This Day, September 22, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

This Day, September 22, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

September 22 

384: Roman Emperors Gratian, Valentinian II, and Theodosius I forbid Jews from buying or owning Christian slaves. If any such slaves are found with Jews, they must be removed and sold to other Christians. If a Jewish master converts a Christian to Judaism, they will be severely punished.

1499: Switzerland gained de facto independence from the Holy Roman Empire. Jews began settling in Switzerland in the 13th century.  During the first half of the 14th Century, the Jewish community of Basel was one of the largest in Europe.  However, during the last half of the 14th century and on 15th century, successive bans drove Jews from the homes in various cities and cantons. The bans were primarily caused charges of well poisoning tied the spread of the Black Death.   By the time Switzerland gained her independence only a handful of Jews remained in this mountainous state.  The Jewish population would not begin to grow again until the end of the 18th century. 

1521: Selim I, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire passed away.  Selim did away with the Law of No Return, the Roman ban on Jews living in Eretz Israel.  The ban was in force until the 16th century.  Limits on Jewish immigration would reappear with the British White Paper.  Like many other members of Ottoman royalty, Selim employed a Jewish physician.

1526: Sultan Sueliman decreed that all the Jews seized at Buda and elsewhere, more than 2,000 in number, should be distributed among the cities of the Turkish Empire.

1533(3rd Tishrei, 5249) OS Tzom Gedaliah observed as England, which has expelled its Jews, is racked by the split with Rome caused by Henry VIII’s determination to divorce Catherine and marry Anne Boleyn. Catherine’s parents had required Henry VII to promise that no Jews would be allowed to live in England as a condition of Catherine’s marriage to Henry VIII’s brother.

1558: In Recanti, Italy, under the protection of Pope Paul IV, Joseph (Paul) Moro, a baptized Jew, entered a synagogue on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Holding a crucifix, he tried to preach a conversion sermon. The congregation evicted him and a near massacre occurred. Eventually the entire Jewish population was expelled.

1694: Birthday of New York City native Josiah Brown, the son of Saul Pardo Brown and husband of Esther de Jacob Monsanto, who “was building inspector in New York City in 1708.”

1723: Birthdate of Hannah Levy, the daughter of Moses Levy and the wife of Joshua Isaacs.

1730: In Cento, Italy, Isaac Israeli and his wife gave birth to Benjamin D’Israeli, the grandfather of Benjamin Disreali, the British author and political leader also known as the Earl of Beaconsfield.

1755: Today, in Arnhem, “two Jews, Solomon Cohen Jacobs and Samuel Levie, on Sept. 22, 1755, petitioned the authorities for a suitable burial-place.”

1759(1st of Tishrei, 5520): Nine days after the British defeated the French at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, Jews could openly observe Rosh Hashanah in Canada.  The French banned Jews from living in Canada.  The British took the opposite view.

1761: Coronation of King George III who had his first conversation with a Jew when he spoke with prizefighter Daniel Mendoza.

1761: Joseph Gompertz married Esther Moses today at St. Helens.

1770(3rd of Tishrei, 5531): Shabbat Shuva

1771(14th of Tishrei, 5532): Erev Sukkoth observed as the bubonic plague continues to be a cause for violence in Moscow, which would have a very small Jewish population at this time.

1774: Pope Clement XIV passed away. In 1759, while still known as Cardinal Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli, he had issued a reported condemning blood libel accusation. “In 1758, Pope Benedict XIV ordered an investigation into the matter and charged Lorenzo Ganganelli, councilor of the Holy Office of the Inquisition—and later Pope Clement XIV—to prepare a report on the commission’s work. Ganganelli’s report, presented to the congregation of the Inquisition in March 1758, reviewed the major accusations of Jewish ritual murder since the thirteenth century and concluded that the blood libel was indeed a calumny, of which Jews and Judaism were innocent.”

1776(9th of Tishrei, 5537): Erev Yom Kippur – one has to wonder what was going through the mind of American Jews as they heard the words of Kol Nidre and its references to vows following the decision to break the vows of loyalty to the King of England as stated in the recently adopted Declaration of Independence.

1776: George Washington wrote to John Hancock denying any knowledge as to the cause of the great fire that burned over 25% of New York City – thus putting the lie to British claims that the Americans had started the blaze to thwart their occupation of the city.

1778(1st of Tishrei, 5539): As the British tried to figure out what to do having lost the “first Battle of Saratoga’ Jews observed Rosh Hashanah

1784:Today David Hays wrote from Bedford  to his Michael Hays, a merchant in North Castle that he was sending a fourth of a mutton killed on September 21 and reminder that their mothers “yorsite” was to be observed on September 27.”

1786(29th of Elul, 5545): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1787(22nd of Tishrei, 5548): Yom Kippur

1798: Today, on the anniversary of the “founding of the First French Republic” Napoleon, who was busy leading a campaign in the Middle East that would take him to Palestine where he would show sympathy to the Jewish population, organized a magnificent celebration in Cairo

1789(2nd of Tishrei, 5550): During the first year of the presidency of George Washington, Jews in the United States observe the second day of Rosh Hashanah.

1789(2nd of Tishrei, 5550): Meir Salomon Maas passed away today Frankfurt am main.

1790(14th of Tishrei, 5551): Erev Sukkoth observed on the 29th anniversary of the coronation of King George III.

1791(3rd of Tishrei, 5732): Tzom Gedaliah observed on the same day that James Faraday and his wife gave birth to Michael Faraday whose impact on the world of science was so great that his was one of only three pictures that Albert Einstein kept on the wall of his study.

1792(6th of Tishrei, 5553): Parashat Vayeilech; Shabbat Shuva observed for the first time after National Convention of France had officially announced the abolishment of the monarchy.

1793(16th of Tishrei, 5554): Second Day of Sukkoth observed for the first time during the 10 month long “Reign of Terror” in France

1795(9th of Tishrei, 5556): Erev Yom Kippur; Kol Nidre observed in France for the first time under the newly adopted “Constitution of the Year III.”

1800(3rd of Tishrei, 5561): Tzom Gedaliah observed for the last time during the Presidency of John Adams and for the first time in the 19th century.

1806(10th of Tishrei, 5567): A day before Lewis and Clark arrive in St. Louis, thus competing their successful exploration that took them to the Pacific Ocean, Jews observed Yom Kippur

1807(1st of Tishrei, 5569): Rosh Hashanah

1807: Birthdate of Prague native Gottfried S. Schmelkes who practiced medicine in Toplitz, Bohemia from 1838 until his death in 1870.

1808: One day after he had passed away, Nathan Raphael, the wife of the former Julia Asher with whom he had nine children was buried today at the “Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.”

1811(4th of Tishrei, 5572): Tzom Gedaliah

1812: In Glasgow, Scotland, a “hatter” (maker of hats) named Isaac Cohen was admitted as a burgess of the city.

1816(29th of Elul, 5576): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1817: Birthdate of Austrian dermatologist Hermann Edler von Zeissl.

1808(1st of Tishrei, 5569): First Day of Rosh Hashanah observed for the last time during the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson

1816(29th of Elul, 5576): Erev Rosh Hashanah observed on the same day that British diplomat Sir Robert Gunning who for some inexplicable reason ordered four copies of the Old Testament in Hebrew for Catherine the Great, the creator of the Pale of Settlement passed away.

1824(29th of Elul, 5584): Erev Rosh Hashanah observed for the last time during the Presidency of James Monroe.

1825(10th of Tishrei, 5586):  Jews observe Yom Kippur in the first year of the Presidency of John Q. Adams, the only American President chosen by the House of Representatives.

1827(1st of Tishrei, 5588): Rosh Hashanah

1827: Birthdate of “John de Pass…the fifth son of Daniel de Pass of London.”

1831(15th of Tishrei, 5592): Sukkoth

1838(3rd of Tishrei, 5599): Parashat Ha’Azinu; Shabbat Shuva

1842: In Gostyn, Prussia, Samuel and Julia Naphthaly gave birth to Joseph Naphthaly, the San Francisco lawyer, Democratic Party politician and vintner whose property “produced 30,000 gallons of wine” who married the former Sarah Schmitt, the daughter of Blaize L. and Pauline Schmitt with whom he had two children, Samuel and Leon.”

1842: Birthdate of  Abdulhamid II who issued a firman in 1889 stating “That there shall be no interference with the Jews' places of devotional visits and of pilgrimage, that are situated in the localities which are dependent on the Chief Rabbinate, nor with the practice of their ritual

1846(2nd of Tishrei, 5607): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah observed on the same that, during the Mexican-American War, the Kearny Code was “promulgated for use in the New Mexico Territory” whose Jewish population up until then was limited to crypto Jews.

1847(12th of Tishrei, 5608): Mortiz Bertram, the husband of Sophia Boss with whom he had eight children passed away today after which he was buried in the Laruiston Road Jewish Cemetery.

1850:  In Detroit, Michigan, twelve Jewish families came together at the Cozens's home to found the "Bet El Society" (a Michigan Historical Marker now commemorates this site). The congregation engaged the services of Rabbi Samuel Marcus of New York.

1849(6th of Tishrei, 5610): Shabbat Shuva

1851: The city of Des Moines, Iowa is incorporated as Fort Des Moines. William Krause was one those instrumental in the incorporation effort. He and has his wife had arrived in the area in 1846 when it was known as Raccoon Forks, making them the first Jewish settlers.  The Krause family which had opened the towns first store in 1848 was joined by Joseph and Isaac Kuhn in 1849.  Krause was active in civic affairs and played a key role in having the state capital moved to Des Moines.  By 1870, there were enough Jews in Des Moines to form a congregation called B’nai Jeshurn which built a synagogue in 1878.

1852: The New York Times reported that "The Kohinoor must be a rouser, to allow a company of Hebrew artists to cut away for months upon its sides, and yet be left the largest diamond out of the mines.”  The Kohinoor is one of the largest diamonds in the world.

1852: On “Mansell Street, Goodmans Fields,” Julia Messeena and William Flatau gave birth to Rebecca Flatau.

1854(29th of Elul, 5614): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1855 (10th of Tishrei, 5616): Eleven days after the fall of Sevastopol during the Crimean War, Jews on both sides of the conflict observe Yom Kippur

1855: Adam Mickiewicz arrived in Constantinople. He had journeyed to the capital of the Ottoman Empire from Paris so that he could organize a Jewish legion called the Hussars of Israel made up Jews from Russia and Palestine.  The legion was to be part of the forces fighting against the Czar during the Crimean War.

1855: The New York Times reported on the celebration by “the Israelites of the ceremonies marking the start of their New Year including a list of all the synagogues in the city that are holding services on what is described as ‘a fast day…a day of atonement.’”

1857: One day after he had passed away, David Davidson, the Swedish born son of Abraham and Hannah Davidson, was buried today at the “Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1857: Daniele Manin an Italian patriot and statesman from Venice who was a hero of Italian unification (Risorgimento) passed away. He was born Daniele Fonseca, the son of a Jew in Ramo Astori, Venice. His name was changed to Manin when he was converted to Catholicism as a child.

1858: Two days after she had passed away, Deborah Nathan, the daughter of Isaac Saltiel and the wife of David Nathan with whom she had seven children, was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1859: “When the Hispano-Moroccan War broke out” today, “the Mellah of Tetuan (the Jewish section of the city of Tetuan) was sacked” forcing many Jews to seek refuge in Cadiz and Gibraltar.

1859: Birthdate of Baltimore, MD native Charles H. Lauchheimer a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Columbia University Law School who rose to the rank of Brigadier General and served as “the Adjutant and Inspector of the United States Marine Corps” during World War I.

1862: Two days after Abraham Lincoln had written letter praising the skills of his podiatrist, Dr. Issachar Zacahrie, the President issued a preliminary draft of the Emancipation Proclamation which would become effective January 1, 1863.

1863(9th of Tishrei, 5624): Erev Yom Kippur

1863: Lt. Colonel Samuel Tolles and nine men from the 5th Pennsylvania Cavalry captured a Jew names Falk Odenheimer near the Pasquotank River in North Carolina.  Odenheimer claimed he was a refugee from Goldsboro, NC.  He was carrying $12,000 in gold and “Southern State money” as well as a number of watches when he was captured.  He had spent the night in the woods looking for a place where he could cross into the Union lines without being detected.  Apparently Tolles did not know what to make of

the story since he sent Odenheimer back to headquarters under armed guard.

1866: In Spitafields, London, Phoebe Silver and Lipman Nathan gave birth to Mark Nathan

1866: Isaac and Anna Stone gave birth to Milwaukee resident Nathan Stone the president of The Boston Store in Milwaukee, WI, a member of Temple Emanuel and the husband of Minnie Salzenstein

1867: Three days after he had passed away, 46 year old Joseph Lewis Franklin, the son of Eliezer Franklin, was buried today at the “West Ham Jewish Cemetery on Buckingham Road.”

1867: In Lancaster, PA Congregation Shaarai Shomayim dedicated its new synagogue building.

1868: Ernst Bernheim the German historian who would lose his academic career under the Nazis due to his Jewish ancestry and who had been attending the Johanneum since Easter of 1862 graduated with the German academic certificate known as the Abitur.

1870: Moses and Barbara Hiednheim gave birth to Selma Heidenheim who became Selma Levy prominent New Orleanean Emanuel Levy.

1870: The third congregational home for the West London Synagogue of British Jews which “£20,000 and had capacity for 1,000 congregants” “was opened today.”

1871: Birthdate of Waraw native Max Grauman who came to the United where he gained fame as a chazan and composer.

1873(1st of Tishrei, 5634): Rosh Hashanah

1873: In New York City, Samuel and Mariana (Marcuse) Stroock gave birth to Columbia trained attorney, a member of the law firm of Stroock and Stroock and husband of Hilda Weil who was Presidenct of the Jewish Philanthropic Societies of New York City.

1873: In New York City the commercial centers and Wall Street are seemingly depopulated because the city’s Jewish population are crowding their synagogues “to their utmost capacity” for services “that are of the most impressive and solemn nature.”

1874: Birthdate of Poltava native David Cantarow, who studied in Algeria and Paris and at Tufts after he which practiced gynecology and obstetrics.

1875: In Jersey, Esther Simon was married today at the home of her uncle.

1875: Henry Levi married Elizabeth Fileman today.

1876: “Pauline,” an opera in four acts with music by the Anglo- Jewish composer Frederic H. Cowen opened at the Lyceum Theatre in London.

1876: In Russia, Bessie and Samuel Kramer gave birth to American actor and playwright Louis Kramer who “played on the Jewish stage for thirty years” and who was a member of both the Hebrew Actors Union and the Jewish Theatrical Alliance.

1877(15th of Tishrei, 5638): In the first year of the Presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes, Jews observe Sukkoth

1878(10th of Tishrei, 5548): Yom Kippur

1878: It was reported today that Union of American Hebrew Congregations (Reform) are moving ahead with the plans adopted last year to reorganize.  According to information supplied by the Jewish Messenger, a newly created Board of Delegates on Civil and Religious Rights will replace the old Board of Delegates of American Israelites.

1879: It was reported today that the police in New York do not believe the story of Meyer Friedman, a Polish Jewish shoemaker, and his wife that their home was broken into by thieves who made off with $90 and a gold watch.  The police base their disbelief on the fact that the glass where the break-in was supposed to have occurred was lying on the ground outside the dwelling and not inside on the flooring indicating that it was broken by somebody on the inside.  Nobody doubts the Friedman’s no longer have the money and nobody has commented on the fact that the alleged burglary took place on Rosh Hashanah

1882(9th of Tishrei, 5643): Erev Yom Kippur

1882: In one of the ironies of history, Wilhelm Keitel, a German Field Marshall and senior Nazi military leader who would be hung as war criminal at Nuremberg was born as Jews prepared to hear the haunting tones of Kol Nidre.

1882: In Berne, Switzerland Rosa Borchard and Jacob Block gave birth to Long Island College Hospital trained neuropsychiatrist Siegfried who served as the attending at several New York hospital and as an instructor at his alma mater while also serving as a director of the United Jewish Aid Soceities.

1884: “The Connecticut Campaign” published today described the reaction of Dr. Lewis Kleeberg, the rabbi at Mishkahn Israel to the publication of anti-Semitic language used by the current Republican candidate for governor in a jury summation back in 1857.  Kleeberg said that words spoken in haste and hurry of a court room should not be taken as the speaker’s personal opinions.  Furthermore, he dislikes “this mingling of religion and politics.  The effort to use the Jews of Connecticut as a sort of a club to wreak political revenge can do no harm to the man it is aimed at.

1884: New York stockbroker Henry C. Friedman eloped tonight with Sarah Scheuer, the daughter of million merchant Solomon Scheuer.

1885: In Vienna, “Benno Stroheim, a middle-class hat-maker, and Johanna Bondy, both of whom were observant Jews.” gave birth to Erich Oswald Stroheim who gained fame as actor, writer, director Erich von Stroheim,

1885: Rabbi David Levy officiated at the wedding of J.S. Loeb of Cincinnati and Ray Pinkussohn of Charleston, SC.

1886: In “Spitalfields, London,” Phoebe Silver and Lipman Nathan gave birth to Mark Nathan.

1889: Louis Bols, who was Allenby’s chief of staff during his campaign in Palestine and who served as “Chief Administrator of Palestine” after WW I, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant as he began his climb up the ladder of the British Army.

1889: It was reported today that in their annual report, the managers of House of Refuge on Randall’s Island do not disclose figures on the religious affiliation of any of its inmates except for those who are Jewish.

1889: It was reported today that the new Prince of Monaco has been “betrothed to the Dowager Duchess of Richelieu, a beautiful 31 year old widow who is the daughter of Michel Heine, an orthodox Jew who is a nephew of Heinrich Heine.

1889: It was reported today that Amy Levy, the 23 year old Anglo-Jewish author who was thought to be a future “Emma Lazarus” was cremated today, per her own request.  The ashes were then placed in a small oak chest after which they were buried in a Jewish cemetery.

1889: It was reported today that “a few men are taking the offered course in elementary Hebrew” being offered at Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Future U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s course in American history was the most popular elective being offered during this same fall semester.

1889: Rabbi Aaron Cohen delivered the sermon at today’s dedication of the new synagogue built by Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodol in New York.  Coroner Ferdinand Levy delivered an address after the endstone was laid at the building which had cost $44,000.

1889: Rabbi Moses Guedalia led the services this afternoon that marked the consecration of the Congres of Moses Montefiore’s new synagogue on in New York City. He was assisted by several visiting clergymen including Rabbis A.H. Nieto and H. Pereira Mendes.

1890: Twenty-three-year-old Danbury, CT merchant Nathan Spiro, the Polish born son of Solomon and Rachel Spiro marred Rose Pakulski today in New York City.

1890: “Literary Notes” published today described “a Hebrew translation of Longfellow’s ‘Psalm of Life’” by Rabbi Isidore Meyers of Melbourne, Australia that has just been printed in Jerusalem

1890(8th of Tishrei, 5651): In the United Kingdom, 27 year old Ernest M. Lazerck, the son of Mr. and Mrs Moritz Lazereck passed away today.

1891: Birthdate of popular German actor Hans Albert who was the paramour of actress Hansi Burg, who was classified as Jewish under Nazi “racial law” which led to being forced to seek refuge in Switzerland during the war before returning to Albert after 1945.

1891: Russians claim that seven thousand Jews left Berdichefon for Argentina today.  This claim would appear to be bogus since there is no railway facility at Berdichefon capable of handling such a large number of people at one time.

1891: In Brooklyn the only Isaac Marks listed in the city directory denied that the Henry Marks, the young who committed suicide yesterday in suburban Chicago, is his brother as claimed by the note found with the body that also contained a request that he be buried “according to Jewish rites.”

1892: Approximately two thirds of the 358 passengers who arrived in New York today aboard the Moravia were Russian Jews.

1892(1st of Tishrei, 5653): As Grover Cleveland seeks to defeat Benjamin Harrison in the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah

1892: In Cleveland, Ohio, “the Erie Street congregation of Russian Jews” is scheduled to hold Rosh Hashanah services in an assembly room of the new Young Men’s Christian Association Building.

1892: Birthdate of Friedrich Jacob Kiesler, the native of Czernowitz which was then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire who gained fame as the American architect and designer Frederick John Kiesler who “was chosen in 1952 as one of "the 15 leading artists at mid-century" by The Museum of Modern Art.”

1893: Bernard Pachman and Carl Feldman were arrested tonight when police attempted to stop a group of “Hebrew Anarchists” from throwing cobblestones at the offices of Freie Arbeiter Stimme on Pike Street.

1894: Birthdate of Hartford, CT native Charlotte S. Friedman Fine, the wife of George Fine and wife of Irving Gifford Fine  who was a member of the Brookline Chapter of Hadassah  and “was active in the formation of Brandeis University where she sponsored chamber concerts.”

1895(4th of Tishrei, 5656): Tzom Gedaliah observed since the 3rd was Shabbat

1895(4th of Tishrei, 5656: Prominent Jewish leader Abraham B. Wasser “dropped dead this afternoon while visiting at the home of a friend “in Elizabeth, NJ

1895: In Jacksonville, FL, the Phoenix Club, whose members included Sol Iseman, V.E. Jacobs, Fred Kann and Mike Sabel was formed today.

1895:  Birthdate of Lemberg native Frederich Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund who gained fame as Academy Award winning actor Paul Muni who got his start in the Yiddish theatre and who unlike other leading men of his day, Muni gained fame as a character actor playing figures as widely different as Mexican revolutionary, a Chinese peasant and a French publisher. (Some sources show his birthday at September 15)

1895: In Detroit, Temple Bethel adopted the use of the New Union Prayer Book for Sabbath services.

1895: Birthdate of celebrated poet, novelist, critic, and editor, Babette Deutsch. While still a student at Barnard College, Deutsch had her first poems published in magazines, and her first volume of poetry, Banners, was published only two years after she graduated. Many more volumes of poetry followed, including 1928's Honey Out of A Rock, which touched on varied biblical and Jewish themes. Deutsch also wrote a number of novels, including A Brittle Heaven (1926), In Such a Night (1927), and The Mask of Silenus (1933). In addition to her work as a poet and novelist, Deutsch was also a noted critic, as well as a writer of fiction and biographies for children. In 1958 she was elected to the National Academy of Arts and Letters, and in 1969 served as the organization's secretary. Deutsch was on the advisory board of the National Book Committee, chancellor for the Academy of American Poets, and a consultant for the Library of Congress. Although Deutsch led a busy professional life, she also devoted much of her time to the Jewish community. Deutsch often worked with the Young Men's Hebrew Association, serving as a lecturer in their Poetry Center. Much of her poetry reflected her Jewish heritage, and her last three books of poetry all dealt with her anger at the horrors of the Holocaust and her efforts to make sense of such great tragedy.

1896: Birthdate of Uri Zvi Grinberg the Galacian born Israeli poet and author who uniquely wrote in both Yiddish and Hebrew

1897: In Special Sessions Court, “Nathan Straus pleaded not guilty” this morning “in the case brought by the Board of Health charging him with selling “impure milk.”  Straus has been providing sterilized and modified milk products through conveniently located distribution centers to the primarily immigrant population of the Lower East Side; a program he subsidizes which has demonstrably lowered the infant and child mortality rate in New York.

1898: Washington, D.C, native Franklin W. Hart was assigned to the “Celtic” today as “paymaster with the rank of Lieutenant.”

1899: In Johnstown, PA founding of Rodef Sholom Congregation whose members include Isaac Rabinowit, Morris Weisberg and Philip Meyers.

1899: “Max Regis, the former Mayor of Algiers and a notorious Jew baiter” fled from his villa which was just outside of town in which he and his fellow anti-Semites “had been barricaded for some days” because they feared arrest by the government.

1900(28th of Elul, 5660): Parashat Nitzavim

1900(28th of Elul, 5660): Caroline Brenner, the daughter of the former Louise Blumenau and Jacob A. Brenner, the Brooklyn attorney, Kings County judicial official and active member of Temple Beth-Elohim passed away today, two years after her brother Simon had passed away.

1901(9th of Tishrei, 5662): Kol Nidre

1901: The Tompkin brothers, two cantors who have just arrived in New York from Europe are scheduled to lead services in the Grand Central Palace.

1901(9th of Tishrei, 5662): Eight days after Vice President Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in as President following the death of William McKinley, Jews prepare to hear Kol Nidre

1901: Birthdate of Everett, MA native Abraham Theodore Alpert who earned was awarded an A.B. from Harvard in 1922.,+obituary&source=bl&ots=1yyY_pZ5AG&sig=L8z-Nq1a3My7D4poFEwZG2UFN24&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjYio-Rq83dAhXk5oMKHco4DGMQ6AEwBHoECAUQAQ#v=onepage&q=Abraham%20Theodore%20Alper%2C%20obituary&f=false

1901(9th of Tishrei, 5662): Sixty-two year old attorney and economist Simon Sterne passed away today in New York City.

1902:  Birthdate of Bucharest native Jacques Hasusman, to son of a Jewish father and English mother who gained fame as Academy award winning actor John Houseman known to one generation as the law school professor Charles Kingsfield in “The Paper Chase” but to an earlier generation he was the producer of Orson Well’s radio masterpiece, War of the Worlds.

1902(20th of Elul, 5662): Eighty year old Solomon Cohn who began served a rabbi in Berlin from 1876 to 1894 when he retired and moved to Breslau where he passed away today.

1902(20th of Elul, 5662): Sixty-one year old Siegmund Hinrichsen who served as member of the Hamburg Parliament starting in 1871 passed away today.

1903(1st of Tishrei, 5664): Rosh Hashanah

1903:  It was reported today that “a delegation of Jews from the Second Aldermanic District of Manhattan” has visited the headquarters of the Citizens’ Union and urged “the officers of the Union to” persuade “Jacob H. Schiff to accept a Fusion nomination for Alderman in that district.”

1904:  Hyman Liberman began serving as May of Cape Town, South Africa.

1904: Birthdate of Max Hodesblatt, the Brooklyn native whose basketball skills earned him entrance into the CCNY Athletic Hall of Fame and who went on to a successful coaching career.

1905: The Jewish Chronicle reported that Aria College, in Portsmouth which had been founded by Lewis Aria has closed for lack of funds.

1905: Myer Jack Landa, the journalist who wrote for the Sheffield Daily Telegraph and the Birmingham Daily Gazette where he became “the Parliamentary correspond in the Press Gallery of the House Commons” and Annie Gertrude Landa (nee Gordon) gave birth to Ruth Landa

1906(3rd of Tishrei, 5667): Shabbat Shuvah; the fast is delayed 24 hours

1906: It was reported today that the in Siedlce, “the Governor has informed the leaders of the Jewish community that in the event of a bomb outrage all the remaining Jews in Siedlce will be massacred” by members of the Black Hundreds.

1907: Dr. Joseph Krauskopf of Philadelphia the founder and President of the Hebrew Farm School in Doylestown, PA delivered a talk today on “A Way Out of the Ghetto” at the Free Synagogue in New York

1908: It was reported today that during the year that ended on September 15, nearly 2,500 babies have been fed daily on the pasteurized milk that is sold or given away at the Nathan Straus milk depots and that the daily consumption of the pasteurized milk in the parks has averaged 16,500 glasses.”

1908: It was reported today that next winter, Nathan Straus “will maintain in New York seven pasteurized milk depots which is one more” than he maintained last year.

1909: Birthdate of Philadelphia born, Harvard educated attorney turned sociologist David Riesman, the author of The Lonely Crowd.

1909: Jews were forced to leave Arabia (Yemen) to avoid being forced to convert to Islam.

1910: Simon M. Goldsmith, the New York City born son of Tillie Hirshkind and Meyer Goldsmith and dealer in fertilizer and chemicals who was a member of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropic Societies marred Gertrude Levy today.

1910: Announcement of the death of Lady Louisa de Rothschild widow of Sir Anthony de Rothschild upon whom a barony had been conferred by Sir Robert Peel in 1847. Sir Anthony passed away in 1876. Lady Louisa was known as “Lady Bountiful” because of her charitable works among the less fortunate Jews. Her fame as a gracious hostess is attested to by the fact that the Prince of Wales learned of the death of Napoleon III while visiting her summer home, Aston Clinton, in 1873.

1911(29th of Elul, 5671): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1911: A contract was signed between Protector and Gamble, the makers of Crisco and “Rabbi M. S. Margolies of New York and Rabbi S. Lifsitz of Cincinnati” who had been to the factory to inspect it and determine the kashruth of Crisco.”

1911(29th of Elul, 5671): Gershon David, a trustee of the State Asylum in Athens, OH, passed away today in Jackson, OH.

1911: In New South Wales, Bertram Jacobs was appointed lecturer on Law at University College.

1911: New laws drafted for the governing of the Jewish community of Frankfort include the innovate provision that “women who pay communal tax and the wives of tax-payers are eligible for election to the governing council.”

1911: The German Emperor confers the Order of Red Eagle, Third Class on Dr. Albert Moses, the German legal scholar who helped draft Japan’s Meiji Constitution.

1912(11th of Tishrei, 5673: Mrs. Chaie Schaaf passed away today.

1912(11th of Tishrei, 5673): Rabbi Hyman Kalamnowitz passed away today in Chicago.

1912(11th of Tishrei, 5673): Moses Jakobsohn, the son of R’Menachem Mendlel Jakobsohn, passed away today.

1913(20th of Elul, 5673): Seventy-two-year old Vilna native Eliakum Zunser the “Yiddish language poet, songwriter and badchen who in 1889 and came to the United States where he spent the rest of life.

1913: A production” of “Princess Caprice, a musical theatre work described as a "comedy with music", in three acts, with music by Leo Fall,” the son of Mortiz Fall opened today “at the Leeds Grand.

1914(2nd of Tishrei, 5675): 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah

1914: In Chicago, as World War stretches into its third month, “it is estimated that more than 100,000 Orthodox Jews gathered in synagogues today in observance of the second day of Rosh Hashanah” thousands of whom were praying “for relatives who are engaged in the battles now being waged.”

1914: In London, Ezra Pound and T.S. Elliot, two men of letters bound together by poetry and anti-Semitism met for the first time today.

1915(14th of Tishrei, 5676): Erev Sukkoth

1915: Birthdate of Professor Samuel Edward Finer, the son Romanian Jewish immigrants, who became one the United Kingdom’s leading historians and political scientist.

1916(24th of Elul, 5676): Fifty-five year old Simon Frug the Ukrainian born author and Zionist passed away today in Odessa.

1916: Rabbis in Palestine declare that all Jews should not fast on Yom Kippur, but eat due to the epidemics which were rampant.

1916: The funeral of Adolf Deiches is scheduled to take place this morning at Temple Rodeph Shalom at 63rd and Lexington.

1916: The funeral of Lena Gunther, the widow of Isaac Gunther, who was a member of Deborah Verein No.1 and Henrietta Verein, is scheduled to be held at Mt. Nebo Cemetery in Brooklyn.

1916: A memoriam published today marked the 15th anniversary, on the English calendar of Simon Sterne “In reverent memory of Simon Sterne, passed away Sept. 22, 1901.  His engaging personality, dignity, great knowledge and modesty made contact with him a privilege.”

1916: Dr. Aaron Eiseman, who for thirteen years served as the Rabbi of Temple Beth Israel on Lexington Avenue “returned today after spending seven weeks on the Mexican border in the interest of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association, establishing branches at the principle concentration points and looking after the approximately 5,000 Jewish soldiers.”

1917(6th of Tishrei, 5676) Parsahat Vayeilech and Shabbat Shuva

1917: Jacob Billikopf, the Executive Director of the American Jewish Relief Committee which is chaired by Louis Marshal announced tonight “that the first two weeks in December have been selected for the campaign…to raise” four million dollars in New York City as part of the ten million national campaign to raise funds for Jewish War Sufferers.

1918: The Jewish Legion, which was part of the British Army under General Allenby, dislodged Turkish army units from their entrenched position at Umm esh-Shert Ford on the Jordan River.  This is the same ford where Joshua crossed with the Israelites in Biblical times.  As we said when we began our studies last year, Jewish History covers an unbelievably long span of time.  More importantly, when Jews tread the land of Israel they are truly treading on the land of their ancestors.

1918: Birthdate of Henryk Szeryng, the Polish born Mexican violinist who served as a liaison officer and interpreter during WW II at the request of General Sikorksi, the Prime Minister of the Polish Government in Exile.

1918: “Earl Curzon, the new Secretary for Foreign Affairs reaffirmed the British Declaration of November 2, 1917” known as the Balfour Declaration.

1919: “The United Building Fund Campaign of the Federated Jewish Institutions was several hundred thousand dollars nearer its $10,000,000 goal when the various trade Chairmen had reported at today's rally at the Hotel Biltmore.”

1919: “The Idle Inn” is being performed at The Jewish Art Theatre.

1920(10th of Tishrei, 5681): Yom Kippur

1920: Dr. Goldstein is scheduled to deliver a sermon this morning on “What is Israel’s Greatest Sin” at the Free Synagogue.

1920: Rabbi Rudolph Grossman is scheduled to deliver a sermon on “Jew – Thyself” this morning at Rodeph Sholom followed by an Afternoon Sermon on “The Balm of Healing.”

1920: At the Yizkor Service, Dr. Wise is scheduled to deliver a sermon on “The Homecoming” this afternoon at the Free Synagogue which is hold Yom Kippur services at Carnegie Hall.

1920: In Santa Monica, CA, Dr. Louis Jackson, a Lithuanian born Jew and his wife Millicent Virden gave birth to Elanor Virden Jackson whose mother told her not to talk about her Jewish heritage  and who gained fame “as a civil rights lawyer known for handling wrongful convictions and death row appeals.” (As reported by Margalit Fox)

1921: Birthdate of Wolf William Eisenberg who gained fame as cartoonist William Elder, one of those who helped created “Mad” magazine.

1921: Gdud HaAvoda VeHaHaganah al shem Yosef Trumpeldor (the Joseph Trumpeldor Work and Defense Battalion) known simply Gdud HaAvod established kibbutz Ein Harod today.

1922(29th of Elul, 5682): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1922: According to “an authoritative source” today was the day when Russian born violinist Mischa Mischaoff arrived in the United States.

1922: In Brooklyn, Rebecca Schwartz and David Sive gave birth to David Sive who was one of the earliest practitioners of “Environmental Law.” (As reported by Margalit Fox)

1922: In “Palestine Land of Promise,” published today, Dr. Maruice Harris, the Rabbi at Temple Israel in NYC, provides an eyewitness account of how the land and people of Palestine have benefited from Zionist programs based on his recent visit to Eretz Israel.

1923: In Cardiff, Wales Rudolf Abse, a Jewish solicitor and cinema owner and his wife gave birth to Welsh poet Daniel Abse, -- the brother of political reformer Leo Abse and psychoanalyst Wilfred Abse.

1924: Birthdate of Gerald Schoenfeld who became chairman of the powerful Shubert Organization, the largest and most important theater owner on Broadway and in the United States.

1924: In the Soviet Union, Chjekists (secret police) rounded up all known Zionists. Over thirty thousand were arrested and the Zionist organization was forced to move underground. This determined drive to destroy the Zionist was driven by a variety of motives.  One had to do with the Communists' fear of competing political groups and ideologies.  Another had to do with anti-Semitism some of which one might say was endemic to Russians and some of which was a manifestation of self-loathing on the part of Jews who had bought into the Communist ideology.

1925: “Rabbi J. Max Weis is making a special New Year Appeal for the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society with a view to placing a fund at the disposal of Dr. Nahum Slousch whose recent discoveries lead him to believe that many treasures of value to Jewish history are buried in Palestine.”

1925: In what must have been a colossal error It was reported today that the Religious School of Temple Emanu-El on Fifth Avenue “will reopen next Monday at 10 A.M” which would have meant it was reopening on September 28 which was Yom Kippurl

1925: In San Francisco, “Clayton Solomon, the founder of Tower Cut Rate Drugs and the former Annette Sockolov” gave birth to Russell Malcolm “Russ” Solomon, the founder of Tower Records. (As reported by Robert D. McFadden)

1926(14th of Tishrei, 5687): Erev Sukkoth


1926: At a conference tonight between the Governor of New York and the Chairman of the Republican State Committed it was decided that the Republicans will accept the proposal of Governor Smith that Associate Judge Benjamin N. Cardozo of the Court of Appeals be nominated for Chief Judge of that tribunal on a fusion ticket.

1927(25th of Elul, 5687): Sixty year old Rudolph Grossman, who had served as associate Rabbi of Temple Beth-El until 1896 when he became rabbi at Rodef Sholom passed away today.

1928(8th of Tishrei, 5689): Shabbat Shuva

1928: Today, in Massena, New York, two days before Yom Kippur, four-year-old Barbara Griffiths went for a walk and did not come back home. After a long search by townspeople and state police, a rumor began to circulate that the girl had been kidnapped and killed by the town's Jews for a religious ritual associated with the impending holiday. This was the opening event in what would be called the Massena Blood Libel.

1928: In New York City “Lily (Abbey) and Alfred Stone” gave birth to Harvard grad and Columbia Law School trained attorney Richard Stone who served as United States Senator from Florida and U.S. Ambassador to Denmark under Presidents Bush and Clinton.

1929: Today marks the thirtieth day since a group of Jews were killed in Jerusalem by Arabs.  The level of danger felt by the Jewish community is so great that the Jews have “abandoned their age old ritual for the dead” and not publicly taken note of the Shloshim.

1929: In what can only be described as a unique form of British even-handedness, the Mandatory government informed “Jews who protested against the erection of a Moslem religious school at the Wailing Wall that a fully sanctioned permit had been granted to the Arabs by the government.” 

1930(29th of Elul, 5690): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1930: The army, navy and Coast Guard have granted furloughs effective today to enable Jewish servicemen to observe Rosh Hashanah.

1930: “An appeal by Albert Einstein, on behalf of the special campaign for funds no being conductedby the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid society was made public” today.

1931: Birthdate of cinematographer Isidor Mankofsky, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants who used the name “Bill Mann” while doing some of his filming for the Encyclopedia Britannica “on the advice of a producer who warned him of anti-Jewish bias.”

1931: “Kiki” a Franco-German musical comedy filmed by cinematographer Otto Hell was released in Europe today.

1932: Today, the Montreal Gazette reported that “Moscow-based correspondent Rhea Clyman had been ‘driven from Russia’ and attacked as a ‘Bourgeois Troublemaker.’” (As reported by Jars Balan)

1933(2nd of Tishrei, 5694): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

1933(2nd of Tishrei, 5694): Sixty-year-old Simon J. “Sime” Silverman, the Cortland, NY born son of Rachel Ganz and Louis Silverman and husband of Harriet Freeman who was the journalist and publisher “best known as the founder of the weekly Variety in New York in 1905 and the Hollywood-based Daily Variety in 1933 passed away today.

1933: German Jews were banned from the fields of journalism, art, literature, music, broadcasting, and theater tod

1934: “The Great Waltz” a musical with a book by Moss Hart and choreography by Albertina Rasch, opened on Broadway at the Center Theatre today “where it ran for 289 performances.

1935: On the road to WW II, Mussolini announced his terms for ending the so-called Abyssinia Crisis which eventually led to the Italian conquest of a nation whose leader included the title “the Lion Of Judah.”

1936: The fascist forces of General Francisco Franco “were sweeping southeast tonight toward Toledo after smashing the backbone of the government forces and cutting Madrid’s communication” thanks in no small part to the bombing and strafing by his aircraft.

1936(6th of Tishrei, 5697): Sixty-four year old “General Roberto Segre who commanded artillery formations at the start of” World War I and was cited for bravery at the Battle of Gorizia” being promoted to chief of staff of the Fifth Army Corps and becoming head of the Italian-Austrian Armistice Commission passed away today.

1936: “Declaring the lives of 12,000 American Jews in Palestine were being endangered by rioting, Senator Royal S. Copeland asked Secretary of State Cordell Hull in a letter today to make a ‘friendly intimation’ to the British Government that it should take ‘positive action’ to quell the disturbances.’”

1936: “Three hundred persons attended the dinner given at the Hotel Astor’ tonight “by the American Committee for the Settlement of Jews in Biro-Bidjan (Soviet Union) in honor of the committee’s honorary president, Lord Marley, the British Labor peer.”

1937: As the cloud of fascism grew ever darker across the face of Europe, with all that would mean for the Jews, Franco’s so-called nationalist forces defeated the Republican Army at the Battle of El Mazuco

1938: In a meeting with Chamberlain at Bad Godesberg, Hitler turned up the heat and demanded immediate German occupation of the Sudetendland, a demand that the man with the umbrella would eventually give into as he brought us peace in our time.

1939: Joint victory parade of Wehrmacht and Red Army in Brest-Litovsk at the end of the Invasion of Poland.

1939: Per the request of Sigmund Freud, for a second day Dr. Max Schur administered what would prove to be fatal doses of morphine to the famous but cancer ridden psychiatrist.

1940: In an example of “the law of unintended consequences” today the Japanese invaded French Indo-China, a move that would lead to an embargo by the Americans that would led to Pearl Harbor that would lead too….(and now you know why they call it the string of history)

1941(1st of Tishrei, 5702): Rosh Hashanah

1941:  This day saw the beginning of a new intensity in the murder of the Jewish people. In Vinnitsa, Ukranian militia, trained by the SS, killed an estimated 23,000 Jews. Sweeping through town on horseback, soldiers wielded swords to chop down innocents. The Ukrainians were willing participants in the murder of the Jews.  The Holocaust was possible, in part, because of the willing participation of non-Germans in the Final Solution.  An additional 4,000 Jews in Ejszyszki were slaughtered.

1941: Nearly 500 Jews escaped from Ejszyszki, Lithuania, after being alerted to an impending Nazi sweep

1941: All Jews of Litin, Ukraine, are murdered.

1941: Sculptor Louise Nevelson's first one-woman show opened at the Nierendorf Gallery.

1942: The Jewish ghetto in Czestochowa, Poland, is liquidated; 40,000 residents are transported to the Treblinka death camp and killed.

1942: The leading French Protestant, Pastor Marc Boegner, publicly protests the Jewish deportations. He personally attempts to convince Vichy France Premier Pierre Laval to end the roundups of Jewish children. After Boegner offers to have the children adopted, Laval tells him that "not one of them must remain in France."

1942: “To Discuss Men’s Clothing” published today described plans for an upcoming radio show in which “Leo Perper, head of the Roger Kent Shops” will provide guidance on the subject of purchasing men’s clothes.

1942: It was reported today that Max S. Perlman who is taking a leading role in rehabilitation work among Jews in North Africa will first go to Lisbon, the home European headquarters for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee before continuing on to Algiers where he will work with “other Jewish welfare workers” including those working for ex-Governor Herbert H. Lehman’s Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations.”

1943: The Germans announce through their puppet Greek press that all Jews have only five days to register their names or face a penalty of death. Christians were told if they hide Jews they would be shot.

1943(22nd of Elul, 5703): Forty Jews hiding in forests near Koniecpol, Poland, are attacked by Poles. Many of the Jews are killed.

1943: The Baltimore Sun reported Nazi “Slayings Near 250,000,"

1943: Wilhelm Kube, the Generalkommissar of Belorussia, is assassinated by a bomb placed beneath his bed by a Soviet partisan who had been assigned to work as his maid.

1944: World War II: the Red Army enters Tallinn, Estonia.  Before the war Tallin had been home to a vibrant Jewish community of about 2,300 people. The liberation of Estonia from the Nazis by the Soviets meant an end to the Holocaust, it was not much of any improvement for the Jews since the Estonia became a puppet state of the U.S.S.R. implementing the anti-Jewish policies of larger neighbor to the east.

1944: Birthdate of Cleveland, OH, native Michael Jay Kransy the San Francisco public radio personality and Professor at San Francisco State University who is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and earned a Ph.D at the University of Wisconsin.

1945(15th of Tishrei, 5706): First day of Sukkoth

1945: U.S. premiere of “Rhapsody in Blue,” “a fictionalized biography of George Gershwin.

1945(15th of Tishrei, 5706): Chief Judge Irving Lehman of the New York State Court of Appeals passed way early this morning at the age of 69.  . He had been a member of the State's judiciary for thirty-seven years. Lehman was the older brother of Herbert Lehman, former Governor of New York who is currently serving as the Director of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. Judge Lehman was born in New York in 1876, the son of two transplanted Alabama Jews.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree from Columbia in 1896 where he also earned a Master Degree and a Law Degree. He was in private practice until 1908 when he was first elected to the State Supreme Court.  He was elected Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals in 1939. He was respected for his ability to make the law “a living force subject to change and development” as well as his “ability to slash through legal verbiage and get to the heart of complex commercial and financial problems. A philanthropist, Lehman was actively involved with several Jewish organizations including the Young Men’s Hebrew Association an Temple Emanu-El both of which he led as President.

1946(26th of Elul, 5706): One Jew was killed and both sides suffered other casualties when refugees on board the blockade runner Palmach battled a British naval boarding party off the northern coast of Palestine today. Off the coast of Haifa, the British boarding party used guns, gas and fire hoses to quell resistance from a boat load of Jewish “displaced persons” seeking to find a home in Eretz Israel.

1946: Congregation Beth-El Synagogue was dedicated today at St. Johnsbury, Vermont

1946: In Camden, NJ, Beth-El held a memorial service for Rabbi Amoff who was killed in an army truck accident following his discharge at Fort Kilmer.  During WW II, he served as a chaplain in the U.S. Army

1947: Secretary of State George Marshall instructed the American U.N. delegation to refrain from supporting the UNSCOP majority report that included a recommendation for partition.

1948: As part of an attempt to thwart Jordan’s annexation of the West Bank, Egypt and other members of the Arab League supported the formation of a Palestine National Council in Gaza, which would remain under Egyptian and not Palestinian control for the next 19 years.

1949: Birthdate of Larisa Bergen, the native of Kazakhstan who won silver medal in volleyball at the 1976 Olympics.

1951: Reuven Shiloah, special Israeli Government counselor left Paris for Washington where he is scheduled discuss the latest peace proposal and other developments in the Middle East with representatives of the U.S. State Department.

1951: In Brooklyn, “Adele Perlman, a bookkeeper and Phillip Perlman, a manager at a dolls parts factory gave birth to Heide Paula Perlman the winner of  two Emmy Awards for her television work that began with writing scripts for Cheers.

1951: Unidentified authorities at the highest level of the Israeli government reveal that Israel “is willing to compensate Arab refugees for property that they behind when fled, and in addition, is willing to make contributions for the resettlement of Arab refugees.” Until now, the Israeli government has refused to take responsibility for the plight of the refugees because the Arabs caused the problem when they invaded the Jewish state.  At the same time, Israel feels that consideration should be given for the expense born by Israel in re-settling Jewish refugees from Arab countries, especially the 100,000 who had left Iraq.  The Israelis want their bank accounts, which are valued at between 30,000,000 to 40,000,000 pounds, unblocked. 

1952: Isser Harel named head of Mossad.

1953(13th of Tishrei, 5714): Fifty-nine year old Sgt. Myer Abelson, the Altoona, PA born son of Abraham and Ida Abelson passed away today in Carlisle, PA after which he was buried at the Mount Sinai Cemetery in Altoona.

1953: “Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary” featuring Lou Jacobi was released today in the United Kingdom.

1954: New York Premiere of the Billy Wilder hit comedy “Sabrina”

1957: American author and screenwriter Robert Katz, the son of Sidney and Helen Katz, married Beverly Gerstel today. Katz wrote Death in Rome in “which he blamed Pope Pius XII for the massacre of 335 Romans and 70 Jews at the Ardeatine Caves in 1944.”

1958: Today, Stella Marcus, the widow of Rufus Isaacs, the 1st Marquis of Reading “was created a Life Peer in her own right, becoming Baroness Swanborough after which she became “the first woman to take her seat in the House of Lords.”

1960(1st of Tishrei, 5721): As the race between Nixon and Kennedy for the White House heats up, Jews observe the first day of Rosh Hashanah

1960(1s of Tishrei, 5721): Seventy-eight year old psychoanalyst Melanie Klein passed away in London.

1960: “The Dark as the Top of the Stairs” a cinematic adaption by Irving Ravetch of a play by the same name with music by Max Steiner was released in the United States today by Warner Bros.

1960: The final season of “You Bet Your Life” which had been re-named “The Groucho Show” in honor of the host Groucho Marx, debuted today.

1961: ABC broadcast the final episode of “The Law and Mr. Jones” created and produced by Sy Gomberg which had included guest star appearances by Sam Jaffe and Martin Landau

1963(4th of Tishrei, 5724): Tzom Gedaliah is observed on the same day that Australian cinematographer and director Arthur Higgins who was responsible for making the 1930 film “Fellers” which was set in Palestine and told the tale of Aussies fighting in Allenby’s WW I campaign passed away.

1964(16th of Tishrei, 5725): Second Day of Sukkoth

1964: "Fiddler on the Roof" which would run for 3,242 performances, opened on Broadway. 

1964(16th of Tishrei, 5725): Pinsk native and Hebrew author Moses Feinstein, who in 1912 came to New York City where he attended Cooper Union, NYU and Columbia and became the dean of Herzliya Hebrew Academy passed away today in Tel Aviv.

1966(8th of Tishrei, 5727): Seventy-eight year old Austrian native and American Zionist leader Julius Haber, “a founder of the Kadimah Zionist Society, author of The Odyssey of an American Zionist  and husband of Birdie Haber with whom he had three children – Bernard, Henrietta and Chanah – passed away today.

1968(29th of Elul, 5728): Erev Rosh Hashanah

1968: “Psych-Out” a film about the counter-culture starring Susan Strasberg was released in the United States today.

1969(10th of Tishrei, 5730): As the war in Viet Nam rages on, Jews observe Yom Kippur.

1969: NBC broadcast the second episode of “My World…and Welcome to it” created by Melville Shavelson, produced by Sheldon Leonard and Danny Arnold.

1970(21st of Elul, 5730): Fifty-one year old Joseph Puro who had succeeded his brother Sam a President of Down Products Corp. passed away today.

1971(3rd of Tishrei, 5732): Tzom Gedaliah

1971: “Desperate Characters” with music by Lee Konitz was released today in the United States.

1974: Lou Halper was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame today.

1975: While speaking at the United Nations today, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said “that the new Israeli-Egyptian interim accord has improved the atmosphere for further progress on all issues in the Middle East…” (JTA)

1975: “An unofficial group of five Israelis” began a visit to the USSR “at the invitation of the Soviet Peace Committee.”

1975: “Night-Shifting for the Hip Fleet” the non-fiction article which gave James L. Brooks the idea for the sit-com “Taxi” starring Judd Hirsch “appeared in today’s issue of New York magazine.

1977(10th of Tishrei, 5738): In the first year of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, Jews observe Yom Kippur.

1977(10th of Tishrei, 5738): Businessman Sir Eric Merton Miller who like his father had been active in the British Labour Party reported took his own life day during an investigation  by the Fraud Squad.

1978: Aharon Barak began his service as a Justice on the Supreme Court of Israel.

1979(1st of Tishrei, 5740): Rosh Hashanah falls on Shabbat

1981: After having been made a CBE in 1970, knighted in 1974, Lawrence Kadoorie, was “created Baron Kadoorie, of Kowloon in Hong Kong and of the City of Westminster today for his philanthropic work throughout the UK and Hong Kong.

1982: NBC broadcast the first episode of “Family Ties,” the sitcom created by Gary David Goldberg.

1982: Vernon George Turner began servings as Canada’s ambassador to Israel.

1983(15th of Tishrei, 5744): Sukkoth

1983: One of the first Jewish temples in Brazos County is Temple Freda, which was built in 1912 and added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places” today.

1984: Israeli political leader Avraham Hirschson and his wife gave birth to their youngest son Barak.

1987: ABC broadcast the first episode of “Full House” starring Bob Saget and Scott Weinger.

1988: Neil Simon’s “Rumors” “premiered at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, CA.

1989 (22nd of Elul, 5749): Composer Irving Berlin passed away at the age of 101. Berlin had composed a myriad of tunes that defined America in its most optimistic, flag-waving form. Only in America could a Russian Jewish immigrant compose two of the most popular Christmas and Easter songs.

1992(24th of Elul, 5752): Ninety-one year old Harry L Lehman, the husband Velma M. (Keller) Lehman passed away today in Elizabethtown, PA.

1994(17th of Tishrei, 5755): Third Day of Sukkoth

1994(17th of Tishrei, 5755): Eighty-five-year-old Wharton graduate Irving Mitchell Felt, the New York son of Dora Mandel and attorney Maurice Felt who was best known for leading the drive to build “a new Madison Square Garden” passed away today.

1994: NBC broadcast the first episode of season six of the sitcom “Seinfeld.”

1994: NBC broadcast the first episode of the popular sitcom “Friends” co-starring David Schimmer and Lisa Kudrow which Shan Goldberg-Meehan produced for two years.

1994: Il Postino: The Postman a film directed by Michael Radford who also co-authored he script was released in Italy today.

1995: “Showgirls” a Franco-American film with a script by Joe Eszterhas, who found out as an adult that his father was anti-Semitic Nazi collaborator during the war, co-starring Alan Rachins and featuring Gina Gershon was released in the United States by United Artists.

1996(9th of Tishrei, 5757): Erev Yom Kippur

1996: Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, had asked that the kickoff tonight’s game between the Patriots and the Jacksonville Jaguars be changed to avoid a conflict with Yom Kippur, which started at sundown that evening. Kraft requested the change so Jews, including himself and his family, could see the entire game before the start of Kol Nidre services that night.

1997 (20th of Elul, 5757): Nedim Yahya, a committee member of the Quincentennial Foundation passed away. The Quincentennial Foundation was established in 1989 by a group of 113 Turkish citizens, Jews and Moslems alike. Founded  in Istanbul the Quincentennial Foundation planned a three-year (1990 - 1992) cultural and academic program both within Turkey and abroad mainly in the U.S, Canada and Mexico on the American continent; France, United Kingdom and Italy in Europe designed to celebratethe five hundredth anniversary of the most gracious welcome of Sephardim to Turkish lands” in 1492.

1997: In “A Traveler in the realm of the Mind” published today, Jason Cowley provides a portrait of George Steiner.

1998(2nd of Tishrei, 5759: Second Day Rosh Hashanah

2000(22nd of Elul, 5760): Seventy-six year old prize winning Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai passed away today.

2000: Three weeks after premiering at the Venice Film Festival, “The Man Who Cried,” a film about “young Russian Jewish girl who grows up in England” featuring an appearance by Ukrainian born Israeli actor Mark Ivanir was released in the United States today.

2001 (5th of Tishrei, 5762):  Violinist Isaac Stern passed away.  Born in 1920, Stern is part of a long list of Jewish violin greats.

2002: Today Theatre Garden presented “Lady of Cooper”  a play written by Jonathan Goldstein and his sister Dana Leslie Goldstein that tells the story of the arrival of the Statute of Liberty in New York including the role of Emma Lazarus who wrote the famous poem at the statute’s base.

2002: The New York Times included reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or about topics of Jewish interest including Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before by Tony Horwitz, Sloan-Kettering: Poems by Abba Kovner; Translated by Eddie Levenston, The Ideas That Conquered The World: Peace, Democracy, and Free Markets in the Twenty-First Century by Michael Mandelbaum, Bad Boy Ballmer: The Man Who Rules Microsoft by Fredric Alan Maxwell and Description: !The Prints of Roy Lichtenstein: A Catalogue Raisonné 1948-1997 by Mary Lee Corlett and Ruth E. Fine

2003: Funeral services are scheduled to be held today for Rose Katz, the widow of Hyman Katz, at Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation.

2003: “Peres, at 80, Is Praised by Friends and a Foe” published today described the celebration of the 80th birthday of Israeli leader Shimon Peres that included salutes and greetings from a wide range of celebrities and leaders including Jerry Seinfeld, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton and Ariel Sharon.

2004(7th of Tishrei, 5765): Terrorists from Al-Aqsa Brigades claimed responsibility for the bombing at French Hill, Jerusalem that claimed the lives of two people.

2004: CBS broadcast the first episode of “CSI:NY” the thinking person’s crime fighting show co-create by Carol Mendelsohn

2005:  At the same time when the world is mourning the death of Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal, the world was given a graphic reminder of the Holocaust. The Jerusalem Post reported that workers at a US Army airfield near Stuttgart, Germany have uncovered a World War II-era grave believed to contain the bodies of Jewish slave laborers used by the Nazis.

2005: In a move that sets it apart from most, if not all Catholic colleges and universities, Boston College launched “a program that allows student to minor in Jewish Studies.”  Go Eagles!

2005:  Kalman Feinberg won the Great Shofar Blast Off sponsored by the National Jewish Outreach Program.

2005: The “IDF finished evacuating four settlements in the Northern West Bank.”

2005: Square Enix announced successfully acquiring 93.7% of all shares of Taito, “a company founded in 1953 by a Russian Jewish businessman named Michael Kogan as Taito Trading Company.”

2005: During a meeting in Jerusalem, Rabbi Bretton-Granatoor, along with other Jewish leaders, questioned Rev. Dr. Naim Ateek, Director of the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center, about his position on Israel's legitimate right to exist, citing quotations from his book, Justice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation (1989), in which he wrote, "It has taken me years to accept the establishment of the state of Israel and its need – although not its right – to exist.

2005: al-Sayed was convicted of the Passover Massacre of 2002 and also of ordering the May 2001 bombing of a Netanya mall for which he received 35 life sentences for each murder victim and additional time for those who were wounded.

2006(29th of Elul, 5766): Erev Rosh Hashanah

2006: As can be seen from Libby Copeland’s column in the Washington Post, entitled “For Sen. Allen, Questions of More Than Faith,” the issue of who is a Jew and who is not a Jew and how they respond to it is becoming a regular phenomena in American politics.  The issue is often not just whether but when a candidate discovered the Jewish connection.  Jonn Kerry discovered Jewish grandparents.  Howard Dean is married to a Jew, something he always knwed and never hid.  Dennis Kucinich and Hillary Clinton appeared to have stretched the envelope.  He is dating a Jew and she has discovered a Jewish step-grandfather. Wesley Clark discovered his Jewish lineage during his abortive 2004 quest for the Presidency and Madeline Albright, who is not running for anything discovered that her family was Jewish until it fled totalitarian Europe.  Post columnist Charles Krauthammer puts things in their proper, if tragic perspective.  These public figures were not told about their Jewish heritage because the family members wanted to spare them the pain and suffering that was all too often the reality of being Jewish whether it was Sen. Allen’s grandfather being imprisoned in Algeria or Madeline Albright’s family fleeing the Nazis. The question is not why did Sen. Allen react the way he did; the question is what kind of people made being Jewish such a fearful thing.

2006: One day after he had passed away, funeral services were held today for 80 year old Dr. Theodore Cohen, the husband for 59 of Barbara Cohen with whom he had three children – Mitchell, Robert and Judy.

2007(10th of Tishrei, 5768): Yom Kippur

2007: “Flyboys” a fictionalized account of the “Lafayette Escadrille” starring James Franco and with music by Trevor Rabin was released today in the United States.

2007: Gabe Carmi, a standout offensive guard for the University of Wisconsin football team fasted today even though his Badgers were facing the University of Iowa in their first Big Ten game of the season.

2007(10th of Tishrei, 5768): While in Atlanta for a concert with Elvis Costello and Amos Lee, Bob Dylan (born Robert Zimmerman) reportedly attend the Chabad-Lubavitch of Georgia’s Yom Kippur services where he was up to the Torah and recited the blessings in Hebrew.

2007(10th of Tishrei, 5768): Marcel Marceau, the famous mime and Holocaust survivor passed away on Yom Kippur at the age of 84.

2007: The last regularly scheduled service was held at the Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue in London.

2007: An exhibition honoring Yiddish theatre legend - and Milk and Honey star - Molly Picon being held in the Vincent Astor Gallery of the New York Library of Performing Arts comes to an end.

2007: As a sign of worsening economic conditions, Gottschalks closed its store in Tacoma Highlands. This was part of the tragic end of a West Coast department store chain that had been started by German Jewish immigrant Emil Gottschalk in 1904.

2007: A revival of High button Shoes, a musical with lyrics by Sammy Cahn and a score by Jule Styne produced by Goodspeed Musicals came to an end,

2008 (22 Elul): Yarthzeit of Joseph B. Levin, who among other accomplishments was a father who raised sons who not only knew how to recite the Kaddish, but whom he knew would rise to say Kaddish.  There is real irony that his Yarthzeit comes at the time when the American financial system is crashing in chaos.  As an attorney with the S.E.C., he spent two decades of his life enforcing the laws designed to prevent what we are experiencing today.

2008: After eight years, Paul Godfrey, a native of Toronto, stepped down as President of the Toronto Blue Jays major league baseball team.

2008: Han Drogt, a Dutch policeman who joined the resistance movement after being ordered to round up Jews posthumously receives Israel's highest honor for people who rescued Jews from the Holocaust.

2008: “Irena’s Vow” a dramatization of the wartime exploits of Irena Gut Opdyke” starring Tova Feldshuh opened today at the Baruch Performing Arts Center on Lexington Avenue.

2009: The Capitol Hill Village sponsors a reading and discussion with journalist Ariel Sabar, author of “My Father's Paradise: A Son's Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq,” at the Southeast Neighborhood Library in Washington, D.C.

2009: In Washington, D.C., the Hadassah Attorneys' Council hosts a Brown Bag Lunch Conversation with Rabbi Avis Miller about "Fortune, Family and Faith” during which Rabbi Miller explores the High Holiday liturgy to see what these sacred texts teach us about the work/life balance. 

 2009: While all three are in New York to attend sessions of the UN General Assembly Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with President Barak Obama and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas today in an attempt to re-open peace negotiations.

2009: CBS broadcast the first episode of the long running dramatic series “The Good Wife” starring Julianna Margulies.

2009(4th of Tishrei, 5770): Ninety-eight year old Rose Friedman, the wife and collaborator of Milton Friedman, who was a noted free-market economist in her own right, passed away today.  (As reported by Bruce Weber)

2010(14th of Tishrei, 5771): Erev Sukkoth

2010: Jon Scheyer “accepted a training camp invitation with the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers.”

2010(14th of Tishrei, 5771): Crooner Eddie Fisher passed away at the age of 82.

2010: it was reported today that Mark Zuckerberg had arranged to donate $100 million to Newark Public Schools, the public school system of Newark, New Jersey

2011: A daylong conference, sponsored by the Hudson Institute and Touro College and titled “The Perils of Global Intolerance: the United Nations and Durban III” is scheduled to be held today.

2011: New York was the scene of an anti-Semitic triple header - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan took turns bashing Israel at the United Nations General Assembly while representatives of Iran, Cuba and Lebanon blasted Israel at the Durban Review Conference at the United Nations

2012(6th of Tishrei, 5773): Shabbat Shuvah

2012(6th of Tishrei, 5773): Ninety-nine year old Irving Adler, “a former New York City teacher who became a prolific writer of books on math and science for young people after being forced from the classroom during the Red Scare of the early 1950s” passed away today. (As reported by Dennis Hevesi)

2012: The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, said that war with Israel will “eventually happen,” and that the Islamic Republic would “destroy the Jewish state.”

2012: If Team Israel has won its first two games, it will be scheduled to play again today in the World Baseball Classic.

2012: As of today, Shelly Levitan Adler who sought election as a Democrat to the US House of Representatives in New Jersey's Third Congressional District “had raised approximately $633,000 and spent $140,000, leaving $493,000 cash on hand.”

2012: The 92nd Street Y is scheduled to “celebrate the sweetness of the New Year” with its annual Rosh Hashanah Dance Marathon.

2012: Daylight Saving Time ended tonight, as dozens of Meretz activists protested in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square and in front of Interior Minister Eli Yishai’s Jerusalem home.

2013: “Pop” Lubin’s Silent Film Empire is scheduled to open today at the National Museum of American Jewish History.

2013: Sally Oren is scheduled to address the open meeting of the Greater Washington Chapter of Hadassah.

2013: The Wiener Library for the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide is schedule to host its annual Open House, in London, UK.

2013: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors or of special interest to Jewish readers including The American Way of Poverty by Sasha Abramsky, Wilson by Scott Berg, and The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polansky by Samantha Geimer, Lawrence Silver and Judith Newman

2013: The semiannual mass priestly benediction service — or Birkat Kohanim -- took place this morning at the Western Wall. Tens of thousands of Jewish worshippers crowded the plaza to receive the blessing from the Kohanim, descendants of Aaron who make up the priestly caste. Both new chief rabbis, David Lau and Yitzhak Yosef, participated as well. (As reported by Lazar Berman)

2013: Today, Israeli forces were helping Kenyan officials end a deadly siege at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, where al-Qaeda-linked terrorists have been holed up for a day with some 30 hostages. (As reported by Gavriel Fiske)2013(18th of Tishrei, 5774: Twenty year old Gabriel (Gal) Kobi, an IDF soldier from Tirat Hacarmel died of wounds he suffered when a sniper shot him in Hebron.

2014: “Jewish student groups are planning protests against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at a speech” he is scheduled to give tonight in New York “hosted by Cooper Union in cooperation with Churches for Middle East Peace.” (As reported by Rachel Delia Benaim)

2014: A photo exhibition, “Jewish Refugees in Cyprus En Route to Israel” is scheduled to open at the Sam and Esther Minskoff Cultural Center in New York City.

2014: “Nick Diorio, Republican nominee for Congress (NY-12), slammed U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s "poor record on Israel" today and what he said was her decision not to speak in a protest against the Metropolitan Opera’s anti-Semitic “The Death of Klinghoffer” production. (As reported by Gil Ronen)

2014: “The final 140 immigrants of the year 5774 arrived in Israel today from Russia and Ukraine, and were greeted at Ben-Gurion International Airport by Minister of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Sofa Landver, and Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky.” (As reported by Gil Ronen)

2014: As The Metropolitan Opera opens its new season tonight, demonstrators are calling for one of its productions – “The Death of Klinghoffer” which rationalizes the murder of wheelchair bound Jew -- to be canceled.

2014: “A U.S. jury today said that the Arab Bank provided material support to Hamas, Reuters reported. The jury said that the bank must therefore compensate the victims of two dozen attacks the group allegedly carried out in Israel and Palestinian Authority-controlled territories.” (As reported by Ben Ariel)

2014: Fiftieth anniversary of the Broadway premiere “Fiddler on the Roof.”

2015: At 18:20, the Carlebach Minyan of Tekoa which davens in the spirit of R’Shlomo Carlebach t”zl is scheduled to chant Kol Nidre.

2015(9th of Tishrei, 5776): In the evening Kol Nidre

“G'mar chatima tova v’tzom kal! May you be sealed for a good year and have an easy fast!”

2015(9th of Tishrei, 5776): Fifty-five year old “Sheri M. Goldhirsch, the artistic director of Young Playwrights Inc., an organization that produces the work of dramatists who are no more than 18” passed away today. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2015: Movie star Michael Douglas “spoke to more to more than 1,000 worshipers in a New York City suburb at Temple Shaaray Tefila. (As reported by JTA)

2015: “Tom Negovan, an anchor with WGN-TV Chicago, read a 20-second description of Yom Kippur while “over his shoulder, viewers could see a graphic of a Star of David badge emblazoned with the German word “Jude,” or Jew, on striped material of the kind used in Nazi prisoner uniforms.

2016(19th of Elul, 5776): Ninety-one year old Joseph Harmatz, “a survivor of the Vilnius Ghetto” passed away today. (As reported by Sam Roberts)

2016: “The head of the radical far-right Lehava organization, Bentzi Gopstein, was arrested this evening after members of his group gatecrashed and disrupted a performance by a church choir at the Clal Center mall in Jerusalem.”

2016:  In Little Rock, the Chabad Women’s League under the leadership of Rebbetzin Estie Ciment, the wife of Rabbi Pinchas Ciment is scheduled to host an evening of “Salads and Spirituality” to help with the preparation of “our table and soul for the upcoming High Holidays.’

2016: “Team Israel rallied for four runs in the bottom of the seventh inning and went on to defeat Great Britain, 5-2, in its opener of the World Baseball Classic qualifying tournament” tonight.

2016: The final episode of “Dr. Drew On Call” is scheduled to be broadcast today following an on-the air expression of worries about Hillary Clinton’s health by Dr. Drew Pinsky which CNN appeared to agree with “Dr. Arthur Caplan, head of the division of medical ethics at New York University’s Langone Medical Center who criticized medical professionals who offer diagnoses of patients not under their care saying that  “unless you believe in psychic diagnosis it is completely irresponsible and unprofessional to do it.”

2017(2nd of Tishrei, 5778): Second Day of Rosh Hashanah

2017: “Menashe,” a film set “deep in the heart of New York’s ultra-orthodox Chasidic Jewish community” is scheduled to open at the FIlmScene in Iowa City.  (Editor’s comment – of course the ultra-orthodox won’t be there since it is erev Shabbat.)

2017(2nd of Tishrei, 5778): Ninety-two year old pioneering pollster Daniel Yankelovich passed away today. (As reported by Robert D. McFadden)

2017: “Sarah Robinson is scheduled to give the D’var Torah at MJE West Rosh Hashanah services led by Rabbi Mark Wildes.

2017: “An Israeli rescue delegation was greeted with spontaneous applause in the streets of a Mexican town today, in a show of gratitude for the team’s efforts to aid in the search for survivors following a devastating earthquake.”

2017: The fourth season of “Transparent” starring Jeffrey Tambor began being broadcast tonight.

2018: The Jerusalem Centre for the Performing Arts is scheduled to host a screening of “Transit,” a film about a man fleeing “France after the Nazi invasion…”

2018(13th of Tishrei, 5779): Parashat Ha’azinu

2018(13th of Tishrei, 5779): Eight-nine year old Brooklyn born and Syracuse and Harvard educated journalist Mel Elfin who worked for both Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report passed away today. (As reported by Richard Sandomir)

2019: In Atlanta, GA, as part of its Historic Jewish Atlanta Tours, the Breman is scheduled to sponsor of visit to Oakland Cemetery.

2019: Today “Jewish Workshops is scheduled to host a LIVE, full-day workshop with 7 lecturers; Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller, Rivka Malka Perlman, Chaya Hinda Allen, Sara Yoheved Rigler, Shmuel Reichman & Dr. Miriam Adahan” who will “address how ‘Empower Your Tomorrow.’”

2019: In California, Chabad of Petaluma is scheduled host its “Rosh Hashanah Farmers Market” today.

2019: In Coralville, IA, Agudas Achi is scheduled to host its annual Congregation Picnic.

2019: This evening, in Little Rock Arkansas, the Chabad Women’s League is scheduled to host “An Evening of Holiday Foods, Recipes and Friendship.”

2019: Quarterback Josh Rosen, who had been acquired from the Cardinals, is scheduled to make his first start for the Dolphins when they play the Cowboys today.

2019: The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research is scheduled to present “Nusakh Vilne Memorial,” the annual event “commemorating the Jewish community of Vilna.”

2019: The Illinois Holocaust Museum is scheduled to host the opening of the exhibition “Memory Unearthed,” featuring “the Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross.”

2019(22nd of Elul, 5779): Yahrzeit of Joseph B. Levin – if it weren't for him, in more ways than one, none of this would exist proving that there is more than one way "to be inscribed in the book of life.”

2019: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, Nobody’s Victim: Fighting Psychos, Stalkers, Pervs and Trolls co-authored by Carrie Goldberg and the recently released paperback edition of The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis by Martha C. Nussbaum

2020: The Center For Jewish History is scheduled to host live on Zoom a conversation between Samuel Kassow and Natlia Aleksiun, author of the newly published Conscious History: Polish Jewish Historians Before the Holocaust.

2020: In New Orleans, the Jewish Community Day School is scheduled to hold its Board Meeting.

2020: Live on Zoom, the YIVO Institute is scheduled to present “May God Avenge their Blood: A Holocaust Memoir Triptych.”

2020: The S.F. Jewish Community Library is scheduled to present U. of Washington’s Mika Ahuvia talking “about Biblical women, including some lesser-known figures, and how ancient Jewish women ritualized Biblical stories and enacted Judaism.”

2020: In response to instructions issued yesterday by Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the IDF is scheduled to begin preparations for the opening of field hospitals as coronavirus wards at medical centers overflow with patients.

2020: As Israelis continue to deal with the lockdown which began erev Rosh Hashanah, they are confronted with the realities of increased unemployment as reports are published that over 40,000 new workers have filed for unemployment benefits since the day before the lockdown began.

2020: Yoshi Silverstein is scheduled to host part two of “Elevating Your Sukkah Designs” with Yoshi Silverstein during which attended “share designs and receive feedback.”

2021: This afternoon, “Holocaust Survivor Ben Garber is scheduled to share his story on Facebook Live’ which will include a description of “how he and his mother were able to escape the Wilno ghetto before it was liquidated, and how they hid in a bunker outside the city for 18 months until they were liberated.”

2021: This evening San Francisco author Jodi Klein is scheduled to “debut her nonfiction book First Date Stories: Women’s Romantic and Ridiculous Midlife Crisis.

2021: The JCC of San Francisco is scheduled to host a virtual Yizkor Memorial Service with Maggi Jhos Singer and Jewish educator Batshir Torchio.

2021(16th of Tishrei, 5782): Second Day of Sukkoth;

2022: The Breman and Poetry@Tech are scheduled to host online t An Evening of Poetry with three Jewish poets - Alicia Ostriker, Rosebud Ben-Oni, and Rachel Galvin.

2022: The Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History is scheduled to hold an evening of conversation with Joan Nathan, also known as "the matriarch of Jewish cooking," and acclaimed Gay, Jewish, and Black historian and culinarian Michael W. Twitty who will discuss celebrate the launch of his new book Koshersoul: The Faith and Food Journey of an African-American American Jew.

2022: Jewish Learning Works, Afikomen Judaica and Congregation Sh’ar Zahav are scheduled to present Maggid Eli Andrew Ramer discussing his new book of short stories, Texting with Angels: Modern Jewish tales of Magic and Mystery, featuring a variety of tales about an urban demon, a witch in the suburbs, a Jewish vampire, two angels (one goofy, one kvetchy) and a golem named Judith.

2022: The Sir Martin Gilbert Learning Centre is scheduled a lecture by Lee Pollock on “Churchill at the Front: From Parliament to Plugstreet.”

2022: Prime Minister Lapid is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly.

2023: In San Francisco, at Old First Concerts Ensemble  is scheduled to host “These Times (formerly Jewish Music and Poetry Project) who will give a concert on themes of transformation, including works by two Jewish composers whose oeuvre was banned by the Nazis as “degenerate art.”

2023: In Concord, MA, Kerem Shalom is scheduled to present a “Poetry Slam Shabbat Shuvah.”