When is the Falling Away? Future or Passed Already

When is the Falling Away? Future or Passed Already? Part 2

There is a great misconception of ‘falling away’. Is it speaking of the Hindu, Catholic, Christian or Muslim? In our own eyes and doctrines we can say that about belief. The ‘Falling Away’ can only happen to the ones who knows the Father’s Way & Truths, it’s not speaking of religion or different ‘brand names’ of religion. An example: to fall away from false doctrines is NOT ‘falling away’ from the Truth. Many Christians, Catholic and probably Muslims claim their numbers are decreasing in the ‘church’… but that’s not ‘falling away’ from the Father’s Truths, that is only people ‘falling away’ false doctrines. A Good Example of ‘falling away’ is after the ‘Beast of the church of Rome’ formed. They formed an ‘anti-Semitic’ church and enforced their beliefs early on. They claimed if you: Love the Father/Yahweh and keep His commandments by faith, then you are JUDAIZING. But because of their great numbers and army, they had the power to enforce it. Many ‘true believers’ gave their lives up for the Father, remaining ‘faithful’ to Him. Rev 13:11-18 says the same thing, if we do not accept their/Rome/church false worship system/the ‘mark’ of being anti-Semitic toward the Father, that is to ‘keep Sunday’ as the False Sabbath, then you will be killed. Because of the ‘enforcement’ of false/satanic doctrines, many people began the ‘falling away’ era. Then it became a ‘traditional’ church teaching to be in the ‘fallen away’ doctrines. As it is, the Church of Rome boast it has about 2.4 billion members who never knew the Way & the Truth, so they can’t ‘fall away’ if they never knew the Truth! Same as for Christians who took Rome’s anti-Semitic doctrines of Sunday False Sabbath… they/we never knew the Truth in the first place to be able to ‘fall away’.

The Church of Rome has revived it’s power again, they are pushing to enforce their anti-Semitic beliefs of Sunday False Sabbath. So, who are the ones who can ‘fall away’? As I said many times before, the Beast of Rome is pushing for One World Order of “Church & State”, as they once had in their beginning. But now with a force of about 3 billion, anti-Semitic doctrines + hate speech + the Pope and Muslims joined forces publicly about 3 months ago, NOW they are about to ‘push’ Sunday False Sabbath through world government with ‘climate change’ to save the planet! The True believers know that is the ‘sign’ of the ‘mark’ of the beast’ of Rome. The ‘falling away’ I think is when people’s faith is in the balance scale, will people take the ‘mark’ of a false worship system to be able to keep their ‘debit/credit chip card or microchip in order to ‘buy and sell’? Many may ‘fall away’ *for the love of money* and to think it controls their ‘comfort zone’. If we have money/chipcards, then we can buy food, internet, phones, house payment, property taxes… Will the ones who know the Way and Truth ‘fall away’ in great numbers to become ‘paganizers’? The ‘church of Rome already calls the Faithful as ‘Judaizer’/deception name calling. So, will many, who are Faithful NOW, ‘fall away’ and become ‘anti-Semitic’/ against the Father’s Way and Truth? (If you want to use the word ‘anti-Semitic’, that’s up to you… many people uses/throws around the word ‘judaizers’ freely. We should not let the ‘beast’ power play these ‘word games’ to make us against each other and against the Father’s Way & Truth… Love your Neighbor instead.) Strengthen faith by prayer, reading and studying, prepare yourself not to ‘fall away’!

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  2. The Falling Away Part 2 Condense Version
    It was the Church of Rome/Beast who forced the ‘believers’ to Fall Away from the Father’s Way and Truth. The ‘Church’ only had paganism in their doctrines and was very anti-Semitic, they called Yahweh’s/GOD’s people ‘Judaizers’, to try and make make fun of them.
    Today, the same Beast is getting ready ‘AGAIN’ to force most the population into ‘Sunday False Worship’, their ‘mark’ of their authority they ‘think’ they have over, above and beyond the Creator. It will become ‘law’, mainly by the ‘false intent’ to ‘save the planet’ from ‘climate control or change’. The only ones who could ‘fall away’ are the faithful who Love’s the Father and keeps His commandments, and the Sabbath is totally opposite of paganism of the Church of Rome’s Sun-god-day! Keep your faith… after the enforcement of Sunday False Sabbath, then the 7 plagues begin, then shortly the 2nd coming. Don’t sell yourself short! Hold on till the End!

  3. The sign of Sunday False Sabbath is when people will make their final decision… in order to ‘buy and sell’.

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