Where Is the Outcry?

I know I should no longer be surprised by the double-standards we see from the political left and those who adhere to a liberal philosophy, but the silence is deafening right now when it comes to the blind eye and deaf ear shown toward their view of the "Occupy" protests going on in New York, and many other cities across the United States.  I won't even go into the stupidity that is displayed by the lack of direction of these protests right now. Instead, I want to look at what IS going on and the leftist media, politicians and people at large are simply ignoring it. I'm referring to the Anti-Semitic climate and speech that is being propagated in these rallies. I watch a video on Youtube in which the crowd was chanting anti-Israel jargon and carrying signs that read things such as, "The Jews control Wall Street."  I watched another from the Chicago protest where a pro-Islamic speaker launched into a death to Israel, free Palestine rant as the crowd cheered him on. In another a group of Neo-Nazi's, in another there were jeers and cheers as attack after attack was made on the Jewish people. You don't have to take my word for it, go search Youtube for yourself.  And in the midst of all this, the media is silent. Far worse... Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi and even President Obama himself... and now the Democratic party is trying to align themselves with this movement in an attempt to garner support and votes... and NOT ONE of them has denounced the Anti-Semitic tone of some of those involved in the protests. I can already hear it, the liberal crowd will begin saying, "Oh, that's not the voice of the protest; it's only a few on the fringe."  First of all, it's not just a few. Look at the videos. But stop and think for a moment... if ONE, just ONE person from the Right says or does something or says something controversial, the media not only crucifies that person, but they will use their comments or actions to attack the entire GOP.  You KNOW it's the truth!  

So, where are they? Why the silence? Why is such a double standard allowed? Because the people allow it! People need to stand up, speak out and DEMAND that the truth be spoken! Those in the protests for what they deem to be the right reason, need to speak up and condemn the actions of the Anti-Semitic. They need to condemn the rants of idiots like Roseanne Barr who called for the beheading of those who would not give up their money and share it with others. They need to condemn the speech of those calling for a complete overthrow of the government and a communist revolution. But no... they cover their eyes and plug their ears and crawl into bed with this movement because they see a political advantage for themselves. It is time for America to scream until our voice is heard, because the vast majority of America is not seeing or hearing what is going on in New York or many other cities because the biased media has an agenda to get the POTUS re-elected.

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