We need leaders who know and submit to God’s word….

We need leaders who know and submit to God’s word. When we try to remove the creator then the value for life becomes grounded on nothing. If the big bang randomly caused the perfect conditions in our galaxy to produce our solar system with the planet earth so a bolt of lightning could strike a bunch of pre historic scum generating single celled organisms which through billions of genetic mutations over an incredibly long period of time evolved into fish, then tadpoles, then frogs, then lizards, then mice, then squirrels, then monkeys, then apes, then cavemen, then human beings and the cradle of civilization flourished; then everyone’s life would be completely meaningless. In that thought there could be no concept of right and wrong or good and bad other than our own preferences because we all would have come from nothing more than stardust. There’d be no creator who loves and cherishes you. Value for life would be grounded on nothing worthy. Life would be worthless. The abortion industry is the perfect example. Here we have babies in the womb. Babies that we know are live human beings. They are being killed, actually being murdered. Often times just to secure or advance a career. If people naturally are not good enough to respect the life of an innocent baby then there’s no way that people in government naturally would be good enough to respect your life. Yet, the younger generation finds it so difficult to believe that a government, if charged to do so, either could not or would not provide a decent quality of life with the best interest of it’s people in mind. This is why democratic socialism is so dangerous. This is why we need small government. This is why we need God fearing leadership.

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