Why a World Missions Conference?

Some people shirk at the idea of hosting a World Missions conference because it sounds old-fashioned and dull. It’s true, a World Missions Conference could become a dusty old tradition if we ignore current trends and fail to take advantage of the technology and tools available to us.

We live in a world that is much smaller than the world of our grandparents. Cell phones, the Internet and countless media outlets have made Marshall McLuhan’s “global village” a reality. The mission field that seemed dark and mysterious 50 years ago is now a place we see on TV, in the movies and sometimes, even on vacation.

It used to be missionaries were the only people we ever met from Timbuktu or Singapore. Now, we interact with people from other countries and cultures on a daily basis. We see them at work, chat with them online, watch them on the evening news and see them around town. Much of the curiosity and mysteriousness about other countries is gone.

Despite these changes, a World Missions conference is more important than ever and can continue to be an exciting and anticipated event on the church calendar.

As local congregations become more and more familiar and comfortable with people from other cultures, it becomes increasingly important for us to show them the great need these people still have for God—the need they have for missionaries who will share the gospel with them.

As a celebration, a World Missions conference in your local church will:

  1. ENCOURAGE a greater missions awareness through exposure to missionaries and nationals from the field.

  1. GIVE members of your church a better understanding of what God is doing through the Church of God in different countries around the world.

  1. INTRODUCE your church to missionaries, missions field personnel and the many ministries of Church of God World Missions.

  1. INVOLVE each department of your church in conference preparation, allowing them to feel a part of the Great Commission.

  1. PRESENT the current needs of missions, giving church members an opportunity to respond with prayer and financial support.

  1. ENLARGE the vision of your local church, creating a greater burden for the lost.

  1. IDENTIFY local people who want to get involved in missions.

  1. CELEBRATE God’s faithfulness to His church around the world.

  1. EDUCATE the church about missions needs.

  1. RAISE financial support for the worldwide work of World Missions.

  1. TEACH local church members how to prepare for the lost around the world.

  1. CREATE a local church with a global perspective.

  1. HELP your local church discover how it can fulfill the Great Commission.