Devil’s advocate question: why God send his Son to get…

Devil’s advocate question: why God send his Son to get him killed, to pay with his life for sins of all men, to buy His own forgiveness?? I dont really grasp the the idea that his Son had to die for people ti be forgiven, if it was up to him all along.
I believe in God & Jesus, I guess Im just trying to understand this better?.

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  1. For men to exercise FREEWILL. God is a gentleman and will never force people to come to Him unless they willingly do so.

  2. I don’t know if it’s really within our understanding to get it but…
    In the old testament people gave sacrifices to cleanse themselves and be forgiven, as well as to gain favor.
    Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.
    It wouldn’t have meant as much if God hadn’t became man to die for us, if it had been just anybody or another animal. <3

  3. Jesus did not HAVE to die. God chose that way of atonement to prove a series of points. One is to set an example. Jesus gave His own life for the sake of the ones He loved and He loved even the ones who hated Him. Jesus obeyed the Father, setting yet another example. And plus, the wage of sin is death, the best way to destroy death is ressurrection!!! We can not defeat death on our own, so God did it!

  4. Scripture says God sent his Son in the fullness of time. It was the right time in the first century for the Son to become human and die on the cross. Galatians 4:4. The message that Jesus had to die in order to save his peoples from their sins is foolishness for the Greeks and stumbling block for the Jews, says in 1 Corinthians. So even for the first century people the crucifixion doesn’t make sense for God it has meaning. I recommend you read 1 Corinthians chapter 1 and chapter 2 and decide what the crucifixion means for you after knowing what it means. ❤️

  5. God is Holy and Just. He can not be around sin but wanted to bring us back into a relationship with Him. In order for that to happen someone had to pay the penalty for sin. Only Christ could.

    I’d suggest doing a study on Hebrews as it goes into this in detail.

  6. Since God is perfect, the sacrifice needed for forgiveness must also be perfect – hence the very person of Jesus Christ. The old testament sacrificial system was a prophetic ‘teaser’ of that ultimate gift.

  7. But why the sacrifice.. Its like God had given sacrifice to Himself.. Thats the hard part to understand.

  8. If you read the Old Testament people rebelled against God and tested Him all the time by making statues to worship and even worshipped Baal. So for their rebellious actions against Him, He made a new covenant through Jesus for the remission of our sins. We are sinful in nature for our rebellion against Him in the Garden of Eden and we all deserve to be punished for our rebellion. Jesus was sent to the world not to condemn the world but to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He went through some very tough and harsh things because He loves us that much. He didn’t want anyone to perish anymore so He took all of our sins upon Himself so we could be saved. Now if you read from the Old Testament to the New Testament it will give you a better understanding of why God sent His son to die for us because of everything us humans did against Him. That’s why I like calling the Bible God’s love letter to us. 🙂

  9. Thanks guys.. I just wanted couple of answers to get my head around it better. I have read the Bible and I do know a lot but this was always not very clear.

  10. The wages of sin is death. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But Justice has to be satisfied to be reconciled to God. Man cannot pay his own sin debt. The sin must be payed for by One that is spotless. There are none worthy of this. So God condescended to humanity, clothed in the likeness of sinful flesh. He resisted temptation, and was never corrupted. He became the pure sacrifice, whose blood did not “cover” sin, but washed it away completely. Now in Him are we made the righteousness of God and are reconciled to the Father. His righteousness is imputed to us by His grace through faith.

  11. God tells us what is true in the universe.
    God is holy and righteous and declares the necessary price for reconciliation.
    Only God the Son is capable of paying the price.

    Jesus did NOT die toibuy His “own salvation.”

    Jesus is the eternal God-man. Sinless. No salvation needed.

  12. I am a sinner, we all are sinners.

    Since God is Perfect and Just, he cannot just neglect my sin. I have to pay the price of my sin.

    The wage of sin is Death. (Romans 6:23)

    When Jesus died, he paid that price for me.

    Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned: And not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift: for the judgment was by one to condemnation, but the free gift is of many offences unto justification. For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.) Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life. For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.
    Romans 5:12‭,16‭-‬19

  13. Hi Agnieszka

    Great question. I think we have to view the moral dynamics (sin, guilt and forgiveness) within the broader context of relational dynamics (union with God, disunity, life and death) in order to understand how these things work out.

    On my view, the goal is union with God. In usurping God’s nature, Adam became turned in on himself. The essence of the good news is that God, in Christ, became what we are so that we, in Christ, can become as God is. Ultimately it’s to bear Christ’s image and exercise the dominion that we are created to have. Within that big picture, the legal concepts of forgiveness and sin and guilt are dealt with.

  14. God is just thus to pay for sin the only thing that could cover the cost has to be sinless and only the son of God could be that!

  15. Because by one man sin entered the world oh, so that by one man sin could be paid for. I would suggest reading the book of John. As a start

  16. I send some images to you through PM and hope it can help. It’s annoying that I can’t post more than one image on each reply

  17. Only God can satisfy the wrath (righteous judgement) of God but only a human can be punished because it was humans who faltered. Jesus fulfilled both and we have forgiveness because Christ crucified served as payment for the sin debt owed.

  18. He conquered sin and death, thereby making it possible to be raised to life and be like Jesus.

    As for the sacrifice read Hebrews 9 and 10, and reference the Levitical law

  19. The answer is very simple but nearly impossible for us v in our fallen nature to understand. It is because GOD is and requires 100% Holiness but He wants our Love out of free choice. Our free will and His love us can’t compromise His Holiness.

  20. Justice demands payment for sin. God’s forgiveness is not free but cost the shedding of blood. It simply says Jesus shed His blood as a ransom for many.
    I think ultimately your question speaks to the nature of God himself.
    She got this not sent because he can send I miss goes back to the fallen nature and gets into some deep theology.
    basically boys down to God is God because he’s perfect and any imperfection found in him He would cease to be God and all existence would cease because existence is an extension of God’s nature.
    Therefore him being perfect requires perfect justice and this perfect justice requires blood for the remission of sin.
    Instead of God requiring our blood he gave his son’s blood and our place.
    This not only works theologically but it works perfectly philosophically and even legally.

  21. Scripture says that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness. The OT sacrificial system was unable to permanently take away sins. It would take God providing the sacrifice to accomplish that. He was able to do this through the Son.

  22. Setting aside all of the arguments for Jesus deity, the resurrection, even a belief in God, everybody leading up to Jesus and everybody after Jesus is guilty of developing and / or perpetuating a system, or set of rules, that resulted in the unjust execution of the only perfect person who ever lived. His rules for life were perfect, so why shouldn’t we follow him?

    Another thing to consider is that not having an explanation for an event does not negate that the event occurred. Think of any time you saw something so fantastic that nobody believed you. They could not explain it, so in their mind it could not have happened, but it most certainly happened!

    I’m sorry that I did not answer your question of “Why?”, but I hope this gives you another perspective on the matter.

  23. For sin to be Reconciled it has to be the Ultimate Sacrifice. Jesus is the Ultimate Sacrifice because he was sinless

  24. The Devil knows that atonement requires blood therefore he likes to get people to question this.

  25. Suppose you had been arrested for a horrendous crime and were standing before the judge who was about to sentence you. Suppose this same judge had also been the lawmaker who had determined what the punishment would be for this crime. He heard all of your attempts to convince him that you would never repeat the crime and would become a model citizen. Now suppose he explained to you that the law absolutely required a punishment to be met for your crime. He slams down his gavel and declared you guilty. You are doomed. But he then does something completely unexpected. He takes off his robe and steps down to where you are. He then tells you that although the punishment must occur, he will take your punishment for you. As the one who established the law, he has the authority to do this. And as a citizen, he can take your punishment. You are free from condemnation. In a small way, this is what Christ did. Since we are all guilty of rebelling against God’s law, there is absolutely no way we can appease God. Forgiveness does not come without a price. Christ as God, has the authority to forgive, and as man, represents all of mankind. He took your punishment by dying on the cross, then gives us new life by his resurrection.

  26. It has to be God to suffer God’s wrath. Humans could not suffer enough to satisfy God’s perfect justice. God knew this, so the son (who is also God) volunteered (he wasn’t forced) to pay the price of our sin in our place. Because Jesus knew He could handle God’s wrath.

    Greatest love story ever.

  27. Without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness of sin. If you don’t want to pay for your sins with your own blood, then a replacement is necessary.

  28. Also the bible said No one can atone for the sins of another – so crucifixion is absolutely pointless

  29. Some really great answers here…jesus the lamb of God..eho takes away the sins of the world …Christ blood was the price of our sins…

  30. We broke God’s law by disobeying his word. A human being had to fulfill that law, so the Son of God takes to himself human nature and becomes our representative. He fulfills that law perfectly in our nature, but that in itself was not enough. We were still under the condemnation and curse of that law as sinners. The wages of sin is death. If we were to be reconciled to God Jesus would have to die as our sin-bearer. Through His sufferings and death He gave a perfect satisfaction to God’s justice reconciling sinners to God and removing our curse and condemnation.

  31. God wouldn’t be a just judge if he let the guilty go free with no punishment. There has to be a just basis for the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus is that just basis. Our substitute.

  32. The scriptures teach that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. That’s why in the Old Testament Lambs had to be sacrificed. In the new covenant the Lamb of God (Jesus) had to be crucified. Since it was God’s own blood, it has Eternal value.

  33. To show His justice. Law demands justice. “Wages of sin is death.” No compromise. For his love’s sake, his Son had to meet Divine law’s demands for His people’s sake. “Where sin abounded, grace did more abound:” ( Romans 5:20)

  34. God made a universe of both choice and consequences. Choice allows for the tension of free will and sovereignty (both God and we have free will). With free will we have consequences: mental, emotional, physical, and moral. Our sin sets consequences in motion. Often we appreciate this. We want fruit to come from good or bad choices to validate them; we want punishment and justice to be served; we want things fair. The question then becomes what are the consequences of our sin? God says they merit the death penalty and even damnation. (Now this deeply offends us, but we are living in His universe not ours) So we kinda seem screwed. We can’t be perfect and we don’t want he’ll. Enter Jesus, who agrees to substitute himself for our sins atonement. This is the ‘stumbling block’ of the gospel. We are saved by faith in His sacrifice (humility) not our good works (pride). This balances the equation of free will and sin and consequences and holiness.

  35. It is what the Bible describes as JUSTICE KISSING MERCY!!!

    everything in Creation is governed by Law.

    The law requires that blood must be shed for the remission of sins. Another way to look at it is that the WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH.

    Man can’t keep the law, they (we) are sinners dead in the flesh.

    God is also love..even though he loves man he cannot say: that’s okay boys will be boys, I love you so i forgive everyone, we can sweep all your sins under the carpet.

    What kind of God is that who says one thing today and tomorrow another thing?

    He is not the same God I follow.. He is not the one that is the same yesterday, today and forever!!

    He continues to be a just God and a loving God without compromise by SHOWING HIS MERCY. He provides the REQUIREMENT OF THE LAW for sinners.

    He gave His Only Begotten Son to FULFILL the requirement of the law… NOT TO APPEASE HIMSELF AS ERRONEOUSLY IMPLIED.

    He is not a moloch or a blood sucking occultist god.

    His Love, Justice, and Mercy combines to save mankind from the law.

    Oooh what indescribable, unfathomable, depth width and length of the love and mercy God has for us sinfull man.

  36. Hi! Great question! I am sure replys were told so i just want to Say that Jesus’s sacrifice is the core of christianity so this have to be answerd. Don’t let it a gap.
    Hope you found it here!

  37. It is appointed for man once to die then judgment if Jesus had not died He could not take our judgment.

  38. I think giving up one’s own life or that of their firstborn is the ultimate sacrifice. God could have done anything but he chose the best way to save us. He gave up his own life when he died in the flesh, yet its also Him sacrificing his only son.
    It’s the best way God could show His love for mankind. He gave the ultimate sacrifice. Sin caused death. God’s perfect sacrifice and death fulfilled the penalty and conquered the grave.
    Now we can be part of God’s family for eternity if we accept His sacrifice… Believe what He did for us! It’s a free gift, an eternal inheritance promised with the indwelt Holy Spirit!

  39. I don’t know!! I was praying about it earlier this month when I was going through something and the question I got back was, “Do you know why sin stains the way it does, why blood is the only thing to clean it?”
    Um NOPE
    So I hope that gives you some direction for study. ?‍♀️

  40. Adam failed in The Garden Of Eden. He passed on sin and death to His descendants. The second Adam, Jesus Christ, died to pay the sin debt we couldn’t pay.

  41. try studying the book of enoch; before you say anything the book of enoch was lost so it could not be put in the English cannon since it was not found until the 1800- 300 years after the king James bible. it states that god told adam after saton had stabed him and killed; god brought him back to life that he would return to him in the flesh that he may be a sacrifice for sin that he may have eternal life. the body was not suppose to perish but sin brought it on earth. jesus will become the second adam and we will attains bodies like his without corruption.

  42. The bible says the wages of sin is death. The last three words Jesus said on the cross before committing his spirit was “it is finished” – that means the ransom was paid for all man kind that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but behave everlasting life.

    The atonement for sin required a perfect lamb of God sacrifice which takes away the sins of the world that only He could provide through his only begotten son Jesus, the second person of the trinity.

    You may find people would have it different or want to rationalize a better way that would make more sense to them, just remember this world & life is “God’s movie” not theirs. (The clay has nothing to say to the Potter), repent and put your faith and trust in the sacrifice God gave on the cross. ✝️

  43. Ever since the beginning when you sin against God, to reconcile yourself, you needed something of value. Back then, animal measured your worth. So you’d take an unblemished sheep, goat, ect & offer it as a sacrifice to cover your sin.
    So that’s what God did with Jesus. God said without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness.

  44. Because of natural law, there has to be justice. Or else the universe starts losing all sense of good and evil. Everything would just be permissible. But none of us could ever pay our own way, for the sheer amount of sins we’ll commit against each other.

    Jesus already paid the ultimate price for us, so justice can be served, keeping moral law in balance. But we still need to turn our hearts and cleanse our soul to goodness. And repent of the evils we’ve done to attain grace.

    Short answer; if we received mercy without someone paying for justice? We’d lose all sense of goodness and wickedness. Our hearts would be irredeemable.

  45. God loves His creation. His creation messed up. The only way salvation could be obtained for His creation was through the blood of a sacrafice. The reason for that is when Adam and Eve sinned, God killed an animal(s) to provide a cover over their shame, their nakedness. The animal was part of God’s creation. But that type of atonement was only temporary. So, a loving God would not require His most precious creation, man, to sacrafice itself for itself. So God the Son came to earth to be that sacrafice to permanently atone for our sins. Essentially the creator sacrafice Himself for His creation.

  46. God provided the first sacrifice to atone the blood. He saw the fig leafs were not good enough. Blood had to be spilled, he went out and killed a beast. God always paid the price for our sin. With Isaac a ram was provided and with us the price was paid with innocent blood. The only blood that was without blemish -his son. Yeshua the salvation.

  47. May you read the Epistle to the Hebrews especially chapters 8-9 I think it explains better why Jesus had to offer his own blood and why God required such a sacrifice.

  48. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death and God is Just so He need to punish sinners.
    Bible also say that God is love, so which of this attributes should He show for us sinners? If He only show His being Just then He is not a loving God. If He only show His being loving then He is a bad God because Justice should be serve for those who disobey. Now in order to show both at the same time He send His begotten Son Jesus to die for us to show us how much He love us and the death of Jesus satisfy His Justice.

  49. Because of the law of sacrifices given in the old testament. No blood, no remission of sins as explained by Apostle Paul in Hebrews. Btw, Apostle Paul was a Pharisee ,a Supreme Court justice and Priest or Minister combined today ,who knew law and religion in one.

  50. Justice. God is just. Crimes/sins require punishment. If God didn’t punish, he would not be just.

    But God wanted us to have free will. Free will allows true love. (Robots without free will would not have love). That means sin/crimes come into play with free will.

    So, how to punish and pay our debts but love?

    Jesus’ sacrifice pays for our punishment and also allows for free will and love. Justice is met. Love is met.

    And Jesus/Part of Triune God took the punishment on Himself and His Grace frees us from the wages of sin and death. Only Jesus could have paid that debt, as our weak works would never be enough to pay that debt and neither would the weak works of anybody else be able to pay the debts of others.

    And, at the end of the day, this sacrifice shows the unfathomable love God has for each of us. No other religious belief system has God coming down to us, humbling Himself to pay for our debts/sins. This is the unique reality with Jesus.

  51. God hath given His only begotten Son that all the curse had been poured all iniquities laid upon Jesus at calvary to the point that God looked the other way because of all sin of mankind….. He laid down His life just for you…. If you believed this is true….

  52. Jesus never needed to be forgiven He died on the Cross so that we would be Saved

  53. Yahweh – one God, existing as 3 persons who love each other perfectly. Thus, the ONE God is love in his very essence.
    Out of this love, God created mankind in his image, that God might love man and man might love God.

    This love is called “agape love.” The Bible gives a beautiful description of this love in 1 Corinth 13 – but it is essentially this: a selflessness that delights in others.
    That is who God is, almighty yet most humble, the center of the universe yet selfless. He created mankind so he could delight in us, and we in him, with selfless love.
    In order for this love to be valuable, it must be voluntary. When man disobeys God, it is tantamount to rejecting God.
    In rejecting the Source of life (God), we bring death upon ourselves.
    The result of sin is death because it is rejection to the Source of Life.

    Christian Solution : the Gospel
    The good news!
    “Even though we cannot get to God, out of his great love, God has come to us and made a way for us. God himself has paid for our sins and will eternally restore our souls. All we have to do is repent of our rebellion, have faith in what he has done, and follow him.”

    To pay for our sins, God —specifically the 2nd person of the Trinity, entered into our world. Without changing his divine nature, God took upon himself a human nature. He was born as a human, but not of the broken lineage as of Adam. He was born unbroken, the way we are miraculously remade. He took the name of Jesus, which means “God saves”.
    With respect to his human nature he grew as a human, ate food as a human, suffered alongside humans, and ultimately died as a human. In all this he never sinned, so he was able to bear our sins. He lived the life we ought to have lived so he could die the death that we deserved to die.
    By dying on our behalf he took upon HIMSELF the sins of the world so that whoever believes in him and accepts what he has done will have eternal life.
    And to prove that his death is not just another death but one that brings life to the world, and to prove that he was indeed God he claimed to be, he rose from the dead.

  54. 1. The Bible says “the wages of sin is death”. And in the old Testament law, in order for someone’s sin to be forgiven one must die for his sin. That’s why Jesus came as the “Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” He sacrificed Himself on the cross so that all human’s sin would be forgiven and that eternal life will be given through His grace. Because of the sacrificed and obedience of Jesus even to the point of death, many were made righteous. That’s why we are able to receive the promise freely because of God’s sacrificed on the cross.

    2. Jesus said when He prayed on the Garden of Gethsemane that he must be handed and died on the hands of the Jews so that the prophecy of the scriptures(bible) would be fulfilled.

    3. Jesus is the reality of all the sacrifices in the old testament. He is the reality of the Passover lamb(1 Cor 5:7). Jesus needs to be a living sacrifice so that we would be forgiven from all our sin through His blood(Eph 1:7).

  55. The apparent absurdity of the blood sacrifice is where I started my long arduous journey into apostasy. Good luck!

  56. If you spoke the universe into existence and wanted your creation to know you without impinging on their freewill, wouldn’t demonstrating your love in the highest fashion(becoming flesh and laying down your life for them) be of utmost importance so that you could ensure they would TRUST you and KNOW that they are loved by you?

    Can you think of a better way God could have done it, keeping freewill in tact with love being his ultimate goal, demonstrated on a personal level?(because he knows fathoming the one who created everything is too hard to wrap our minds around and wants us to know him and know his heart for us personally)

    What’s more personal than shedding innocent blood and laying down your life for your creation?

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