we love us some gossip

The Internet is all abuzz in the Christian world today over what one leader has recently done. Rob Bell is releasing a new book which apparently states that no one is going to hell. Rob is a very well known and influential pastor and author. His Nooma video series has been very popular. I guess his opinion is that if God is as good as we think He is, there is no way that He would send anyone to hell.

Different voice, same old argument.

I have no desire to jump on a bandwagon and bash Rob. I completely disagree with his opinion but that is not the point of this post.

I wish we could get beyond our need for fodder. Fodder is “coarse food for livestock, composed of entire plants, including leaves, stalks, and grain, of such forages as corn and sorghum.” (dictionary.com) We like it when someone says or does something that we can chew on, talk about and banter back and forth on. About ¾ of the people I follow on Twitter are talking today about Rob Bell.

I say, let the man believe what he wants to believe. Know what the Bible says, believe it and stand up for it. Rest assured, he is being called out by those to whom he is accountable. That should be enough for us.

But let’s find something better to talk about than the latest departure from the faith.

The Bible tells us two things:

These things will happen. (II Timothy 4:3)

And we are all vulnerable to failure. (I Corinthians 10:12)

I think we should pray for Rob, speak the truth and love each other. That’s enough to keep me busy for the time being.