David Crowder Band is Breaking Up.

Well, breaking up has bad connotations.

They are finishing their current album and going on their last tour, The 7 Tour. All of them have gotten married in the last few years and have children now.

It’s fully understandable, but yet is a rather sad, dark day in terms of innovative music. DCB were always coming up with wacky stuff, like “Twitter Will Kill You” and playing a Guitar Hero guitar in their concerts. I’ll never forget the first night I sang with my church worship band – we sang his edition of “No One Like You.” Next time around, “Foreverandever, Etc.” “You Are My Joy.” “Neverending.”

David Crowder Band, I will miss you.


P.S. Maybe Camping had it right - if DCB is breaking up, it must be the end of the world…