Yesterday and Tomorrow

I originally posted this in November 2007 (so the soon to be 3 year old is almost done with Kindergarten) but the truth really connected to me today. I hope it does for you as well.


My oldest son Cooper will turn 3 the day after Thanksgiving next week. He is without a doubt the smartest, best looking, most talented almost 3 year old on the planet. Anybody that thinks differently just needs to spend about 10 minutes with him. He says things like, “That’s fantastic”, “Branson (his little 9 month old brother) watch me play the drums, I’m awesome”, and “Dad, I’m freakin’ freezing”. His mom must have taught him that last one.

One of the cool things that I’ve noticed about Cooper the last few days is that everything that happened in the past happened “yesterday”. He was talking about our beach vacation which happened in August and he said, “you remember when we played that game at the beach with Mimi yesterday?” He talks about playing the drums at the church “yesterday” when in actuality it was last Wednesday. The same is true of anything that will happen in the future, it’s going to happen “tomorrow”. He’ll say “when we have my birthday tomorrow I want drums”, or “when we go to the church tomorrow I need to take my toy to show Ms. Tamara (his teacher).”

I wish I had this ability. It keeps things in perspective. I’m not really sure how. I just think it would be great to feel like every cool thing you’ve ever experienced happened yesterday, and all of the amazing things you will accomplish in your life will happen in the next 24 hours. At least in Cooper’s mind anyway. There is a sermon illustration somewhere in here, I just can’t find it yet. I’ll let you know when I do.