Dear brother…

by Jagan Mohan

Dear brother
It is my great pleasure to meet you by this email. I am a missionary and the pastor of the church as well. I need your regular prayers for our church is facing some sort of opposition from Hindu organization to stop the meeting in a place where were established our church since 1993. We now are in great problems that government and Hindu organizations stand against us to not to preach the gospel any more out side and already 12 pastors been arrested and 500 Christians been also beaten when they stand against of the opposition and there are many bad things are going on every where in North and south Mostly North India is so much affected so far. Please pray for our church building also been targeting to attack either by persons or any weapons It threatens However the good news is that 8 to 10 Hindus are ready to go for baptism. Please pray that the Lord may help them to fulfil their commitment with the Lord as they made it.

Hope your prayers will be highly appreciated and back bone of our ministry

Your brother,
Jagan Mohan

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