, the German born son of Sarah Esther Hezr and Jacob Israel Greenbaum, and his wife Rosine Greenbaum gave birth to Emma Eleanor Gutman, the wife of Nathan S. Greenbaum

1862: During the U.S. Civil War, Union forces including Jewish soldiers from Indiana and Southern forces including Jewish soldiers from Mississippi clashed at the start of the Battle of Corinth.

1864(3rd of Tishrei, 5625): Tzom Gedaliah

1864: Frédéric Emile Baron d'Erlanger, married the American Marguérite Mathilde Slidell. She was the daughter of John Slidell, the Louisiana politician and businessman who served as the Confederacy’s diplomatic representative to France under Emperor Napoleon Ill. He was a German born banker. Erlanger along with his partner Cie, were the Jewish bankers who headed what some claim was the most distinguished banking house in France.  The marriage, which some said showed the financial desperation of Slidell and his fellow Confederates did not last.  But this would not bring an end of Erlanger’s connection to the United States business community. This was not the first time that a Jew had joined Slidell’s family.  August Belmont had married Slidell’s niece, Caroline Perry, in 1849.

1864: A party British Royal Engineers arrived in Jerusalem where they were to begin the first modern survey on this ancient city.

1865: In Buffalo, NY, the members of Temple Beth El held a business meeting today “where it was decided to purchase some cuspidor,”  to re-electe President Hyman and Vice President Silberberg and to have Max Grodzinsky and his son  serve the congregation as Cantor and Torah readers, respectively, for the holidays, but without pay.”

1865: In Philadelphia, PA, Levi Goldsmith, the Hesse born son of Seligmann Falcke Goldschmidt and Schönchen Hinka Alexander and his wife Henrietta Goldsmith gave birth to Helen Goldsmith Loeb.

1866: "Mexican Affairs: The Ex-President of Mexico and a Bohemian Jew" published today claims that Santa Ana, the former President of Mexico has been forced to leave his house on 48th street due to financial problems and move in with a Hungarian Jew named Naphegyi who is living on Staten Island.  The article describes Naphegyi as a con-man who among other things misrepresented himself as the secretary to Louis Kossuth, the great Hungarian patriot.  Other sources describe him as Dr. Gabor Naphegyi who served as Santa Anna's attorney and who wrote The Album of Language, History of Hungary and Among the Arabs: A Narrative of Adventure In Algeria published in 1868.

1866: In New York, a jury awarded a Jewess named Nanna Solomon five hundred dollars in damages after hearing the case she brought against a Jew named Bernhard Brown for a breach of promise of marriage.  She had sought ten thousand dollars in damages.

1867: In Albany, GA, Charles and Johanna Wessolowsky gave birth to Emma Wessolowsky Menko

1869: H. A. Henry of London who had been serving as Rabbi of Sherith Israel since September 1, 1857 “was retired today on a full pension.

1869: Birthdate of Danzig native Alfred Flatow, the gymnast who helped Germany win Gold Medals at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens – an achievement that did not keep him from dying at Theresienstadt.

1871: Prussian leader Otto Von Bismarck accepts a “compromise” amending the Treaty of Berlin which diluted the commitment of the European powers to improving the plight of the Rumanian Jews.

1872(1st of Tishrei, 5633): Rosh Hashanah

1872: Rabbis Friedman and Rozensweig of New York City officiated at Rosh Hashanah services held in Coopers Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey.

1872: Rabbi Falk Vidaver is scheduled to deliver the sermon at the 34h Street Synagogue in New York City.

1872: Rabbi S. M. Isaacs is scheduled to deliver the sermon at the 44th Street Synagogue in New York City.

1872: Rabbi Samuel Adler is scheduled to give a sermon in German Temple Emanu-El on 5th Avenue in New York City.

1872: Rabbi David Einhorn is scheduled to deliver a sermon at Adath Israel, a Reform congregation West 39th Street in New York City.

1872: Rabbi J.S. Noot is scheduled to deliver the sermon at the Stanton Street Synagogue on New York’s Lower East Side.

1872: Rabbi Milziner is scheduled to deliver the sermon at the Norfolk Street Synagogue.

1874(22nd of Tishrei, 5635): Shemini Atzeret

1875(4th of Tishrei, 5636):Tzom Gedaliah

1875: Under the leadership of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, in Cincinnati, “the Hebrew Union College opened its doors for the reception of students, four of whom were ordained eight years later.

1875: It was reported today that one Jew has been burned alive in Baghdad.  The Jews have been accused of blasphemy which was the excuse for mobs to attack them.

1875: It was reported today that the Jewish Messenger, a Jewish publication, has called for free synagogues to be established in New York to meet the needs of the poor who cannot pay the admission fee of one dollar charged by some congregations.

1876(15th of Tishrei, 5637): As American Jews join their fellow citizens in celebrating the country’s Centennial, Jews also observe Sukkoth

1878: The Chamber of Commerce met in New York City today.  Mr. Hentz, Chairman of the Southern Relief Committee which was responsible for sending aid to those dealing with the Yellow Fever Epidemic reported that among the charities in New Orleans receiving funds were the Hebrew Benevolent Association ($2,000), Hebrew Widow and Orphan Society ($500) and Turo Infirmary ($1,000). The Hebrew Benevolent Association in Memphis received $1,000 while the Hebrew Benevolent Association in Vicksburg received $750.

1881(10th of Tishrei, 5642): The observance of Yom Kippur takes on an additional sense poignancy for American Jews as the nation continues to mourn the death of President James A. Garfield.

1882: “Insanity In Italy” published reported that “the growth of insanity in Italy continues to be a serious cause of alarm.” After describing the growing number of people who have been institutionalized and other signs of the problem, the study finds one bright spot.  “The Jews do not become insane.  They are active and intelligent, and are rapidly gaining that influential position the Jewish race rarely fails to achieve in any community where no distinction is made between Jews and Gentiles, but they rarely see the interior of an insane asylum.  One of the reasons for this is that “the Jew clings to his ancient faith. He is not disturbed by any new philosophy and is troubled by no doubts as to the truth of his religion.”

1883(2nd of Tishrei, 5644): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1883: “The Jewish New Year’s Day” published today attributed “the depressing dullness of the stock market” yesterday to the fact that it was the Jewish New Year, “a holiday…observed by nearly all of the” Jewish “members of the Stock Exchange.”  The Jewish member of the exchange “constitute a large and important element in Wall Street” and “their absence naturally made some difference with the amount of business done.”

1883: Birthdate of Russian native Hirsch “Harry Sadowsky” the American physician and the husband of Gloria Sadowsky

1884: Birthdate of New York native and graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University Dr. David John Kaliski, the husband of Kate Mountjoy Kaliski.

1885: In Vilna, Poland, Rachel Leah Friedman and Leib Minkin gave birth Columbia University graduate and JTS trained cleric Rabbi Jacob Samuel Minken who had come to the United States in 1902, married attorney Fanny Rabinowitz in 1910 and began serving as the leader of Temple Beth-El in Rochester, NY starting in 1919 while writing several articles for Jewish publications including the American Hebrew and the Jewish Chronicle of New York.

1886(4th of Tishrei, 5647): Tzom Gedaliah observed since 3rd of Tishrei fell on Shabbat

1886: In Louisville, KY, “Jennie and Alfred S. Brandeis” gave birth to Amy Brandeis, who became Amy McCreary when she married William Harold McCreary with whom she had two children – Alfred and William.

1886(4th of Tishrei, 5647): Max Aronson “who keeps a little grocery store…on Hester Street” passed away today at 3:30 pm as a result of wounds inflicted when police beat him and then refused to have him treated while he was in their custody.

1887(15th of Tishrei, 5648): Sukkoth

1887: “Hebrew Liberality” published today described the successful Yom Kippur drive which collected $75,000 for Jewish charities in Philadelphia and was raised from individual contributions one of the largest of which came from Meyer Guggenheim of Keneseth Israel who donated $1,000.

1888: Over 6,000 costumes that had belonged to the “Hebrew theatrical company which occupied the old National Theatre on the Bowery” and were valued at $35,000 were sold at auction today.

1888(28th of Tishrei, 5649): Sixty-two year old Alfred T. Jones, who served as the editor the Jewish Record from 1875 to 1886 “and the staunchest ally of the Russian immigrants in Philadelphia” as well as the rest of the United States passed away today.

1889(8th of Tishrei, 5650): Early this morning in New Orleans, Joseph M. Marcus, a young Jewish merchant and a silent partner in one of the gambling house that the Mayor has ordered closed shot himself in front of the main entrance to the Orleans Parish Prison.  (In Louisiana, “Parish” corresponds to a country in the rest of the United States.

1889: Four days after he had passed away, 57 year old Simeon Sampson, the son of Levi and Sarah Sampson and husband of the former Rosa Jordan Marsden with whom he had eight children, was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1889: In Charleston, SC, Rabbi David Levy officiated at the wedding of Blanche and Herman Leidloff.

1889: In Hamburg, Germany, and Rosalie (née Pratzka) and Carl Ignatius von Ossietzky gave birth to Carl von Ossietzky who won the 1935 Nobel Peace Prize for exposing Germany’s re-armament – an accomplishment for which he was arrested by the Nazi and imprisoned before dying prematurely.

1890: Birthdate of Middletown, NY native and Albany Law School trained attorney Ralph Jay Ury, a “civic leader in Schenectady, NY” and national officer of the AAU.

1891(1st of Tishrei, 5652): On the day before the American Association plays its last game of the baseball season, Jews observe Rosh Hashanah

1891: High Holiday services were held “at the new synagogue Temple Beth-El on 5th Avenue and Shearith Israel on West 19th Street which was reopened for worship.”

1891: In New York City, Rose Rosenberg and Joseph Rosenthal gave birth to Cornell trained engineer Jules Rosenthal, the husband of Isabel Jones and secretary/treasurer of the Commonwealth Engineering Corporation who a member of the Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities and the NYU Menorah Society.

1891: Rabbi Mendelsohn conducted services for the first time at the new congregation formed at Long Island City which were attended by forty people.

1891: In Rochester, NY, Rabbi Max Landsberg delivered a sermon at Temple Beirth Kodesh based on the text “Hitherto the Eternal has helped us.”

1891. This evening, the Society of Hebrew Charities gave a “Kosher” dinner to 200 Russian Jews who have not been allowed to enter the United States.  Moritz Silverstein oversaw the meal which was served on board the transfer barge moored at the Barge Office, the immigrant’s gateway to New York City.

1891: Joseph Barondess, the former leader of the Cloakmakers Union was brought back to New York from Quebec by a member of the Canadian and the bail bondsman who had put up the money to guarantee his appearance.

1891: Mr. Jesse Seligman is scheduled to set sail for Europe aboard the SS Etruria.

1892: As the fires continue to burn for the third day in a row near May’s Landing, New Jersey it is believed it was started by Jews “who were clearing land at one of the new settlements in the area.”

1893(23rd of Tishrei, 5654): Simchat Torah

1893: In Galveston, TX, Rabbi Henry and Mollie (Levy) Cohen gave birth to University of Texas alum Harry Cohen, an officer in the 64th Artillery who served in France in 1918 and the President and Publisher of the Galveston Tribune who was outspoken opponent of the powerful KKK.

1893: English vaudevillian David James (born David Belasco in 1839) passed away today leaving a fortune of £41,000 to his synagogue and other Jewish charities

1893: “Ex-court Chaplain Adolf Stocker of Berlin” the “leader of the Jew baiters” arrived in New York where he was met by Pastors Moldenke, Richter, Haas and Berkemeir.”

1894(3rd of Tishrei, 5655): Tzom Gedaliah

1894: The dismissal of the appeal of Herman Warszawiak, the converted Jew was the first item at today’s monthly meeting of the Presbytery of New York.

1894: It was reported today that circulars accusing Judge David Callahan, the candidate for the State Senate in Connecticut had ruled in favor of an Irish defendant in a case where the complainant was Jewish because of his religious affiliation have been “distributed at the Republican Senatorial Convention.”

1895(15th of Tishrei, 5656) First Day of Sukkoth

1895(15th of Tishrei, 5656): Fifty-eight-year old Paris born French Composer Samuel David who “was responsible as directeur de la musique des temples consistoriaux for the liturgical music in the large Grand Synagogue of Paris in the Rue de la Victoire” passed away today.

1895:  It was announced today the Executive Committee of the Central Conference of American Rabbis will meet at the Hebrew Union College on October 7th.

1896: Joseph L. Buttenweiser delivered a lecture on “The Influence of Machinery and Education on Labor” at the Hebrew Technical Institute in New York City.

1896: Dr. Herman Simon Herzfeld, the Russian born son of Simon and Bertha Kronberg (Caro) Herzberg who served  rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel while serving in the Russo-Japanese and whose role in the Revolution of 1905 led to his coming to United States where starting in 1906 he practiced medicine in Chicago and served “on the staff of the American Hospital and the West-End Hospital” married Henriette Gerson today.

1896: On Long Island, the sons of two prominent New Yorkers claim that they had not stolen the horse as charged by Jewish dry good peddler Samuel Burnstein but had “found it on the road” as Justice Griffiths continue to hear evidence in the matter.

1896: Birthdate of Lodz native and NYU trained dentist David Tanchester, the chief of the dental service at the Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center in the Bronx for 50 years and a clinical professor of Oral Surgery at NYU and Columbia who was the husband of the “former Ida Lazarus with whom he had two children

1897: Birthdate of New York native and hide and leather merchant Charles Alphonse Weil who in June of  1922 along with his brother both of whom were part of Alphonse Weil and Brothers. visited New England “in the company of Charles Dreyfus of the company’s Boston Office

1897: In London, the wife of Lionel H. Barnard gave birth to a son.

1897: In San Francisco, Hilda and Marcus “Mark” Lewis Gerstle gave birth to Mark Lewis Gerstle, Jr. the twice married father of Marcia, Cynthia and Mark Lewis Gerstle.

1898: Private Albert E. Brown of New Orleans, Quartermaster Sergeant Isaac Kuhn of Monroe, Private H.O. Stein of Houston, TX, Musician Nathan Kroenberger of Shreveport and 1st Lieutenant H.M. Marks were among the members of the 1st Louisiana Volunteer Infantry mustered out of service today.

1898: Twenty-five year old Charles Koransky, the son of well-to-do merchant Joseph Koransky, who was suffering from consumption took a room at a hotel on Stanton Street owned by Abraham Solomon after having been forced to leave the hospital on Blackwell’s Island because he was Jewish.

1898: “New Rabbi for a Brooklyn Temple” published today described the installation ceremony of Leon M. Nelson the 23 year old Virginian and valedictorian of his class at the Hebrew Union College who is the new rabbi for Brooklyn’s Temple Israel.

1898: In Chicago, Rabbi Regoff and Master of Ceremonies David Kallis conducted a jubilee service of thanksgiving at Anshe Knesset Israel celebrating the victories of Admiral Dewey during the Spanish-American War.

1898: “Hebrew Infant Asylum” published today described the open house held at the new facility at 161st Street and Eagle House where visitors were greeted by Asylum President, Mrs. Ester Wallenstein and the Chair of the Board of Lady Managers, Mrs. E.L. Riecer.

1898: Herzl addresses a mass meeting in London, arranged by the B'nai Zion Association. Herzl speaks in German. A witness reports: "The souls of the people were in the hand of this man, and with the breath of his voice, which seldom rose above a low tone, he could do with them whatever he liked."

1899: In Egypt, an earthquake at Karnak, led to Gaston Maspero, the French Jew who was a leading Egyptologist and director general of the department of antiquities, to “set up a team of workmen” to work on reconstruction of the ruins in direct opposition to the Romantics “who wished to see the ruins left as they are.”

1899: In Pueblo, CO, founding of Temple Emanuel that holds Friday evening service and a weekly Religious School whose members included S.E. Davis, Sam Baer and Rabbi Harry Weiss.

1899: In East Harlem, NYC Jacob and Diana Edelstein gave birth to Tillie Edelstein who gained fame as Gertrude Berg best known for her role as Molly Berg on “The Goldbergs” where she portrayed the matriarch of the Jewish apartment dwellers living in Brooklyn.  Long before Seinfeld, Berg proved that America could enjoy New York Jewish humor.

1900(10th of Tishrei, 5661): Yom Kippur

1900: It is reported that today "the Day of Atonement is one of prayer and fasting” which will be followed in “four days” by “the Feast of Succoth or Tabernacles.”

1900: In Poland, Rabbi Isaac and Rebeccah Burge gave birth to the Isaac Elechanan Theological Seminary trained cleric, Rabbi Joseph Burg, the holder of a Ph.D from the University of Chicago and recipient of Semicha from Chief Rabbi Kook of Palestine in 1925 who began leading Congregation B’nai Israel in Yonkers in New York in 1926 while writing several tomes including “The History of Jewish Education.”

1901(20th of Tishrei, 5652): Fourth day of Sukkoth

1902(2nd of Tishrei, 5663): Second Day of Rosh Hashana

1902: In Kovno, “Reb Refael Alter Shmulevitz and his wife, Ettel, the daughter of Reb Yoseif Yoizel Horowitz” gave birth to “Rabbi Chaim Leib Shumlevitz.”

1903: The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that in New Jersey the “Camden Hebrews are completing negotiations for the purchase of ground at Fifth and Spruce streets with object of erecting a synagogue.”

1903: Dorothy Levitt competed in the final heat of the Southport Speed Trials “shocking British society as she was the first English woman, a working secretary, to compete in a motor race.” (How much more would they have been shocked if they had known she was a Sephardic Jew whose family name had been Levi before her father Anglicized it to Levitt

1903: At Cooper Union. Professor Richard Gottheil and Mr. C. L. Sulzberger, who were delegates to the Sixth International Zionist Congress at Basle at scheduled to address a meeting organized by the Zionist Council of Great New York.

1904: It was reported today that Nathan Straus had driven his bay trotters Belton, Jr. in a winning heat at the Harlem River Speedway.

1905: Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger “took a room in the house in Schwarzspanierstraße 15 where Ludwig van Beethoven died. He told the landlady that he was not to be disturbed before morning since he planned to work and then to go to bed late. This night he wrote two letters, one addressed to his father, the other one to his brother Richard, telling them that he was going to shoot himself.

1905: “It developed at a hearing today before Commissioners William Rhinelander Stewart and Dr. Stephen Smith of the Eastern Inspection District of the State Board of Charities that, entirely unknown to each other, six associations have been formed by Jewish residents to build hospitals on the lower east side”


1906: “Russia Hears of Atlanta” published today recorded the reaction of The Novoe Vrempa to editorials published in newspapers on the “massacres of Jews in Russia” which included “the hoe that the United States will cease to attribute the Russian excesses to official provocation” but “admitting instead they are the result of natural racial animonisty.”

1907: Birthdate of Budapest native Ödön Pártos, the award winning violist who performed with the Palestine Orchestra when it was founded by Bronislaw Huberman.


1908(8th of Tishrei, 5669): Parsashat Ha’Azinu; Shabbat Shuvah

1908: The first edition of Pravda is published in Vienna.  Its editors include Adolph Joffe, born Adolph Abramovich Joffe and Leon Trotsky born Lev Davidovich Bronstein.  When anti-Semitism became synonymous with anti-Communism a European rabbi is reported to have quipped when the Trostkys make a revolution, the Bronsteins are the ones who suffer.

1908 (8th of Tishrei, 5669): In Houston Texas Adath Yshurun Shabbat Shuvah services begin at 8 a.m and include a semon entitled “Repentance” which is delivered in German.

1908(8th of Tishrei, 5669): Sixty-nine year old Solomon Hirsch Sonneschein, the native of Hungary who served as the rabbi of Congregation Shaare Emeth, St. Louis, Missouri for over 17 years from 1869 to1886” before leaving to form Temple Israel where he served as their senior rabbi for 4 years from 1886 to 1890

1909(18th of Tishrei, 5670): Fourth Day of Sukkoth

1909: Rachel and Isaac Aaron Levin, an organizer of the Hebrew Charities in Baltimore gave birth to Arthur A. Levin, the husband of Svedye Levin.

1910(29th of Elul, 5670): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1910: Reform congregation Emanu-El dedicated the first synagogue in the Arizona Territory today. This synagogue was designed by Ely Blount, and it still stands at 564 South Stone Avenue, although Congregation Emanu-El stopped holding services here in 1949. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and currently houses the Jewish Heritage Center of the Southwest.

1911: U.S. District Court Judge Hough issues a writ of habeas corpus after reviewing the order of immigration officials who excluded David Perriss and five other Turkish Jewish immigrants who arrived on Ellis Island on September 21.

1911: Discovery of an asteroid which was named 719 Albert in honor of “one of the Imperial Observatory in Vienna’s major benefactors Albert Salomon von Rothschild” who had died in February of 1911.

1912(22nd of Tishrei, 5673): Shmini Atzeret

1912(22nd of Tishrei, 5673): Schimen Dannemann passed away today after which he was buried in the Liepaja Jewish Cemetery.

1912: The Oregonian reported today that in Portland, a meeting of the Council of Jewish Women was “held in the Selling-Hirsch building” where “Dr. Jonah B. Wise, an influential member of the Jewish society in Portland” addressed the attendees who discussed hold an art exhibit was a fundraising even.

1913(2nd of Tishrei, 5674): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1913(2nd of Tishrei, 5674): Fourteen year old Sara Prissman passed away today.

1913: “The Blue Mouse,” a silent comedy directed by Max Mack and produced by Jules Greenbaum was released in Germany today.

1914: Today Some 25,000 to 33,000 Canadian troops which probably included an untold number of Jews since “during WW I at least 5,000  Jews served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces” of whom “4.5% won decorations for bravery and distinguished military service” departed for Europe” and the Western Front.

1915: Louis D. Brandeis, Dr. Cyrus, Oscar S. Straus and Louis Marshall were among the 25 delegates representing “various Jewish organizations and institutions” who met today “in the Hotel Astor to discuss what steps can best be taken toward obtain for the Jew in belligerent countries their civic and religious rights.”

1915: “Relief for Jewish Sufferers” published today described a meeting of the Executive Committee of the American Jewish Relief Committee for the Sufferers From the War where “in response to urgent appeals from abroad “ it was decided to appropriate “$100,000 for the relief work in Europe.

1916: “Felix M. Warburg, Chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee of the Jewish War Relief Funds in” the United States “addressed an open letter to the Jews of American” today “urging them not to form new collecting agencies for individual funds, as has been proposed in some quarter since the entry of Rumania into the war” urging “that Jews continue in their united effort through the established agencies to remedy the conditions of war sufferers of all the countries at war.”

1916: “Betty” a three act “Edwardian musical comedy with lyrics and music co-authored by Paul Rubens opened at the Globe Theatre in New York.

1917: Today while “denying the appeal of Russell Dunn, a soap-box orator who was sentenced to serve thirty days in the workhouse for disorderly conduct arising out of certain anti-Semitic remarks at an outdorr meeting Judge McIntyre” used the occasion “to praise the patriotism of the Jews whose loyalty he declared was of the highest type.”

1918: In an action for which he would be awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, Sergeant Walter J. Fulda, while under heavy bombardment maintained his field kitchen so that he could feed hot meals to the men of his division.

1918: King Boris III accedes to the throne of Bulgaria which turned out to be a good thing for the Jewish people.  During World War II, Boris refused to cave in to Hitler’s demands to ship his nations 50,000 Jews to Poland.  Boris attempted to work out of deal with the British that would enable him to send the Bulgarian Jews to Palestine.  The plan was blocked by Anthony Eden, Britain’s Foreign Minister. Eventually he would bend and allow 11,000 of the Jews living in territory recently annexed by Bulgaria to be taken.  But the bulk of the Bulgarian Jewish community survived.  Boris died of a heart attack after he had visited Hitler and refused his demand that Bulgaria declare war on the Soviet Union.  There are those, who with good reason, doubt that the Bulgarian monarch’s heart stopped due to natural causes.

1919(9th of Tishrei, 5680): Erev Shabbat and Erev Yom Kippur; Kol Nidre

1919: During the Weimar Republic, Eugen Schiffer began serving as Minister of Justice.

1920: A meeting was held in Mr. Benjamin Natal's law office for the purpose of organizing a new congregation in Camden. NJ. The twenty-five men present included Harry Barroway, Dr. Otto Reiter, Reuben Pinsky and Manny Pearl. Each of the latter four contributed fifteen dollars and the dream became real. Others at that meeting were Louis Cades, Kolman Goldstein, Harry Teitelman, Herman Natal, Louis Berkowitz, Morris Handle and A. I. Rovner.

1920(21st of Tishrei, 5681): Hoshana Raba

1920: In Brooklyn, Temple Beth Elhoim hosted services marking the start of the end of the Feast of Tabernacles this evening.

1921(1st of Tishrei, 5682): Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah for the first time during the Presidency of Warren Harding.

1921: Rabbi Corcos delivered a sermon at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in which he said “who knows but that God Almighty has raised up President Harding to be a great reformer in the world?”

1922: The Belmont Repertory Company opened its season with a performance “That Day” a play written by Louis K. Anspacher.

1923(23rd of Tishrei, 5684): Simchat Torah celebrated for the first time during the Presidency of Calvin Coolidge who  had become President after the death of Warren Harding in August.

1924: In Brooklyn, David and Edith Kurtzman gave birth to American cartoonist and editor of comic books and magazines Harvey Kurtzman the younger brother of Zachary Kurtman.

1925(15th of Tishrei, 5686): Sukkoth

1925: In Lynn, MA, Ruth Wein, “an amateur piano player” and Dr. Barnet Wein, an ENT gave birth to “jazz promoter, pianist and producer” George Wein, “the founder of the Newport Jazz Festival.

1925: Twenty four year old Hungarian born Samuel Rosenblatt who was ordained after graduating from JTS married Clara Woloch today.

1926: In Brooklyn, Irving Simmons, “a sign painter” and Kate (Shapiro) Simmons gave birth toe Martin Gerald Simmons who as “Matty Simmons helped launch National Lampoon magazine and was instrumental in bringing into being its most famous side project, the 1978 movie “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” (As reported by Neil Genzlinger)

1926: Birthdate of Sir John Boris Roderick Hazan, the “son of an engineer from Russia” and mother from Poland whose legal career began in 1948 when he was called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn and reached its pinnacle when he was appointed to the High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division.

1926: In Camden, NJ, Dr. Cyrus Adler was the guest speaker at the farewell dinner hosted by Beth-El Congregation for Rabbi Solomon Grayzel.

1926: The cornerstone for Congregation Beth Israel’s community center will be laid today in Richmond Hill, Long Island, (JTA)

1927: Mordechai Golinkin, conductor of the Palestine Opera and former director of the Petrograd Opera was detained by authorities at Ellis Island when he disembarked from the liner Patria on which he had traveled to the United States from Jaffa.  Mr. Golinkin has come to the United States to raise at least $200,000 for the construction of an opera house in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

1927: In the waning years of his career middleweight Seymour “Cy” Schindel lost his fourth straight bout today.

1928(19th of Tishrei, 5689): Fifth day of Sukkot.

1928: It was reported today quotas totaling $5,300,000 have been accepted by 140 leaders of industries and professions in New York as a way to complete plans for the annual campaign of the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies.

1928: Field Marshall Lord Allenby “the hero of the Palestine campaign” which made the Balfour Declaration a reality and Lady Allenby are scheduled to be guests “at a public meeting” today, the second day of their tour of the United States.

1929: Paul J. Sachs, one of the founding members of The Museum of Modern Art, began serving as a Trustee.

1929: Birthdate of Bert Stern, the Brooklynite and the son of “a children’s portrait photographer” whose decade’s long career as a photographer is best remembered for his pictures of Marilyn Monroe. (As reported by Paul Vitello)

1930: Only 28 of the 380 Jewish applicants to the school of medicine at the Warsaw University were admitted while 127 of the 130 non-Jewish applicants were admitted to the med school.

1930: The Brazilian Revolution of 1930 in which 29 year old Waldemar Levy Cardoso, the future Field Marshall of the Brazilian Army took part, began today.

1931(22nd of Tishrei, 5692): Shmini Atzeret and Shabbat

1931: “The alumni of the Jewish Theological Seminary have set apart” today “to tell the aims of the aims, achievement and needs of the institutions” which means that “about 150 rabbis throughout the country will base their sermons” this “morning on that topic.”

1931: Israel Mattuck delivered a sermon “The Present Crisis and the Future World.”

1931: In Nkana, Simon and Phyllis (Hepker) Lakofski gave birth to Denise Lakofski who gained famed as American architect Denise Scott Brown

1931: Ohio State University, with Sid Gillman playing End defeated Cincinnati in the first game of the season

1931: “Friends and Lovers” co-starring Eric von Stroheim with music by Max Steiner was released in the United States today by RKO Radio Pictures.

1932(3rd of Tishrei, 5693): Tzom Gedaliah observed for the last time during the Presidency of Herbert Hoover.

1933(13th of Tishrei, 5694): Rabbi Eleazer Preil, a native of Kovno who came to the United States in 1910 and served on the faculty of REITS passed away today.'%20Elazar%20Mayer%20Preil%20z_l.pdf

1934: Novelist Peretz Hirschbein’s and his wife gave birth to their son Omus (Amus) in New York where they “lived until 1940, at which point they traveled across the United States and Canada before settling in Los Angeles.”

1934: Birthdate of Marcell David Reich, the native of Antwerp, Belgium who escaped the Holocaust to become on the world’s richest futures traders and an infamous fugitive from the American Justice System who was “sold his freedom” by President Clinton on his last day in office.

1935: Mussolini’s Italian Army invades Abyssinia (Ethiopia).  This first fascist attack on another nation goes virtually unanswered by the international community.  The lack of response strengthens Hitler’s notion that the decadent Western Allies will not stand in his way and thus this seemingly innocuous attack on a defenseless African nation is a major step on the road to World War II and the Final Solution.

1936(17th of Tishrei, 5697): Third day of Sukkot falls on Shabbat

1936: It was reported today that the Maccabees championship soccer team from Tel Aviv “will return to New York for a match with another selected team a week from tomorrow at Ebbets Field.

1936: “The complete eradication of Jewish influence from the legal and economic sciences was held ‘essential to the German people’s vital interests’ by Dr. Hans Frank, Nazi Minister of Jurisprudence in a declaration reading at a gathering of university professors” in Berlin “today.”

1936:  In New York City, June Stillman and Leonard Reich gave birth to composer Steve Reich one of whose best known works is entitled “T’hilim” which is based on Psalms 19, 34, 18 & 150.

1936: It was reported today that Leo Perper who has been with R.H. Macy & Co for the last twenty-five years will succeed Carl Adler as president of the Roger Kent Stores.

1936: “The East End of London was tense with anxiety tonight because Sir Oswald Mosley intends to lead one of his biggest Fascist procession into the heart of the Jewish district in Whitechapel…”

1936: Harry Shorten and his NYU football team lost to Ohio State today.

1937:  Birthdate of Eli Jacobs, former owner of the Baltimore Orioles.

1937: The Palestine Post reported that the Mandatory Government, in consideration of the murder of Mr. L.Y. Andrews and his bodyguard on the steps of the Anglican Church in Nazareth, resolved to take strong steps against Arab terror. It stripped the Jerusalem Mufti, Haj Amin el-Husseini, of all his powers, declared the Arab Higher Committee illegal, and deported five top Arab leaders. Palestine Arabs went on strike, and youngsters poured boiling oil on shopkeepers who refused to close their shops in protest.

1938: In response to yesterday’s slaughter at Tiberius “the National Council of Palestine Jewry and all rabbinates in Palestine declared the cessation of all Jewish labor and closing of all Jewish-owned shops from 2 to 4 this afternoon as a sign of grief and mourning during the funerals of the victims.

1938: “Early this morning a Jewish engine driver was shot dead by an Arab while driving a freight train across the Acre gate level crossing at Haifa.”

1938: The Italian newspaper Tevere praised the Mussolini government for issuing a decree “rescinding the citizenship of all Jews who entered Italy after 1919.

1939: In response to the Nazi invasion of Poland, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia declared war on Germany.

1939: “Friedrich Werner von der Schulenburg, German ambassador in Moscow, informed Joachim Ribbentrop that the Soviet government was willing to cede the city of Vilnius and its environs” which meant that a vibrant Jewish community of 100,000 people that was “The Jerusalem of Lithuania” would now come under Nazi control.

1939: Mrs. David L. Isaacs is scheduled to address today meeting of the Women’s League for Palestine at the Park Royal Hotel in New York City.

1939: “Hanfstaengl  Is Interred by British as Alien Foe” published today included the ironic report that Ernst “Putzi” Hanfstagengl an early supporter of Hitler and Dr. Bernhard Weiss, the Jewish leader of the Berlin police who lost everything when Hitler came to power were both being interred as “enemy aliens” by Scotland Yard.

1939: In the next step in the Final Solution, the SS executes 26 Jews in the Polish border town of Wieruszow

1940(1st of Tishrei, 5701): Rosh Hashanah

1940: In his sermon today, Rabbi Samuel H. Goldenson of Temple Emanu-El emphasized that “spiritual contributions are more lasting than those which are material of intellectual.” “There is only one time and one circumstance when and under which a spiritual contribution may be said to be completed and that is when the world fully accepts it and lives by it.”

1940: A year after the start of WW II at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Rabbi David de Sola Pool told congregants that “The call of this crisis to the men of faith is to stand fast, heroically defending their own liberties and their own vision of God, thereby defending for all me liberty and the vision of God”

1940: Rabbi Stephen S. Wise is scheduled to deliver a sermon entitled “Chosen to Serve vs. Choosing to Enslave” this morning at the Free Synagogue in Carnegie Hall.

1940: Rabbi Louis I. Newman is scheduled to deliver a sermon entitled “Things Which Catch Up With Us in Life at Temple Rodeph Sholom.

1940: Rabbi Israel Goldstein is scheduled to deliver a sermon entitled “Spiritual Anchors” at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun.

1940: At Temple Israel in NYC, Rabbi William F. Rosenblum warned “that the next hundred years would be a century of startling conflicts.”

1940: In a sermon “at Central Synagogue Rabbi Jonah B. Wise declared ‘the coming year must teach more and more to curb own power’” working to create a society where “moral power and self-restraint catch up with skill and greed” to create a balanced society.

1940: As the World War spread across Europe, at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Rabbi David de Sola Pool to worshippers “The call of this crisis to the men of faith is to stand fast, heroically defending their own liberties and their own vision of God, thereby defend for all men liberty and the vision of God.”

1940: At the Jewish Center, Rabbi Leo Jung told worshippers, that “False optimism is an opiate” so “we must resolve to do everything without our power to defend the good there is about us today and to build for the morrow.

1940: Hans and Margret Rey board a ship in Rio and set sail for New York City.

1940: The Warsaw Ghetto was “opened” on this date, which was Rosh Hashanah on the secular calendar.  The Nazis ordered 150,000 Jews to move into the ghetto.

1940: The French government at Vichy adopted the definition of a Jew established in the Nuremberg Laws.  The Vichy government was eager to be part of Hitler’s New Europe and willingly sacrificed Jews living in France to show their loyalty.

1940: Vichy (Occupied) France passes anti-Semitic legislation. Vichy's anti-Jewish laws, the first Statut des Juifs, are modeled on the German Nuremberg Laws, and, like them, are widely accepted. Passed in anticipation of Nazi pressure, the laws' primary aims are to force Jews out of public service, teaching, financial occupations, public relations, and the media.

1940: During the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe began large-scale night bombings of London that were intended to break of the morale of the English people and force them to sue for peace which would have brought the Shoah to the United Kingdom.

1940: In Vichy, regulations were adopted excluding Jews from the army, the press, commercial jobs, industrial jobs, government jobs and any activity related to buying or selling a company.

1941: Nazi's blow up 6 synagogues in Paris

1941: Today Paleontologist Dr. Jay Gould married his first wife Deborah Lee, with whom he “had two sons, Jesse and Ethan.”

1941:  All elderly Jewish men of Kerenchug Ukraine, are killed by SS 

1942(22nd of Tishrei, 5703): Shmini Atzeret

1942(22nd of Tishrei, 5703): At the Treblinka death camp, Jews from Zelechów, Poland, are murdered.

1942: A doctor working at Auschwitz entered in his diary the following for this date, “Today I preserved fresh material from the human liver, spleen and pancreas, also lice from persons infected with typhus. The medical experiments continue.”

1942: “The Lady Esther cosmetics corporation which had been founding by Syma Cohen and her siblings in 1913, assumed sponsorship of The Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater was consistently one of the top ten radio programs. “

1943(4th of Tishrei, 5704): Tzom Gedaliah

1943(4th of Tishrei, 5704): Samuel Abrams, the native of Russia “who was associated with the American Tobacco Company in Trenton, NJ”  who was the father of two daughters and two sons, Lt. Arthur Abrams and William Abrams, passed away today in Cranford, NJ.

1943(4th of Tishrei, 5704): On a routine barracks inspection at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, an SS doctor decides that 139 inmates are unfit to work. These inmates are promptly gassed.

1943: In Swinemunde, approximately 200 Danish Jews who were not able to escape to Sweden “were driven into two cattle cars by their Nazi captors.

1944: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who was living in Berlin, wrote to Heinrich Himmler proposing the establishment of an Arab-Islamic Army in Germany.

1944: Roland Lorent, a member of the anti-Nazi Ehrenfeld Group was arrested by the police today

1945: According to reports coming from Cairo, “British warships cruised off the coast of Palestine and air force units patrolled the skies today to prevent the illegal entry of Jews into Palestine.”

1945: During a press conference in Cairo, Claude Pepper, the U.S. Senator from Florida said “that the Palestine problem should be settled by an international organization.” This stance put him at odds with the government of Iraq which issued a statement tonight that said only the Arabs had the right to determine who should be allowed to settle and live in Palestine.

1946: During a speech on WMCA, Hyman Blumberg, the New York state chairman of the American Labor Party, “demanded immediate admission of 100,000 Jews in Palestine…”

1946: “While expounding an Arab plan for Palestine that would halt the development of a Jewish national home, Abdul Rahman Azzam Pasha, Secretary, General of the Arab League, disclosed today that the Arab States' delegates to the Palestine conference had proposed that British call an international conference on the Jewish refugee problem separate from negotiations on Palestine.”

1947(19th of Tishrei, 5708): Fifth day of Sukkoth

1947(19th of Tishrei, 5708): Seventy-three year old Slabetz, Bohemia, native Karl Schenk, who in 1893 came to the United States where “he organized the American Union Bank in 1917,” organized the Trade Bank and Trust Company five years later” while serving as a director for several organization including the Jewish Memorial Hospital while “two sons, Henry and Monroe” with his wife Sophie passed away today.

1947: New York City begins its observance of Fire Prevention Week.  One of the highlights of the week’s celebration “will be the presentation of a reconditioned pumping engine to the Tel Aviv volunteer fire brigade at city hall.”

1948(29th of Elul, 5708): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1948: A company of the 1st Battalion commanded by Assaf Simchoni took action against an Arab gang in Kaft Kanna on the Tiberias-Nazareth Road.  The village had become a center for Arab gangs who were waging attacks on Jews in the Lower Galilee and the Zevulum Valley.

1948: In Philadelphia, PA, the former Renate Hirsch and David Bernard Medved gave birth to talk show and critic Michael Medved.

1948: The comedy team of Martin and Lewis (Jerry Lewis) made on of their first appearances on live television when they performed on NBC’s “Welcome Aboard.

1949: Yitzhak Gruenbaum completes his term as Israelis first Minister of Interior.

1949(10th of Tishrei, 5710): Yom Kippur

1949(10th of Tishrei, 5710): Fifty-nine year old Philadelphia native and dermatologist Sigmund Samuel Greenbaum, the author of Diseases of the Mouth and Their Treatment and professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine passed away today.

1949: Haim-Moshe Shapira begins serving as Israel’s second Minister of Interior

1949: On Long Island, NY, Dorothy "Dottie", a housewife, and Samuel Ira "Sam" Simmons, a dentist gave birth to photographer Laurie Simmons.

1949: Today in New York, Sadie Altman, the daughter of Sophie and Hyman Davis and her husband Morris “Murray” Altman gave birth to Robert Kip Altman

1950(22nd of Tishrei, 5711): Shimini Atzeret

1950: “Can You Top This” which had been a successful radio show was broadcast for the first time on ABC featuring cartoonist Harry Hershfield as one of the three panelists.

1951: NBC radio broadcast the first episode of “Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator” directed by Himan Brown.

1951: Sixty-nine year old John D. Whiting passed away in Jerusalem.

1952(14th of Tishrei, 5713): Erev Sukkot

1952(14th of Tishrei, 5713): Seventy-eight year old Zevulun "Zavel" Kwartin a Ukrainian born American chazzan who was the grandfather of American opera singer Evelyn Lear passed away today.

1952: The Jerusalem Post reported at length on the visit of an official Burmese delegation, a welcome sign of improved relations with other East Asian countries.  In attempt to break out of the diplomatic isolation that the Arabs and their supports sought to impose on the Jewish state, Israel worked to develop positive relations with small nations of Asia and Africa as they gained their independence from the European powers.  These nations saw Israel as a source of western technology and other such technical aid without the threat of being drawn into the Cold War.  This policy was successful until the Arab Oil Embargo.

1953(24th of Tishrei, 5714): Florence Rena Sabin an American medical scientist passed away. She was a pioneer for women in science; she was the first woman to hold a full professorship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the first woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences, and the first woman to head a department at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. In her retirement years, she pursued a second career as a public health activist in Colorado, and in 1951 received a Lasker Award for this work.

1953: Sixty-nine year old Sir Arnold Bax, the composer who carried pm a forty-year long “love affair” pianist Harriet Cohen who worked to rescue Jews from Europe passed away today bequeathing to her “half of his interest from his literary and musical compositions to Cohen for lif

1955(17th of Tishrei, 5716): Sukkoth (3) Chol Hamoed

1955(17th of Tishrei, 5716): Sixty-two year old Major General Julius Ochs Adler passed away. (There are some who say that he died on October 2 but his tombstone clearly shows October 3)

1956: In Perth, Australia, composer George Dreyfus, a refugee from Nazi Germany and his wife gave birth to Australian political leader Mark Alfred Dreyfus.

1957: In London, world premiere of “Robbery Under Arms” produced by Joseph Janni.

1957: “Les Girls” a musical directed by George Cukor and produced by Sol C. Siegel was released in the United States today by MGM.

1957(8th of Tishrei, 5718): Fifty-four year old Arthur “Artie” Auerbach, the photographer turned comedian who gained fame as “Mr. Kitzel” passed away today.

1958(19th of Tishrei, 5719): Chol Hamoed Sukkoth

1958(19th of Tishrei, 5719): Eighty-four year old “David Nunes Nabarro, who was the first Director of the Pathological Department of the Hospital for Sick Children in London” passed away today.

1959(1st of Tishrei, 5720): The shofar is not sounded on Rosh Hashanah because it is Shabbat.

1959(1st of Tishrei, 5720): A shepherd from Kibbutz Heftziba was killed near Kibbutz Yad Hana.

1959(1st of Tishrei, 5720): Eighty-one year old New York born surgeon, Henry Kalvin, the husband of Pauline Kalvin and the father of Joseph Kalvin “who served as a physician in the Army induction center at Grand Central Station” and “whose hobby was capture wild animals with a lariat” passed away today.

1960: New York City's independent, WNTA Channel 13 broadcast a segment of “The Dybbuk” directed by Sidney Lumet today.

1961(15th of Tishrei, 5724): Sukkoth

1962: After premiering at Cannes in 1961, “The Connection,” the film version of the play written by Jack Gelber opened in New York City.

1962: The Broadway production of Anthony Newley’s “Stop the World – I Want to Get Off produced by David Merrick” opened at the Schubert Theatre.

1964: “Cheyenne Autumn” a movie based on The Last Frontier by Howard Fast co-starring Carroll Baker and Edward G. Robinson was released today in the United States.

1965: “Bunny Lake is Missing” a thriller directed and produced by Otto Preminger and featuring Lucie Mannheim was released in the United States today.

1965: “Repulsion,” a horror film produced by Gene Gutowski and directed by Roman Polanski who also co-authored the script was released in the United States today.

1965: Sophie Tucker performed "Give My Regards to Broadway", "Louise", and her signature song, "Some Of These Days” on the Ed Sullivan Show this evening in what would be “her last television appearance.”

1965: As Jews observed the Ten Days of Penitence between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, “Israelis were reminded by slogan-carrying buses and sound trucks that a general election was only one month away.

1966(19th of Tishrei, 5727): Fifth Day of Sukkoth

1966: In New York City,  Libby Blum and Meir Kahan gave birth to Rabbi Binyamin Ze’ev Khane , the leader of Kanane Chai who gunned down with his wife near Ofra in 2000.

1967:Titicut Follies” “a 1967 American direct cinema documentary film produced, written, and directed by Frederick Wiseman” was released today in the United States.

1967(28th of Elul, 5727): Seventy-four year old Hemda Diskin, the Petah Tikva born “daughter of Moshe Dov Bear Margalit and Taube (Yona) Margalit” and the wife off Israel Diskin with whom she had four children passed away today after which she was buried in her “hometown.”

1967: Famed folk singer and composer Woody Guthrie passed away. The Oklahoma native moved to New York in 1940 where he met and married a Jewish dancer named Marjorie Mazia. Only recently have many people become aware of the impact that Mazia and her mother, the author and Yiddish poet Aliza Greenblatt, had on his works.  The Klezmatics and Woody’s son, Arlo Guthrie have recorded several of the songs from this period in Woody’s life.

1971(14th of Tishrei, 5732) Erev Sukkoth

1971: A weekend revival program of Yiddishlanguage feature films with English subtitles, produced here and abroad which began yesterday at the Anderson Theater, Second Avenue and Fourth Street is scheduled to continue today.

1968: After premiering “at the Arena Stage in December of 1967,” “The Great White” written by Howard Sackler opened on Broadway where it would run for “546 performances.”

1972(25th of Tishrei, 5733): Eighty-eight year old Daisy Eckhouse Rothschild the Washington, IN born daughter of Sigmund and Lena Sternberger Eckhouse passed away today in Miami, FL.

1973: Birthdate of Canadian actress Neve Adrianne Campbell, the descendant of Sephardic Jews who converted to Catholicism who says, "I am a practicing Catholic, but my lineage is Jewish, so if someone asks me if I'm Jewish, I say yes". (I’ll let you sort this one out

1973: After having submitted an initial report on December 1, Lieutenant Binyamin Siman-Tov, a research for Aman (The Directorate of Military Intelligence) prepared an “even more comprehensive assessment” along the Suez Canal in which he warned that the Egyptians were preparing for a cross-canal attack – a warning that was dismissed out of hand by his superiors.

1973: At a meeting with Golda Meir and several of her senior advisers, Moshe Dayan said that recent Egyptian and Syrian military concentrations on the Suez Canal and Golan Heights were ‘unusual’ but left no impressions that war was imminent. (This has to be one of the greatest errors in judgment in history (not just Jewish history) since the Yom Kippur War would begin three days later with Egyptian forces crossing the Suez Canal.)

1974: Refusniks “Shimon Grillius and Oleg Frolov were released from Perm camp 36 after serving five year sentences.”

1976(9th of Tishrei, 5737): Erev Yom Kippur; Kol Nidre

1977(21st of Tishrei, 5738) Hoshanah Rabbah

1977: “A bomb, placed by unknown assailants’ exploded at the doorstep of the home of Stanford Shaw the academic whose field of expertise included the history of the Jews of Turkey.

1977: The Jerusalem Post reported that 30 Gush Emunim members moved into Camp Shomron, the first of six such settlements approved by the cabinet, all of them to be established within the next 10 weeks.

1978(2nd of Tishrei, 5739): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1979: Two days after she had passed away, in New York, funeral services are scheduled to be held today for Diana G. Jaffe, the wife of Samuel Jaffe and mother of Rona Jaffe,

1980 (23rd of Tishrei, 5741): Simchat Torah

1980(23rd of Tishrei, 5741): A bomb hidden in a motorcycle's saddlebags detonated outside the Synagogue on the Rue Copernic in France exploded killing four people and wounding twenty others. Among the dead was Aliza Shagrir, 42, the wife of Micha Shagrir, a well-known television, film and documentary producer who lives in Jerusalem. The bombing was part of a string of attacks by Arab terrorists aimed at the Jews of Europe that included bombings in Vienna (August, 1981) and Brussels (October, 1981)

1981(5th of Tishrei, 5742): First observance of Shabbat Shuva during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

1981(5th of Tishrei, 5742): Eighty-five year old Berlin born American writer Walter Merhring whose anti-Nazi ballads cost him his German citizenship passed away today.

1980: “Somewhere In Time,” “a romantic comedy” produced by Ray Stark (the son-in-law of Fannie Brice) co-starring Jane Seymour and filmed by cinematographer Isidore Mankofsky was released in the United States today by Universal Pictures.

1985: Broadcast of the first episode of “The Dunera Boys” directed and written by Ben Lewin which was based on the experiences of “German Jews who had fled to Britain and were then interned as ‘enemy aliens’ in Australia.”

1986(29th of Elul, 5746): Erev of Shabbat and Erev Rosh Hashanah

1986: “Playing for Keeps” directed and produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein who also wrote the script was released in the United States today.

1987(10th of Tishrei, 5748): Yom Kippur

1987: CBS broadcast the first episode of “Everything’s Relative,” a sitcom starring Jason Alexander.

1988(22nd of Tishrei, 5749): Shmini Atzeret

1988(22nd of Tishrei 5749): Sixty-six year old Mae Magnin Brussell, the daughter of Rabbi Edgar Magin and the great-granddaughter of Isaac Magnin, the founder I. Magnin depart store who was known for her radio broadcast and involvement in conspiracy theories passed away today.

1989(4th of Tishrei, 5750): Joseph Wybran was assassinated by terrorists in the parking lot of Erasme Hospital in Brussels where he was working as head of the immunology department. The 49-year-old Wybran was then president of CCOJB, the umbrella group of Jewish organizations in Belgium.

1987: CBS broadcast the first episode of “Everything’s Relative” a sitcom starring Jason Alexander

1990(14th of Sukkoth, 5751): Erev Sukkoth

1990: Ninety-five year old Beatrice Alexander, known as “Madame Alexander” passed away today.

1991: In a press release, The Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for 1991 to Nadine Gordimer.

1993: “Short Cuts” a comedy film co-starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bucky Henry was released today in the United States.

1995(9th of Tishrei, 5756): Erev Yom Kippur

1995(9th of Tishrei, 5756): Seventy-nine year old “dance archivist” Susan Braun passed away today.

1996: Jewish American attorney Edward Fagan filed a suit against the Swiss bank UBS in a New York federal district court. The appellant was Gizella Weisshaus, an elderly holocaust survivor from Romania who attempted, for a half a century to obtain the funds her father deposited in the Swiss bank.  Wisshaus initially paid her legal fees to Fagan in the form of cakes and kugel.  Her lawsuit was part of the battle waged by Holocaust survivors against Swiss banks by groups.

1996: A West End production of Neil Simon’s “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” “headed by Gene Wilder opened today at the Queen’s Theatre.

1997(2nd of Tishrei, 5758): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1997(2nd of Tishrei, 5758): Seventy-eight year old “Blacklisted” screenwriter and author Millard Lampell passed away today.

1997(2nd of Tishrei, 5758): Eighty-four year old Barcuh Ostrosky of Jerusalem died today from the wounds he suffered during the bombing of the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem.

1998(14th of Tishrei, 5759): Erev Sukkoth

1998(14th day of Tishrei, 5759): Eighty-three year old, Mollie Pollacks, the widow of Samuel B. Pollack Z”L.

1998: Pope John Paul II beatified Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, the World War II archbishop of Zagreb and a controversial figure because many Serbs and Jews accused him of sympathizing with the Nazis.

1998: Michael David Danby who belongs to the Australian Labor Party began serving as a member of the Australian House of Representatives representing the Division of Melbourne Ports, Victoria

1999(23rd of Tishrei, 5760): As the world worries about Y2K, Jews celebrate Simchat Torah safe in the knowledge that their study of the parchment scrolls will not be affected by any crashing computers.

1999: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including World View in Painting—Art and Society: Selected Papers by Meyer Schapiro and To Believe in Women: What Lesbians Have Done for America -- A History by Lillian Faderman.

2000: “A Class Act, a quasi-autobiographical musical loosely based on the life of composer-lyricist Edward Kleban” which “was initially produced Off-Broadway by the Manhattan Theatre Club at Stage II” opened today.

2001(16th of Tishrei, 5762): Second Day of Sukkoth observed for the first time during the Presidency of George Bush

2002(27th of Tishrei, 5763):  Fifty-seven year old Bruce Paltrow, a graduate of Tulane University and renowned television producer passed away.

2002: “An Unlikely Dove” published today presented the views of “Amram Mitzna, the commander of Israeli forces on the West Bank during the first Intifada” on the possibility of resolving the conflict between Arabs and Israelis.

2003: “School of Rock” a musical produced by Scott Rudin and co-starring Jack Black and Sarah Silverman was released in the United States today.

2003: During The Dershowitz–Finkelstein affair, Norman Finkelstein argued in a letter published in today’s Harvard Crimson that Alan Dershowitz had reproduced two of Joan Peters’ mistakes and made one of his in own concerning the use of quotations from the works of Mark Twain.

2003: Elliott Adnopoz, the Brooklyn born son of a Jewish doctor better known as Ramblin Jack Elliot, appears at the Bottom Line in New York’s Greenwich Village.

2003: “Jewish Rights on the Temple” published today provided Ariel Sharon’s explanation for his visit to the Temple Mount  saying that “I visited the Temple Mount with members of the Likud faction in the Knesset, as I have done many times before, to inspect and ascertain that freedom of worship and free access to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is sovereign Israeli territory, is ensured to everyone: Christians, Moslems, and Jews in particular, since it is and has been for over 3,000 years the site of our holiest shrine” and stating bluntly that there is ample evidence that the violence was premediated.

2003(29th of Tevet, 5763): Ninety-five year old William Steig, the noted cartoonist and author of children’s books passed away.  Born in 1907, Steig had his first cartoon published in the New Yorker Magazine in 1930.  Over the years, the magazine would publish 1600 of his cartoons and his works would be featured on 117 covers of the ultimate in sophisticated, literary magazines.  In 1970, he won the Caldecott Medal for his children’s work entitled Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.

2004: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including The Plot Against America by Philip Roth, Will in the World:  How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare by Stephen Greenblatt, America (The Book)  A Citizen's Guide to Democracy In Action by Jon Stewart, Ben Karlin and David Javerbaum and The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World by A. J. Jacobs.

2005: In major economic news, Haaretz reported that Ohio farmers and researchers have begun working with their counterparts in Israel on projects ranging from beef-cattle genetics to disease-suppressing compost in hopes the relationship will open new markets for both places.

2005: “The Mechanik” featuring Levana Finkelstein was released in the United States today “as ‘The Russian Specialist.’”

2005(29th of Elul, 5765: Erev Rosh Hashanah, 5766 begins at sunset.

2005(29th of Elul, 5765: Sarah Levy-Tanai, founder of the Inbal dance troupe and one of the country's most important choreographers, passed away at the age of 95.

2006: The recording of Danny Elfman’s “Serenada Schizophrana” which had first been performed at Carnegies Hall in 2005 was released onto SACD today.

2006: Today Eve Emsler released Insecure at Last: Losing It In Our Security-Obsessed World, “her first major work written exclusively for the printed page.”

2007: Dr. Charles Friedgood who was convicted of killing his wife in 1977 and sentenced to a term of twenty-five years to life turns 89, making him the oldest inmate in a New York State Prison.

2007(22nd of Tishrei, 5768: Hoshana Rabah

2007: ABC broadcast the first episode of “Pushing Daisies” co-starring Ellen Greene with Barry Sonnenfeld and Bruce Cohen serving as Executive Producers.

2008: “President George W. Bush personally awarded Eric Robert Greitens the President's Volunteer Service Award outside Air Force One at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri, for his work at The Mission Continues

2008: As part of the yearlong celebration of Leon Fleisher’s 80th birthday, a concert is held in Boston, MA entitled “Leon Fleisher and Friends” that includes keyboard colleagues and former students Yefim Bronfman, Jonathan Biss and Katherine Jacobson-Fleisher, Fleisher’s wife.

2008: The Times of London features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including The American History: A Future by Simon Schama

2009: Rachel Simmons, whose mother Claire is a Jewish Historian, discusses and signs The Curse of the Good Girl: Raising Authentic Girls with Courage and Confidence at Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington, D.C.

2009 (15 Tishrei, 5770): First Day of Sukkoth

2009: Captain Ben Sklaver's body arrived at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

2010: Israeli pianist Shaban is scheduled to perform at the JCC in Manhattan.

2010(25th of Tishrei, 5711): Seventy-eight year old Tzivia Donen, the New York born daughter of Yemima and Julius Hanover and the wife of Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin, the author of To Be a Jew: A Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life passed away today after which she was buried at Beth Shemesh.

2010: Rebekah Isabelle "Carla" Laemmle, the niece of early film mogul Carl Laemmle “appeared in BBC Four documentary “A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss” sharing memories of her early film work with Lon Chaney and Bela Lugosi.

2010: In an episode of “The Simpsons” televised today entitled “Loan-a-Lisa,” Mark Zuckerberg provided the voice for the cartoon character portraying the founder of Facebook

2010: Catcher Bradley David "Brad" Ausmus ended his major league career today as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

2010: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish writers and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including A Privilege to Die: Inside Hezbollah’s Legions and Their Endless War Against Israel by Thanassis Cambanis and the recently released paperback edition of Homer & Langley by E. L. Doctorow

2010: Rabbi Michael S. Friedman and Rabbi Azriel C. Fellner are scheduled to officiate today at the wedding  Jordana Horn, the New York correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, and Jon Andrew Gordon at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in New York. (As reported by Rosalie R. Radomsky)

2010: The Los Angeles Times featured reviews of books by Jewish writers and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including To the End of the Land by David Grossman.

2011: At New York City’s Park East Synagogue, Senator Joseph Lieberman is scheduled to deliver the 6th Annual Gershon Jacobson Memorial Lecture which will also serve as a celebration of “The Gift of Rest.”

2011: Today marks the kickoff of the week when the Nobel Prizes are announced. It was today announced that three scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine for discoveries about the immune system that opened new avenues for the treatment and prevention of infectious illnesses and cancer. Two of the three - American Bruce Beutler and Canadian-born Ralph Steinman of blessed memory – are Jewish.  Steinman passed away on January 30, 2011.

2011: A Libyan Jew who returned from exile as Muammar Gaddafi's regime fell said today he is facing death threats over his attempts to restore Tripoli's abandoned and crumbling main synagogue.

2011: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's zigzagging on the government vote over the Trajtenberg Committee recommendations for social change in Israel may already be taking a political toll. Today saw the cabinet deal the prime minister a political blow, after a seemingly overwhelming opposition to the report's draft within the government forced him to yet again delay the vote on its proposed changes.

2011: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with visiting US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, today, thanking him and US President Barack Obama for "strengthening the alliance and cooperation" between Israel and the US. Netanyahu reiterated his belief that peace can only be achieved "through direct negotiations between the parties."

2012: Graveside services for Ronald Farber (Z"L) are scheduled to be held today at the Agudas Achim Cemetery in Iowa City.

2012: In a drastic move this evening, Haaretz employees voted 125-68 to go on a one-day strike, meaning that tomorrow’s paper will not be printed. The strike also applies to the paper’s Hebrew and English website, and the website of, which will not be updated until at least Friday morning.

2012: Defense Minister Ehud Barak defended his contacts with the United States this morning after the Likud accused him of working to deepen tensions between Israel and its ally.

2012: The IDF evacuated tourists from the top of Mount Hermon this afternoon, after sighting dozens of Syrians – many of them armed with guns – in civilian clothing approaching the Israel – Syria border.

2012: In Fairfax, VA, Chabad is scheduled to sponsors “Subs in the Sukkoth

2013: Never Again: Witnessing and Preserving the Memories of Holocaust Survivors

 Is scheduled to be presented at the Lawrence Family JCC in San Diego, CA

2013: After premiering Off-Broadway in October of 2012, “Bad Jews” by Joshua Harmon “opened at the Laura Pel’s Theatre” today

2013: The Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia is scheduled to sponsor a program on American Jewish humor that covers the “Golden Age of TV,” books and cartoons, film and audio albums, one-liners and classic jokes — from Henny Youngman and Harry Golden to Sid Caesar and “The 2000 Year Old Man.”

2013: On the day before Rosh Chodesh, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz requested that haredi Orthodox girls not fill the plaza for the next Women of the Wall service which will be held tomorrow.

2013: Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams meet today for the 8th time since direct peace talks were resumed last July (As reported by Barak Ravid)

2013: In London, Dr. Wendy Lower is scheduled to deliver the inaugural Pears Annual Lecture, in which she discusses her latest book, Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields

2013: Sara J. Bloomfield sends e-mail announcing that the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum is closed until further notice due to the “federal government shutdown.”

2014: Ben Gurion Airport will be closed to all flights from 2 p.m. today, Yom Kippur eve, through tomorrow night following the end of Yom Kippur.

2014(9th of Tishrei, 5775): Erev Yom Kippur

2014(9th of Tishrei, 5775): In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Ilan Kaplan is scheduled to chant Kol Nidre which is part of an unbroken chain of over 120 years of traditional services dating back to the founding of Beth Jacob.

2014: “Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel David Lau and founder of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Abdullah Nimar Darwish called on leaders of both Abrahamic faiths to hold meetings aimed at reducing inter-religious tensions in Israel.

2015: In NYC, the 14th St Y is scheduled to host “Intro to Jewish Music.”

2015: “Hard rock band Bon Jovi is scheduled to perform in Israel tonight ending a 13-country tour in Tel Aviv.” (As reported by Jessica Steinberg and Luke Tress)

2015(20th of Tishrei, 5776): Sukkoth Shabbat Chol Hamoed

2015(20th of Tishrei, 5776): Ninety-five year old patron of the arts Olga Hirshhorn passed away today.(As reported by William Grimes)

2015: “A terrorist killed one man and wound four other people in the Old City of Jerusalem” while another terrorist “opened fire on a sukkah Nof Tzion.”

2016: Rosh Hashanah Kibbutz

2016(1st of Tishrei, 5777): Rosh Hashanah

שנה טובה, כתיבה וחתימה טובה.

2016: The Supreme Court opened its term today without three of its Justices – Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagen – because it was Rosh Hashanah.

2016: In South Florida, “the sign of the Chabad of Parkland” was found to be “spray-painted with ‘Free Palestine’ and other words described as ‘offensive expletives.’”

2017: Deadline for submitting nominations for the 2017 National Jewish Book Awards.

2017: The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and Jewish Music Forum are scheduled to present “Henech Kon: Beyond the Dybbuk” – a “lecture by Diana Matut, with a live performance of Kon's works by Re'ut Ben-Ze'ev (soprano) and Zalmen Mlotek (piano).”

2018: “Debra Caplan” is scheduled to host an event presented by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research  marking “the release of In the land of Happy Tears: Yiddish Tales for Modern Times edited by David Stromberg.

2018(24th of Tishrei, 5779): Eighty-three year old Cuban born Natan Wekselbaum, the husband of Nancy Wekselbaum and founder of Gracious Home, the housewares store passed away today. (As reported by Sam Roberts)

2018: The American Jewish Historical Society and the Center for Jewish History are scheduled to present “The Legacy of Joan Rivers” featuring her “niece Caroline Waxler and comedian Judy Gold.”

2019: “The Spy Behind Home Plate” is scheduled to be the film shown on the opening night of the Chesapeake Film Festival followed by a Q and A with director Aviva Kempner.

2019: USF is scheduled to host “Professor Shaina Hammerman as she discusses her latest book, Silver Screen, Hasidic Jews: The Story of an Image.”

2019: In Memphis, TN, Temple Israel is schedule to host Coffee and Conversation with Rabbi Feivel Strauss and guest speaker Makeba Garrison, Chaplain of the West Cancer Clinic, as they discuss "Dealing with Change and Choosing to Change."

2019: The Philos Project and the American Sephardi Federation are scheduled to host the third edition of the Latin American classic art exhibit: Nosotros 2019 which is designed to strengthen relations between the Jewish and Latino communities.

2019: The Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center is scheduled to host MSNBC news personal Rachel Maddow who hopefully will explain how her parent company NBC chose to make Donald Trump a star when “everybody” knew about his views and tendencies when it came to matters of gender and race.

2020(15th of Tishrei, 5781): First Day of Sukkoth

2020: Kol HaLev, Cleveland’s Reconstructionist Jewish Community is scheduled to livestream Sukkoth services this morning

2020: Members of Tifereth Israel are scheduled “visit the Skolnik Family Sukkah where they can “have a socially distanced hello.”

2020(15th of Tishrei): On the Jewish calendar, Yarhrzeit of William “Bill” Schueller, beloved husband of Eleanor Schueller, father of Deb Levin Z”L and father-in-law of Mitchell Levin

2021: Steve and Ray Feller are scheduled to host a Zoom presentation “on how camp money was used in ghettos, concentration camps, and more during World War II based upon their book, Silent Witnesses

2021: At the Illinois Holocaust Museum “acclaimed concert pianist Dr. Marvin Berman is scheduled to present a live performance featuring clips from films about the Jewish experience prior to, during, and after the Holocaust, as well as piano improvisations of the films’ musical scores.”

2021: At the Breman in Atlanta, GA,Co-curator Sandy Berman is scheduled to lead a tour of the musuem’s newest exhibit “History with Chutzpah: Remarkable Stories of the Southern Jewish Adventure 1733-Present.”

2021: In Washington, DC, “a public display of creative sukkahs, designed by notable architects, on view at the National Building Museum’s West Lawn and Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center (EDCJCC) campus is scheduled to come to an end.”

2021: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War

by Samuel Moyn, The Family Roe: An American Story by Joshua Prager and Sexual Justice: Supporting Victims, Ensuring Due Process, and Resisting the Conservative Backlash by Alexandra Brodsky

2021: The morning Emanuel Synagogue in West Hartford, CT is scheduled to host a book launch of Into the Forest: A Holocaust Story of Survival, Triumph and Love that will include a talk by the author, Rebecca Frankel.

2022: Urban Adamah and Jewtina y Co. are scheduled to present an online cacao ritual of Mayan and Aztec roots to welcome the introspective and reflective themes of Yom Kippur” which will be led by Kimmy Dueñas, a Salvadoran Jewish educator and director of learning at Jewtina.

2022: The Vilna Shul, Boston’s Center for Jewish Culture is scheduled to present online “War, Atonement and the Resurrection of Leonard Cohen.”

2023: The Lillian and Albert Small Capital Jewish Museum is scheduled to hos a conversation about the current state of the Supreme Court in a post RBG era.

2023: The Eden Tamir Music Center is scheduled to host a special concert in memory of Professor Alexander Tamir, “founder and director of the Eden Tamir Music Center.”

2023: Lockdown University is scheduled to host a lecture by Milton Shain on “Antisemitism in South Africa: A Perfect Storm, 1930 – 1948.”

2023: Lenny De La Rosa, who “was charged with criminal mischief as a hate crime and making graffiti after “New York police had arrested” him “for vandalizing a synagogue with antisemitic graffiti” “is set to appear in court again” today. (As reported by Luke Tress)

2023: As part of its Women on the Move series, the Streicker Center is scheduled to host a conversation between Jean Hanff Korelitz, novelist, playwright, theater producer and essayist and Elionor Lipman author of  Then She Found Me.

2023: After having been closed for Sukkoth, the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County, NJ is scheduled to re-open today.

2023(18th of Tishrei, 5754): Fourth Day of Sukkoth; for more see