If someone draw a tattoo before he was a believer,and…

If someone draw a tattoo before he was a believer,and now he want to be a born again Christian…can God still accept that person???

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49 thoughts on “If someone draw a tattoo before he was a believer,and…

  1. Grace Ramotlopi says:

    God deals with the Spirit of man because that’s where the real person is . When someone say I am born again it is the Spirit that is recreated and is born again not the outside body. So tattoo or no tattoo your inside is saved

  2. Max Miles says:

    nothing is impossible with God as long as you repent all heartly by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour ,God has already forgiven you its almost 2000yrs ago at Calvary just have to accept his forgiveness by his grace through faith and at the rapture we’ll have new bodies obviously those tattoos will be eradicated by the glory of God .I can image anyone that has tattoos at that time of the rapture who are born again to their surprise the’ll just see tattoos vanishing of their very eyes how exciting ….new bodies can’t wait…

  3. Jessy Coxson says:

    Jesus Christ has tattoos all over His arms. So apparently He doesn’t care that much. But you should still honor and respect the body/temple God created for you, by loving yourself as He loves you; and foremost love Him FIRST above yourself! Be careful you do not self worship is what I mean. God bless!

    (P.S. the picture is a recent pic of Jesus Christ in the flesh as He is now with one of His fans. Visit my FB page for more info about that if you’re interested.)

  4. Brenda King says:

    Absolutely if you still have the tattoo God loves you and your resurrected glorified body will have no tattoos I’m thinking….besides God says man looks on the outside but it’s what man brings out of himself that defiles him not what’s on the outside

  5. Jennifer Lewis says:

    Absolutely I have false Gods tattooed on me so I will testify that god is merciful. I have gotten 1 tattoo since my rebirth only to make up for the rest❤️God could care less about that flesh you inhabit. He made and wants your soul back. God is merciful to the pure in heart

  6. Maggie Joanne says:

    If you ask Jesus into your heart and ask for forgiveness of sins you will be saved regardless of how many tattoos you have, its your heart he looks at, once saved you cannot lose your salvation either

  7. Lorna Taitano says:

    It is our “Inner” man of the heart that counts. Our flesh will die. and when Jesus comes we will get new bodies anyway. Although he doesn’t want us to abuse our bodies, He forgives because His blood covers all sin except rejection of His sacrifice.

  8. Catie van der Walt says:

    Sadly those who refuse the testimony of Christ according to His second covenant terms incur God’s wrath rather than His blessing in the Promise of Christ made in the Bosom for our destiny and eternal reward.. those who continue replacing faith with the light of their own aspiration are being prepared for the coming 7 years tribulation.
    It’s not too late to enter into the spiritual ark of the second covenant in this short time of the second eight week.

  9. Markus Ramchiary says:

    If the tatoo have meaning then flog it. Better to go heaven without skin than go hell with beautiful tatoo. When you go Heaven you can say look Lord what I did for You.

  10. Mering Albas says:

    Yes. Why not. The mark of the beast is done intentionally. What God looks at is the purity, sincerity of his heart to obey and love God and recognizing God as His savior, destination and declaration that you chose Him for eternity.

  11. Lawrence Lewis says:

    So if you are saved…you need to ask Him about getting a tattoo..because men have two opinions…one says its right the other wrong…don’t do anything to displease the Lord…and don’t ask man……..ask God rather…

  12. Ngbede Atabo says:

    all are sinners & have come short of the glory of God, but we are made right true the blood of christ.& no condemnation in christ jesus. so he will.

  13. Karl Snyder says:

    God excepts you just as you are when you come to Jesus Christ no matter what sin you have done if you repent and Trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and U are saved If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead he will be saved

  14. Michael Kirkpatrick says:

    Yes your sins are forgiven but don’t continue getting tattoos because your body is the temple the Lord inhabits. If you continue getting tattoos you are defiling his temple. I wanted to get one when my son died but while I was considering it I got messages I believe from the Lord not to Mark my body.

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