Any good books?

Any good books?

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  1. Use only a dictionary when reading the bible. But a good parallel book i like is antiquities of the jews by flavius Josephus

  2. The books of A.W.Tozer,Leonard Ravenhill,Andrew Murray,E.M.Bounds and many old saints. Presently the books of Ranjith Ophir where you can get the deep revelations of GOD..

  3. this is only the book for understanding trinity of god in the correct way of bible….!

    None other WAY….!

  4. I’m reading Horns. I haven’t decided if I like it more than Heart Shape Box yet or not. Might read books of blood or The Troop next. Haven’t decided.

  5. Read The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky. The author understands the fallen human soul. He understands grace and redemption. Beautiful book.

  6. Basic Christianity -John Stott, Christ in Conflict -John Stott, Grand Weaver – Ravi Zacharias

  7. Please read about Watchman Nee, he only wrote 1 book, but there were others written about him

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