Has anyone here converted a Muslim, I have yet to…

Has anyone here converted a Muslim, I have yet to get this right. How did you do it?

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  1. We dont convert anyone. As long as u can tell them the Good News in a correct way & keep praying for them, God will do the rest!

  2. I often find “assurance of salvation through Christ ” has more power than their “I hope Allah will think I’ve done good but I don’t know”. Each human longs for an assurance of salvation so with this approach you’re giving them the solution to the longing on their soul

  3. Our words only pricks their heart and make them hold their allah more tightly, so its time to shake their allah itself.

    Mohammed represented allah, but he married and waged wars. While Jesus represented God and was holy and loved everyone. Life of mohammed pictures allah and Life of Jesus pictures God. Hence allah is an imaginary god that don’t exist, or even if allah does exist he’s angry and brute, which is why his followers are like him.

  4. A great YouTube channel called Cira International… a former Muslim from Saudi Arabia has a channel where he talks about his conversion… I had the chance to meet him..he is a great guy

  5. You don’t convert anyone God does! It’s the Gospel that saves unto salvation. We just plant the seeds and water in love and pray that God gives the increase. ??✝️

  6. First off try to keep in mind that we are vessels that preach the gospel. It is God who converts the unbeliever.

  7. I think you are asking the wrong question. The right question should be” has anyone led someone to Christ?” but if the motive behind your question is to condemn Christian then would not bother asking the right question.

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