Time to Wake Up America!

OK, this is going to sound weird, but just a few minutes ago I kind of drifted off in that half asleep, half awake place, and I had a dream or vision that that just shook me. I saw a globe, or maybe it was the earth, and I  heard a voice cry out, "My judgment is swift!" As the voice spoke I saw an ax swing  down upon the earth with the head of it striking from Tennessee, through the tip of Kentucky, and Illinois, near, but not on the Mississippi River. It hit with such force that it literally split the United States almost in half, with a tremendous canyon dividing the halves from just south of Davenport, Iowa to middle of Mississippi. The force of the ax hitting shook the entire nation, and shortly afterward, I saw California begin to shake and a huge portion of the State collapsed into the ocean. I saw massive amounts of people, probably millions of people swallowed up by the earth and water. I heard the voice again, "My judgment is swift and is coming soon!" And I awakened.

Maybe it was too many hot wings... but I know this much; this shook me.
This nation had better repent, or else judgment is coming.