What’s Your Price?

I have a website set up for a small business doing weddings. This week, I was contacted by a couple who live  about 2 hours away from here about  doing their ceremony and they said they wanted a "non-religious" ceremony this June, with about 35-40 guests. They said there was a conflict of religions within the family and to keep from having a fight, they wanted a "religious neutral" ceremony. I told them that I could and would do that for them, and asked them to send me a copy of what they were wanting in the wedding so as to make sure I was in agreement with their desires. Today they sent me a copy of what they wanted for their ceremony, and it was NOT a non-religious ceremony, but rather a pagan ceremony, celebrating the "mother spirit" that supposedly leads and guides all forces in and on the earth. I told them I would not do this ceremony. They kept raising their offer and got to $1000, plus my motel and another $150 for mileage and food expenses. I told them I simply would not compromise my beliefs for any amount of money. (I'll admit... it was tempting.)

Here's the kicker. After all that, they sent me another email back saying that I was the man they wanted for their wedding, that all this had been a test to see if I truly believed and stood by what I said I did.
They told me that they had done this with 4 other ministers and all four had in fact sold out, for less than what they had offered me. Turns out, they want a Christian ceremony, AND they asked me to preach a short Gospel sermon at the ceremony because most of their guests will be unsaved friends and family! 

I'm stunned... and very thankful that I made the right choice. Someone dangles $1000 in front of your face for a 15 minute ceremony, temptation rises! The thought crossed my mind that it was 2 hours away and no would ever know. But I told myself that I would know, and my God would know... and I was not going there. Thank God for strength!
But this has me wondering... just what is our price? What's mine? I hope this causes me to be even stronger in the future because we just don't know when we are being tested... by man OR God!