I can see that, just like me, many people here…

I can see that, just like me, many people here also disagrees with Calvinism, but it’s a bit too much if we label Calvinists as heretics, they are not. Their theology is one of the possible biblical explanation of God’s sovereignty/providence. The only possible reasons why we disagree with Calvinism is either, we don’t like it, or, we don’t fully understand it. As for me, I can say that I fully understand it but I just don’t like it. All Christians has the freedom to assume a non-Calvinist position and that’s okay, no Calvinists who are truly Christians should call you a heretic for that so long as we’re staying within the boundaries of orthodox Christianity

So having said that, please be respectful with our responses to our Calvinist brothers here and I also expect the same thing from Calvinists

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