Is faith believing without evidence? I have faith that the…

Is faith believing without evidence?

I have faith that the chair I’m sitting on will hold me up. Evidences are there, but I don’t rely on all the evidences in order for me to trust that I won’t fall on my keister.

Evidence either strengthens or diminishes my faith.

If I see that all the chairs from a particular factory are designed and built so poorly so as to not even able to hold a hamster, then my faith is destroyed. I will not sit upon any chair knowing it was manufactured from that place.

If it is true that faith is believing without evidence, then if a stranger claimed to have attached invisible wings on my back, do I show my confidence in what he told me is true by jumping off a cliff?

God has provided evidences all around us so our confidence can build and grow in Him. We can have confidence in Him because He is faithful; and the power that resurrected Jesus Christ from the dead, is the same power that brings the once lost sinner into new life in Him. So where can the greatest evidence be found of a living faith? It can be found in the changed life of a believer.

This is why you should let your light so shine for others to see; for it glorifies God. If you refuse to let that light in you to shine brightly, that dimness shows others not to rely upon the Lord you have kept hidden from them.

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