*** God is a necessary being according to Logic Why…

*** God is a necessary being according to Logic

Why is there something (rather than nothing)?
Because, If there is Now, an eternal necessary Being, God must exists
Why does God exist, rather than not exist?
A necessary explanation:
Only One necessary being can logically exist.
Only a single necessary Being, could possibly exist and explain, the existence of itself, and our contingent material universe logically.
The impossibility of God’s nonexistence is a logically sufficient condition of God’s existence.

This is not something new. All major Greek philosophers using logic and rational thinking, accepted and supported the necessity of a single eternal Being we Christians call today God.

Is logically absurd to seek an external or more fundamental explanation for a necessary being.

By its nature, no physical (or material) entity or collection of physical entities could ever be self-explanatorily ultimate, while God, a logically necessary being, is a complete ultimate, and only logical, rational, and scientific explanation of the mental, abstract, and physical reality we live in.

Since the existence of the universe is contingent, an external cause is logically necessary.
Even if we find a unified theory of everything in physics, God is logically necessary, nothing is contradictory or inconsistent, with God, asa Creator and a cause of the physical universe.

All existent world-views cannot explain anything rationally in the world, without assuming the miracle of screation of the universe and life. The truth is exclusive by nature and independent of our will.

In order to falsify theism, the non theists, need to examine all known types of explanation (logical, rational, philosophical…) and then prove that theism fits none of these categories; they also have to show that no other types of legitimate explanation exist.
Most of the explanations we use in everyday life are not scientific ones, and most explanations in many academic fields such as history, economics… are not, strictly speaking, scientific explanations.

We can use a couple of Models of Explanation, to demonstrate the existence of God:

– Using a Necessity model (logical), and a
– Unification model of explanation, we can easily see, why God is a necessary Being, and a necessary Cause, and why It’s existence is absolutely necessary to logically explain reality as a whole.
– We can also use a deductive-nomological or “covering law” model, to explain God by showing that is logically deduced from the laws of Logic, Rationality, and even the laws of Science, starting with initial conditions, (state) of the universe.
– At last, we can use the Personalistic explanation (“intentionalistic explanation”) to explain the universe by proving that God’s (Jesus) character, powers, knowledge, and purposes or reasons, freely created the universe.

A personalistic explanation is generally an intellectually superior explanation when
a) the person cited exists (God must exist)
b) the person possesses the character, powers, beliefs, and desires cited, and
c) the reasons cited are good reasons.

If something exists now, a necessary eternal Being must exist. We, are not necessary beings (we are contingent) and nothing material is, including the universe.
God is both logically and ontologically necessary since our minds exists and we are logical and rational beings. We are aware atheism denies the mind and logic, because they believe in randomness.

Rational thinking, Science, and Logic are proving the universe must have been caused by God, and that, the universe cannot create itself from nothing, or be an uncaused effect, self created, that started from nothing and, explains everything else inside it, but is excluding itself, and remains unexplained

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