Fathers of the Faith: R. G. Spurling

“Christians…here present…are desirous to be free from all men made creeds and traditions, and are willing to take the New Testament, or law of Christ, for your only rule of faith and practice”R. G. Spurling, Barney Creek Meeting House August 19, 1886


8 comments on Fathers of the Faith: R. G. Spurling

  1. He should have stayed a Baptist he would have been far more biblically correct…He went from 1 Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a Baptist to 2 Baptisms of the Holy Spirit as a Pentecostal..

  2. I love old photos like this. Zooming in on his face, his personality really seems to become manifest. His face, and especially his eyes, seems to be both fiery and kind. I wonder, in what year this photo was taken?

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