We are truly in the last days, and the world…

We are truly in the last days, and the world needs our prayers and our help. Let’s not forget what Jesus said about the end times, so we can remain vigilant during these dark days.

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18 thoughts on “We are truly in the last days, and the world…

  1. Martin Fell says:

    The only end times Jesus talkied about was the end of the age of the OC and law , which ended in AD 70. putting any end times in our future is calling Jesus a liar and false prophet.

  2. Dir Doreen says:

    REVELATION is the MOST important of the Scriptures, as it explains our present situation & whats about to occur, & how we can handle it & learn how we can be safe, or Not

  3. Hadrian Ispravnic says:

    he will only come back after the antichrist first comes to establish satans one world order,,,,,cant believe so many people didnt understand this

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