Why is evolution so scary? Is it because if evolution…

Why is evolution so scary?
Is it because if evolution is true, then your Creator God is false?

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  1. The evidence for evolution is overwhelming and undeniable. It comes from multiple fields of science. The world’s scientific Community has already established Evolution as an empirical scientific fact. They do not need approval from the world’s religious community to do so.

  2. It’s scary because many Christian’s read Genesis 1-3 very literally.

    Does evolution deny the existence of God, the claim that God created, or that Jesus rose from the dead? No.

    So IF evolution were true it shouldn’t ever cause an abandonment of the faith.


  3. Even if evolution was true . That does not deny the existence of god . It takes faith to believe evolution just life the Christian view . and the Bible has more historical facts that prove the events and people in the Bible are true . So evolution are a bunch of theory’s from men which take a lot of faith to believe by the way . So you won’t trust the Bible but trust the theory’s men have?

  4. Most evolutionists need to state which type of evolution they are talking about. Micro or Macro? Macro has NEVER EVER been observed. The only thing scientists produce from those experiments are mutated results. And from natural logic, no mutation turns out great or productive.

  5. …why is a flat earth scary?
    Like Darwinian evolution, humans altering the earth’s climate with CO2, or 282 different genders, its all false.

  6. Simple Observable evidence for evolution that even a child can understand.

    If a plant produces 100 seeds, most will grow to be almost identical to the parent plant. A few will be slightly different. This is due to genetic mutations. (Descent with modification) Some variations will be undesirable. Smaller size, bitter taste, vulnerability to disease. Other variations will be desirable. Bigger, sweeter, less vulnerable to disease, just to name a few. If a farmer only allows the best plants to reproduce & creates seeds for the next crop, small positive changes will add up over multiple Generations, eventually creating a far superior vegetable.

  7. Not scared because if Darwinian evolution is false is false. There are changes within species. There are no changes into new or other species. A bird does not become a flying lizard. The fact that God said this from the beginning is amazing! Truly we had no idea what DNA was until recent history. So profound was this find of gigabytes of intelligent data within every life form that even the atheistic scientists moved to a supernatural designer for life.

  8. It might surprise you to know broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale and cabbage all are all different breeds of a single type of weed. The evolution of this plant into all the forms we see and eat today was carefully guided by different Farmers from around the world who simply selected for different traits. It’s important to note, the farmers didn’t actually create anything, random descent with modification, through genetic mutation creates new traits, the farmer simply chooses which of those new traits are allowed to reproduce and which ones are not.

  9. What is natural selection?

    Through the gradual process of descent with modification over hundreds of millions even billions of years a single original species is believed to have given rise to all life on Earth. Although many of you will claim, it is not a directly observable fact, because we cannot go back in time and watch it happen. Common descent as a conclusion, is based on an overwhelming massive collection of observable facts coming from multiple independent fields of science. Such as the science of Fossils, Genetics, Comparative Anatomy, mathematics, biochemistry, agriculture and species distribution, just to name a few. Because the evidence for common descent is so overwhelming & so easily observed throughout nature, the idea has been around since ancient times. It was the same argument then, as it is now.

  10. Natural selection is the process by which random evolutionary changes are selected by Nature in a consistent orderly non-random way. Through the process of descent with modification new traits are randomly produced. Nature’s then decides which of those new traits to keep. Positive changes will add up. over multiple Generations, negative traits are discarded. Through this ongoing process, nature is capable of producing increasingly complex and Beautiful Creatures.

  11. Genetic mutations which are useful to a species survival will be more likely to be passed on to Future Generations in the gene pool. Genetic mutations which are not useful or are harmful to a species survival will be more likely to die off.

  12. Because If evolution is true then man made laws are wrong everything should be permitted in a atheistic world veiw

  13. In & of itself, it’s not scary. What IS scary is how many people fell for calling it “science” & putting a secular imprimatur on it.

  14. Still having doubts about evolution? Francis Collins, is very passionate about his Christian faith, and leads a major credible scientific Department regarding genome research.

    “As someone who’s had the privilege of leading the human genome project, I’ve had the opportunity to study our own DNA instruction book at a level of detail that was never really possible before.”

    “It’s also now been possible to compare our DNA with that of many other species. The evidence supporting the idea that all living things are descended from a common ancestor is truly overwhelming.”

    “I would not necessarily wish that to be so, as a Bible-believing Christian. But it is so. It does not serve faith well to try to deny that.”

    Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/news/science-religion/2006/08/god-is-not-threatened-by-our-scientific-adventures.aspx#vpd7j4qOleyxgVkB.99

  15. LOL.

    First, evolution is no more scary to me than God is to you.

    I find nothing scary about a theory that is beyond the scope of the scientific method, serves no purpose in life or in science, and has no impact on my life in any way.

    Second, only disproving the resurrection will mean my God is false. And that can be tested.

    And a lot of people who set out to disprove it ended up becoming Christians.

    Which should be kind of scary to you.

  16. The science of DNA, not only proves all humans are related, but proves every living thing on Earth is related.

    One World One Tribe..❤

  17. First of all you are making assumptions that it is scary to anyone. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Second of all all those bugs you showed pictures of only show “micro evolution” not “macro evolution”. And third. Darwin himself said this “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find no such case.” He couldn’t find such a case, but it is actually the case. Look into the irreducible complexity of the eyeball or the bacterial flagellum. Darwin said HIMSELF that his theory would break down if this was the case. And it is the case. Furthermore I do agree that everything on earth is related. As in we all have a common creator.

  18. Have you ever asked yourself? Why so many religions in the world? Why am I the religion I am? Who are my ancestors, and what religion were they before my current religion? Where did all these religions come from? Evolution is real, and we can observe evolution in religions. Religions must change and evolve over time in order to survive. This is Nature’s law.

  19. I know there must be at least some Christians in this group following this post who believe in evolution.

    Pew Research Center

  20. All you have to do is test every religion’s truthclaims and see wchich is coherent into todays world view

    Theist and atheist historian both claimed that Jesus really existed and resurrected. So its no longer lack of evidence but your suppression of them.

    Having said that, your bias opinion is much scarier than that of the theory of evolution.

    Ill pray that the Truth will reveal himself to you through grace.

  21. Seriously, YouTube is not a credible source for information. Literally anybody can say anything and post it to YouTube.

  22. If there is credible properly sourced information in that video, then there will be a credible scientific paper somewhere to back it up. Please find it and post the link here.

  23. German scientists have discovered how to retrieve and sequence trace DNA from dirt. This genetic material has traditionally been considered useless to scientists. The new technique is accurate enough to be able to tell exactly which type of hominids inhabited a given site, and when, from each layer of sedimentary soils. Overtime we will even be able to map out migration patterns of all ancient hominids.


  24. No.
    We can have evolution and a Creator(s).
    Not the issue at all.

    Its because the ToE is an ideology.
    It’s bad for science.

  25. How can you believe in the Bible if you believe in evolution? It says God made man out of the dust of the earth in 1 day. You are free to believe what you want, but you can’t ride the fense

  26. The Fall of Man whom God created them in God Image has been corrupted that’s the result of what so called evolution were there human like figure and people trying to figure out where these Human thing came from that’s why there is missing link in that theory.

    Without accepting that there is a Supreme Being (Almighty God) who created Everything Good but Destroyed because of Sin. And become corrupted and the flood cams and destroyed them from the face of the earth.

  27. Its scary that if you believe evolution. We could tell you just about anything and youd be foolish enough to jump on it thinki ng you have some higher knowledge, its sxary how people throw their brains away and follow popular cults of tradition…..wait, isnt that what they say?

  28. Evolution is not scary, it’s silly an absurd, that is if it’s important enough to study the science and follow the reason. It’s a scifi fairytale…. adjustability within species is understood, that is an expression of God’s genius and provision, but abiogenisis and common ancestry is absurd and never seen or proven, except for those who is trying to force the data or the issue…. but that is deception and fraud, self-delusion at best.

  29. Ava Reyes Macro evolution has never been observed by the scientific community. One of the tenets in science method is observation. Now pseudoscience is much different. Observation is not a tenet and wild speculations based on bad data can draw amazingly wrong conclusions and should not be trusted.

  30. All the scientific evidence is pointing in the same direction. Life starts very small. Simple chemical reactions between organic molecules. These chemical reactions form RNAs. With very little help from scientist we can create RNA structures in a laboratory. RNA’s have been observed to be able to reproduce, participate in their own survival, and evolve. In a separate experiment from Georgia Tech, by recreating the primordial soup, with the absence of oxygen and the introduction of iron, scientist detected a single electron transfer within the RNA. All on its own. This is exactly what is needed for life to have formed 3.5 billion years ago. Scientist observed that in the absence of oxygen, RNA changes and it’s as if the absence of oxygen unlocks something that has been dormant in RNA for billions of years & it is able to perform all of the functions necessary to survive on its own. RNA has been proven scientifically plausible as the source of life on Earth.


  31. James Tour~ “I have been labeled as an Intelligent Design (sometimes called “ID”) proponent. I am not. I do not know how to use science to prove intelligent design although some others might. I am sympathetic to the arguments and I find some of them intriguing, but I prefer to be free of that intelligent design label. As a modern-day scientist, I do not know how to prove intelligent design using my most sophisticated analytical tools— the canonical tools are, by their own admission, inadequate to answer the intelligent design question. I cannot lay the issue at the doorstep of a benevolent creator or even an impersonal intelligent designer. All I can presently say is that my chemical tools do not permit my assessment of intelligent design.”


  32. While evolutionary scenarios, as opposed to worked-out theories, exist for hypothesizing how new genera, new orders, and new families of animal life might appear, there is no rational evolutionary scenario for explaining how a new animal phylum might appear.
    From 50 to 80 percent of the animal phyla known to have existed at any time in Earth’s history appeared within no more than a few million years of one another, as the Cambrian geological era began.
    Of the 182 animal skeletal designs theoretically permitted by the laws of physics, 146 appear in the Cambrian explosion fossils.
    The Cambrian explosion marks the first appearance of animals with skeletons, bilateral symmetry, appendages, brains, eyes, and digestive tracts that include mouths and anuses.
    Virtually every eye design that has ever existed appears simultaneously in the Cambrian explosion.
    The moment oxygen levels in Earth’s atmosphere and oceans permit the existence of Cambrian animals, they suddenly appear.
    The Cambrian explosion occurs simultaneously with the drastic change in sea chemistry known as the Great Unconformity.
    The Cambrian explosion includes the most advanced of the animal phyla, chordates, including vertebrate chordates.
    Both bottom-dwellers and open ocean swimmers appear simultaneously in the Cambrian explosion.
    Optimization of the ecological relationships among the Cambrian animals, including predator-prey relationships, occurred without any measurable delay. Have evolutionists come up with any valid explanation for the sudden appearance of the Cambrian explosion?

  33. The theory of evolution is not scary but its impact on societies is. While many claim that religion has caused wars and death truth be known the last century was the bloodiest of all previously recorded and all of the major wars and genocide were a direct result of countries being taken over by atheistic evolutionist who believed firmly in survival of the fittest. So they set out to destroy the inferior who were consuming resources. Handicapped, weak, religious minded, different racially etc..were systematically wiped out. The theory itself is actually a simple explanation to a very complex question.

  34. “Survival of the fittest” is only oone strand of evolutionary theory, but it has been used by right wing extremists. Teilhard de Chardin, The Phemomenon of Man, interpreted evolution in a theological, and indeed, Christological way.

  35. The only thing that has evolved is the unscientific theory of evolution. The lie keeps adjusting to try to fend off scientific evidence of designed creation.

  36. The God of the Bible is not afraid of evolution. Nor is He afraid of science, because He created science. (not the evolution theory).

    If you want to be really scientific, you need to study the fundamental things by which this theory is built.

    1. Evolution theory is still a theory. (Although it is very unscientific, irrational and illogical compare to the Scriptures).

    2. The geologic column that evolutionists use can only be seen perfectly in one place. In the textbooks.

    3. The methods that evolutionists use to date things are still not plausible. It’s inconsistent, regardless of the method. (RadioActiveC14, PotassiumArgon, etc..)

    4. Macro evolution isn’t OBSERVABLE until today. Presumptions and imaginations are the only things that evolutionists use.

    I can add here a lot of stuff about the presumption that evolutionists use as evidence (although not obeservable). But i won’t, because it is up to you if you want to be really go for the real evidence or just be skeptical about it.

    The God of the Bible is not afraid of being questioned. So are we.

    You may think that yours is science and ours is faith.

    But actually you need more faith to believe in that belief.

  37. This topic is not really worth debating, but science only ever comes up with theories. And the theory of evolution is quite compatible with a grown up reading of Genesis.
    Let biblical fundamentalists and dogmatic atheists scientists fight it out with whatever brains they have!

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