GA22 AGENDA: Form of Submission

GA22 AGENDA: Form of Submission

Notice of Proposal to Amend the Bylaws of the International General Council and the International General Assembly: In accordance with the Minutes of the International General Assembly, the following amendments related to the Bylaws of the Church of God are being recommended by the International Executive Council to the 2022 International General Council for


Bylaws Amendment #3 

Motions Committee Form of Submission


While this is a Bylaws item, it is a simple procedural modification from “typewritten form” to  current communication methods providing efficiency in presenting motions with clarity to the  General Council.

We recommend:

That we amend page 62, S2. BYLAWS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD, Article VI, Governing  Bodies, 2. INTERNATIONAL GENERAL COUNCIL, Agenda, paragraph 4, by striking  typewritten form” and inserting “a legible format (print or digital)”

So as to read:

4. Any new business shall be presented to the chairman of the motions committee,  which committee shall receive, classify, clarify, eliminate duplication, and dispatch  for placement on the agenda following the completion of the printed agenda.  Any  new business presented to the motions committee shall be presented in a legible  format (print or digital) not later than 2 p.m. of the third day of the International  General Council.

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