Between These Hills

In my view there are two hills,
Both filled with bright green grass.
The sun shines over them,
Showcasing a picturesque skyline of peace,
Hope, and new life.
I sip my coffee,
Thinking about my life in between these hills.
I smile a kind of furious smile,
Like when you lose awareness of everything
Around you,
Becoming lost in a beautiful daydream deep within.
In the living room of the old house
The television set is on,
Locked in to some news report from the city.
A shooting,
A robbery,
A demonstration in the streets.
I call for my wife to turn the volume down.
In my view there are two hills.
And this life I live in between themIs filled with peace,
Hope, and new life.
And I don’t want that interrupted.
This poem © Kevin Walker. Published Feb. 2012.

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