A Time For Us

The last few weeks of my life have been a whirl wind and literally so stress filled that I've not slept well for more than a week. If you know me, you know I don't sleep a lot anyway, so when I say I've not slept well, I'm talking 3 hours or less almost every night. Anyway, I did take a sleep aid last night and actually slept for close to 6 hours, but today find myself feeling "hung over" from the medication. But as I'm sitting having a cup of coffee and catching up with friends on Facebook, I kept hearing a song in the back of my mind. I could not place the song for the longest time, but a few minutes ago, it hit me as to what it was. It is a song that Julie Meyer sang at a conference I was at about 5 years ago. The lyrics begin like this, and this is what was playing over and over in my mind...
Come and sit with me awhile
Come and sit with me
Just to be with me awhile
Come and be with me

And it hit me like a ton of bricks falling on me... the Lord was calling out to me, telling me that I needed to stop and come sit in His presence, for more than just a few minutes... actually spend some time with Him. 

I'm thinking, "But I have to go get the tires changed. I have to go get the materials for the new sign. I have to go visit Marty. I have the counseling session this afternoon. I have to..."
And suddenly I thought, "Something is BAD wrong with this picture!"
When I have so much stuff that I "HAVE" to do that I don't have time to spend just worshiping God and sit in His presence... then my life is out of balance. Only thing on that list that really "has" to be done to day is the tires, and I can reschedule anything else. The most important thing in my life is my relationship with God, and I'm in essence telling Him that I don't have time for Him.  
That ain't gonna work. 
If someone gets upset with me, they will just have to be upset, because my life's goal is to please the Lord, and to walk out Christ before this world. And as I sit here thinking, I recall several times where Jesus withdrew from it all to pray. My goodness, if Jesus found it necessary, who in the world do I think I am to think I can do without it?

If anyone that I reschedule today or finds me unavailable to talk, I am sorry, but I need time with my God. I need a refueling and refilling. I'll catch you next time, but as soon as I get these tires changed, the rest of today belongs to the Lord. 

I leave you with the words of that song Julie sang... Maybe some of you want to know him this way too.

Come and sit with me awhile
Come and sit with me
Just to be with Me awhile
Come and sit and be, be with Me 

I want to know Your passion
I want to love Your name
I want to feel Your mercy when I’m
Standing in the middle of the flame
I want to know God
I want to know Yah 

I want to know
The secret place of Your thunder
I want to hear Your voice
I want to know
The hidden secrets of the Ages
And down ancient paths to walk
I want to know God
I want to know Yah

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