Thoughts on the Secret Place

Thoughts on the Secret Place

Read Matthew 6:16-18.

“The Secret Place” Richard Lyall 2007We often seek for God to bring an anointing into our lives, always looking for Him to show up in a big way. But, what I’ve learned over the years is that there is a preparation, on our end, that has to take place first.

True anointing begins in the secret place.

What I’ve learned is that those moments when God does big things, when we experience a true anointing, are actually forged in us in the secret place. Not that we earn any of it (we never could). But the external reality comes after the internal reality takes place.

Jesus taught that the things in your heart eventually come out in your words and actions. So, we must be men and women who seek for our heart to be changed by the Lord in the secret place, so that then His anointing would flow in us and through us.

But it starts alone, in the secret place, through relationship with the Lord. And it isn’t easy. Distractions are everywhere, and it’s very difficult to not give in to those distractions and give the Lord the time He both desires and needs in order to bring His presence into our lives in greater ways.

Remember: Relationship is spelled T-I-M-E. And it takes that time, that effort, and that surrender for the Lord to forge these things in your life and mine.

You can’t have a negative faith and expect God to bless you. You can’t be negative about people, about church, or even about ourselves and expect God to bless and revival to come into your life.

You begin in the secret place, trusting the Lord to break you, mold you, and bring you to a new level in Him. And you begin with a positive attitude of faith, not being dishonest, but believing God for better and for more.

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