I wrote a defense response to suffering. I’m bringing this…

I wrote a defense response to suffering. I’m bringing this to the body for edification. Please let me know If you spot something wrong or think I should change something. I do not want to say the wrong thing. I would like to know your opinions. I do mention free will. Please let’s not get into a unfruitful argument about it. Weather you are a strong predestination or free will believer. If you deny God you are to blame. Thank you ?


Trials and distress are not something unusual in life; they are part of what it means to be human in a fallen world.

God allows evil and suffering. He is not the cause of evil and suffering. Satan is.

Satan is a rival of God, who fights against God’s plan of salvation. He wants you to turn your back on God. Satan wants you in Hell. That’s his plan. He is at war with God for your soul. If your shaking your fist at God then Satan is winning.

God has given us free will to believe and accept Him. Without evil and suffering in our presence there would be no choice.

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