What is God? This is a question you may have…

What is God?
This is a question you may have never thought to ask, as most are preoccupied with the question “Who is God”. But this question is important, because the God of the Bible is very different from gods in other mythologies.

1. God is eternal. This means He is independent of time, because He created time. Because of this, He had no beginning and has no end. He always was, is, and will be. This is explained in His Name, Jehovah, which means “the Ever Existing One”.

2. God is unlimited… in most senses. Let me explain. God is infinite in power, knowledge, wisdom, and ability. But He is limited in this sense: He can’t be evil. He cannot sin against anyone, or do anything wrong, because it is opposite of His Nature: love. God cannot “hate” anyone, because God is love. God cannot die. God cannot be defeated. God cannot be compared. Because all these things mean “flaws”, while God is perfect, and has no flaws. But if you think God has “wronged” you, you might consider taking a different perspective, because He can’t, it’s literally impossible.

3. God is Omniscient: He knows everything, including what everyone is thinking and experiencing.

4. God is omnipresent: He is everywhere. So He sees everything happening at once. This is how He is able to have a personal, loving relationship with billions of people with no stress of going “back and forth”.
God is Triune, which means He is Three “Persons” unified as “One”. The best way I can describe it is that there are more than one, distinct individuals inside God. Just live you have more than one, distinct cells inside your body, but you are one human.

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