An amazing fulfillment of prophecy is presently taking place the…

An amazing fulfillment of prophecy is presently taking place the merger of the European Community. According to Bible students, this incredible political-economic development, is nothing less than the revival of the once great Roman Empire, prophesied in Daniel. The Bible teaches the Anti-Christ wil…

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8 thoughts on “An amazing fulfillment of prophecy is presently taking place the…

  1. Charles 'Richard' Miller says:

    That ‘number’ is for only ‘buying and selling’… if you don’t take the ‘mark’ of the false worship system of the Beast of the church of Rome’s ‘sign’ of Sunday False Sabbath. Climate control or change is going to play a role in it to get people to ‘take Sunday off for saving the planet’ from climate. Guess what, it matches the Beast day of Sunday False Sabbath!

  2. It's Inside You says:

    Yeah, it will be directly linked to the Mark of the Beast. What strikes me in particular is the fact that the number 666, both times when used in the Old Testament, relates to money. (1 Kings 10:14, 2 Chronicles 9:13) That should be a pretty powerful clue in itself that money, or the choice between God and money rather, is what the Mark of the Beast prophecy is really all about.

  3. Phil Lemek Snr says:

    666 is only the number of the beastly power, or the anti-christ who is the devil’s proxy in this world. The real Mark is cloaked in deception and will be enforced by that Authority. It is a symbol that denotes that beastly power’s Authority over the world.

  4. Charles 'Richard' Miller says:

    Climate control/change is being added or almost added now with the One World Order(almost ready) they will make Sunday False Sabbath of the church of Rome to also be the ‘rest day’ for the planet to ‘save the planet from climate change/control!’

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