Why the 4 different Gospels? Matthew testifies to Christ as…

Why the 4 different Gospels?
Matthew testifies to Christ as King, Mark as a perfect servant, Luke as a man and saviour, John, the son of God and life itself

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  1. Their audiences. Matthew wrote to the Jews, Mark to the Romans, Luke to the gentiles and John to christians.

  2. This tradition (while possibly a valid view from a literary perspective) is not actually the practical reason the Bible itself gives. The Law of Moses requires that 2 Jewish witnesses are required for Jews. Luke gives his own explanation in Luke 1:2. John gives his own explanation also.

  3. If four people witness the same car accident but describe it exactly the same one would become suspicious of collusion and that the accident was staged and planned.
    So it is with the Gospels. The variety of accounts, never contradictory, lend credence to their validity.
    It’s actually a very good thing the 4 Gospels are this way.

  4. Basically as Frankie Torres says – no matter which way John 20:31 is read it is clearly a gospel for strengthening those already converted.

  5. Sceptics want it both ways. They claim they’re too different to be true, yet so similar, they’re basically plagiarised. That’s how you know they’re true. They’re too different for corroboration, but too similar to be made up.

  6. Different points with the same beliefs. Seeing the same thing with different points of view.

  7. They are the four aspects of God as seen in the flesh by ordinary religious men.

    Revelation 4:6-7
    [6]And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.
    [7]And the FIRST beast was like a LION, and the SECOND beast like a CALF, and the THIRD beast had a face as a MAN, and the FOURTH beast was like a flying EAGLE.

    Must remember that the secular world is also run by God and have their main emblems as those four beasts.

    LION: .. Matthew… king….LAW/RULERSHIP

    CALF: …Mark.. servant… SACRIFICE/SERVICE


    EAGLE… John…Son of God from heaven …. SPIRITUAL) HEAVENLY

  8. There is only One Gospel written by four men with different ways of saying the same thing.

  9. that should be proof of their authenticity. No other religion has that kind of corroboration.

  10. There is no document in history that has this kind of corroboration – across time and culture. The Bible is truly a remarkable book.

  11. None of the 4 Gospels say anything about any Trinity. Is that because the Trinity is a later development?

  12. You have some research ahead. Start with how to determine historisty then study internal and external sourcing of reliable eyewitness claims. Knowledge is power.

  13. Moses law , if u want to testify someone, u need at least 3 witnesses.. so God use more than 3, He use 4..

  14. People refer to me as a son, a father, a brother, a cousin, a friend….. and I am all those things, none of them are wrong, or lying.

  15. He is understanding and capable to be and provide all thing. Blue print for life. .. eternal.

  16. All is OK with this 4 Evangelists, 4 servant of and from Lord Jesus Christ with a great spectrum and sight for the Kingdom of God, and also we are need Men like this in our Churches and in our ministries to day also very well

  17. Ask the author of Cold Case Christianity…J Warner Wallace. He is an LA detective…he will tell you that when witnesses give identical testimony..they have been coached

  18. Easy, 4 different perspectives and audiences. All believe he is the son of God but each wanted to bring their view of his character to their audiences

  19. “Why” is a really big question? Nobody REALLY knows the answer but there are many logical conclusions. Why Chronicles and Kings in the OT? Perhaps it is only that they (Gospels) were recognized by the early Church as inspired according to origin, teaching, and historicity. There were others excluded that Catholics would later acknowledge as useful.

  20. I really don’t understand why the confusion. Mike has well placed his post but surprises with the odd question. What wrong with four gospels two of which are written by eye witnesses, Matthew and John.
    Luke is a historian he writes a historical account. Why is it unnecessary to have eye witnesses write their story and historian verifying it.

  21. From my perspective, all Four Gospels had firsthand audience and that is the reason we have Jesus significantly presented in different ways.

    Matthew first presented to the Jews (however, the Gospel is for everyone) Mark to the Romans, Luke to the Gentiles and John wrote for varied audience, mostly being the Jews then the Gentiles.

  22. MIKE, are you a FATHER, HUSBAND, FRIEND, BROTHER, SON, all those who know you can testify to that I’m sure.
    If you were a mechanic, a soldier, a believer many then could testify to those things aswell. A SON WHO IS A BROTHER WHO WAS A SOLDIER WHO IS NOW A MECHANIC AS A HUSBAND BECAME A FATHER.

    GET IT

    You are those things

  23. That’s right. I came across this in the Old Testament. Ezekiel 1:10 describes four beings with four faces. There is the face of a lion, an ox, a human, and an eagle. These same four beings show up in Revelation chapter 4. These four beings were known as the ministers of the Gospel.

    The lion represents authority along with Matthew. The ox represents servanthood as with Mark. The human represents humanity as Luke focuses on Jesus as human. The eagle represents divinity as John focuses on the divinity of Jesus.

    Another interesting point. According to Jewish tradition, when the Israelites marched through the wilderness for 40 years, they were divided into 4 groups. Each group had it’s own banner. And on the banners were these same faces.

    So, could this be evidence that God had intended that only four Gospels be written with each ones particular focus?

  24. Marks the first, Matthew was the hated, Luke was to those who did not know God, John was from a friend who was as close as you could get. 3 perspectives

  25. I don’t know if this answers your question, but stepping OUTSIDE the bible. Example, if there’s a car accident, the 1st responders (police in most cases) will create a police report and take statements from the eye witnesses. What 1 eye witness may not have observed at all, another eye witness might describe with a tremendous amount of detail. I think these gospels are provided in this fashion to provide different, yet similar and parallel accounts of Jesus. If a driver hits someone and then drives off. 1 person may hear the vehicle drive off, but have no idea of any description of the vehicle or plates. That same person could offer critical/valuable information to police about an unconscious victim that they may have rendered medical assistance to while waiting for paramedics. MEANWHILE, another person describes the driver as a Hispanic male in his mid 20s driving an SUV with tinted windows and Texas plates. HOWEVER, the witness of the hit and run vehicle may know that a good Samaritan provided medical aid, but has no idea any specifics about that same aid and was only able to stand and watch. NEITHER account negates the other, as a matter of fact, BOTH accounts actually provide a full picture that independently might cause confusion. Hope this helps.

  26. Well, I’ll tell you that if there were only one gospel, higher criticism would have very little to on. The fact that we have three synoptic gospels provides all manner of comparative problems that lessen the authoritative nature of them all.

  27. The “gospel” of John is just so obviously an argument to advance Jesus as the Son of God that it loses massive amounts of credibility.

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