Atheism, logic, science, and reality Atheism, has nothing to do…

Atheism, logic, science, and reality Atheism, has nothing to do…

Atheism, logic, science, and reality

Atheism, has nothing to do with truth, science, Logic, and reality.

Atheism cannot explain anything.
Christianity can explain all reality in the universe especially the non material laws of science Logic and reasoning which make the foundation of the universe .

The original definition (a-no, thees-god), is making an absolute knowledge claim, was replaced with another claim, the lack of belief. The purpose of the change is to avoid any responsibility and explanation regarding reality.
When we ask them to explain the reality around us, they deny, invoking the non belief towards God. In other words, most of them, they deny having a worldview, reducing themselves to just a negative statement, because they cannot explain the reality around us.
Another group, the agnostics, hide behind a different statement: “I don’t know”. But they have “universal knowledge”.
We met all kind of combinations of skeptics, believing in shady combinations like:
Atheist-agnostic, agnostic-materialist…

No amount of Logic rational thinking, or historical evidence can make an atheist think, because, the Mind, Science and Logic are unexplained mysteries, falsely considered human inventions, despite the evidence of their previous existence, since the beginning of the universe. In the stars, galaxies, and pre human life forms.
Can they explain the immaterial laws of Logic in universe and in their mind, the digital and analog logic built into their brains?
Or the science required by the body; 50 trillion cells working together, in perfect harmony.
Can atheists explain the existence of the mind? Can we reduce the mind to just a brain?
Atheism is denying any meaning in life, but, they claim their statements are meaningful.
No objective morality exists in atheism. Only individual or group opinions. Is there anything wrong with anything in atheism?
How about truth?
Atheist: No absolute objective truth exists! Wait a minute! This is an absolute statement.
How about consciousness?
How can an atheist explain Love to his/her partner? I have a Chemical reaction towards you!

An atheist is only claiming his lack of belief towards God.
No atheist is willing or able to prove the non existence of God. (We know from logic that only one God can logically exist. (The Trinity is logically necessary to explain the attributes of God in the relationship between God the Father, His Son, the Holy Spirit) and Creation.
He is claiming a non belief, because, they are defining faith and belief, as a complete lack of any evidence. This is obviously false because we cannot live without having faith in most people, or in the material things around us.
Our minds and our five senses are necessary to do science and are providing the evidence against their lack of belief.
By denying God, atheists are denying reality, reasoning, Logic, Science, in other words nothing exists because, nothing can be explained by them. But, they use them to attack other world-views.
(Religions and other worldviews are not equal, and have different claims).
In essence atheism is saying nothing.
Truth by definition is dealing with real things and cold facts, and is independent from the will.
Truth doesn’t exists in atheism, because, the existence of objective and absolute truth is denied. Only relative opinions are allowed. In atheism “truth” is imposed on others by force or manipulation. Everything is permitted, because no objective moral standard exists. We can still se some moral skeptics around us because of the morality inside us.
When we are born, nobody needs to teach us to lie, to steal, and other bad things. We need to be educated for 20 years, in order to become useful people in society.
And some of us failed already many times as adults.

The Creation is based on evidence. Not only material objects like galaxies and stars, but also immaterial evidence like Logic, mathematics, the scientific laws and the mind.
Atheists must prove their non belief. The problem is logic and reasoning cannot be explained and used in atheism. Forensic science is helping Christianity not atheism.
Atheists can always prove a negative, something doesn’t exists. Atheists are not doing it. They dug themselves into a a lack of belief, a deep hole and buried themselves, with excuses, refusing to give any explanation of their worldview.
But, some of them are considering themselves as champions of Logic and reasoning.
This is insane, since they believe the universe is full of randomness and blind chance, No purpose, indifferent, without evil or good.
Wait a minute; the atheists when they are attacking Christianity, are assuming good and bad, a moral law, but is denying the moral law giver, or falsely accusing Him, because they are denying It’s existence, and His Justice (calling justice a crime).
Without an absolute moral law giver, no No real justice exists.
The Nazis were judged based on the moral law of God.
No civilization can be built, and no civilization can survive without an objective moral law giver, and justice.
We had many civilizations in history, but only Christian civilization was able to create a a real middle class, with liberty and prosperity for almost all of its members.
Why nobody wants to live inside the materialistic “paradise” and we are witnessing a mass migration from into Western Europe and North American countries.

Since he beginning of the 20th century we had many, wars and experiments, with different ideas, and ideologies especially materialism (Communism, socialism) and Darwinism (Nazism) culminating with the two world wars and the Cold War.
Towards the end of the century, Christian civilization not only survived, but during this century saved humanity from extinction.
Can we imagine the Asian continent without USA maintaining the peace?
Most probably, in a couple of months we will witness a major war, with global consequences.

Chance cannot create anything. It’s just an abstract math concept in Math without any creative power. It’s a No Thing. Nothing! And Nothing cannot create Something. Especially the universe And, I’m sure chance cannot create Everything.

The act of creation requires, preexisting intelligence, Logic knowledge (science), intentionality, and Consciousness.
The existence of the two sexes are a mystery to evolution.
A male and a female need to have normal sex before a baby is born. Persons with will, need to act for creation to take place. 100 trillion cells in two human being are participating in the act of creation. In every cell’s DNA we have 600.000 pages of information.
And complex systems of cell incorporating communication, autocorrection, Logic…
Nothing is left to hance, or randomness.
Logic is even further from atheism. Depending on the situation, they make contradictory false claims.

1. Logic doesn’t exists in the universe only blind chances and randomness.
2. We invented Logic (false we discovered Logic)
3. We don’t believe in Logic.(but they use it)
4. But, we use Logic and reasoning to argue, To claim Logic doesn’t exists in universe is Pure insanity.
5. They deny existence of the mind, (the mind is evidence against atheism/ materialism/naturalism)

Insanity is running wild in the in the world today!

Science is the study of knowledge, and requires immaterial Logic, and an immaterial Mind. Science, Knowledge and Logic, existed since the beginning of the universe, because they are incorporated into the Laws of the universes from the beginning of its existence.
We discovered some of the processes which took place at the beginning, using Logic, and Math, and we were able to predict others, using our minds, sometime, thousands of years in advance. Aristotle did it. And all happened because the universe is intelligible, has stable laws, and it’s not a black box.
Atheists and agnostics still borrow many aspects from a biblical worldview—whether they realize it or not. For example, logic, truth, knowledge, morality, and science

Atheism is denying meaning but is trying to make meaningful statements

Atheists and agnostics still believe in supernatural

Faith and feelings

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