**Do not be deceived or confused by the lying media and politicians – who call evil good and good evil – by honoring the recently killed wicked terror chief – Iranian general Soleimani – and condemning America and its leader for using the authority and command that Jesus gave them as a government – to use force to protect the innocent from the wicked – to rightfully and justly kill this very wicked man who – like the also justly killed heads of Al Qaeda (Osama Bin Laden) and ISIS (al-Baghdadi) – were responsible for the deaths of so many innocent people. And please join me in thanking Jesus that He came not only in His perfect mercy – to rescue from evil and eternal punishment all those who are willing to believe and obey Him to the end to be saved – but that JESUS ALSO CAME IN HIS PERFECT JUSTICE – TO DESTROY THE SCHEMES AND WORKS OF THE UNREPENTANT WICKED AND THEIR LEADER SATAN – including in the end to send them to well deserved eternal punishment in the lake of fire.**

**Jesus commands us not to worry or get angry at the schemes of the wicked, but instead to join with Him in laughing at them for, like Jesus – who knows the end from the beginning – and who will accomplish both His mercy and justice purpose in all that happens – we know – because Jesus told us in His Word – how they turn out – that their wicked schemes against others will land on their own heads – certainly in the end with punishment in the lake of fire – and sometimes with the justice starting even before then – such as when Soleimani and Bin Laden and Al Bagdadi were hunted down and killed – or as when the caravan of Iraqi soldiers returning to Iraq with their stolen goods – after raping and killing many Kuwatis in the first Gulf War – was destroyed by an American air strike – or such as when Jesus will personally cause confusion to destroy the armies of Iran, Russia and Turkey when they later unjustly invade the mountains of Israel – or when Jesus after His return in the clouds will personally kill the armies of the AntiChrist when they unjustly invade Israel at the Battle of Armageddon – and – finally – when Jesus after His return will send all the unrepentant wicked into eternal punishment in the lake of fire. Justice delayed is not justice denied my friends – yes – some of Jesus’ perfect justice – in His perfect timing – waits until the end – but some happens sooner as well. Thank You Jesus! Your will be done!” Isaiah 5:20,46:10;Romans 13:1,4,6:23;Psalm 18:30,37:1-2,7-17,20,22,32-40;Galatians 1:4;John 10:27,17:8,8:43-47;Luke 6:46;Hebrews 4:2,5:9;1 John 3:8;Matthew 24:3-4,13,25:41,46;Amos 3:7;Ezekiel 38-39;Revelation 1:7,19:11-13,21.**

**SO PLEASE JOIN WITH ME – RIGHT NOW – WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND MIND – IN THIS DECISIONAL PRAYER: Thank You SO much Jesus – for letting us know – that it is You who brings justice – sometimes now through the governments You have established – and sometimes later – to all the unrepentant wicked who refuse to believe and obey You. We believe You! So we thank You for Your perfect justice – and choose to be those who believe and obey You! Please bless us and help us to believe and obey You to the end to be saved! We ask You in Jesus name. Amen!**

**God bless you! If you are looking for another group that is dedicated to believing and obeying Jesus to the end to be saved, please join our Public Facebook Group Do You Believe and Do What Jesus Says: [https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1190322134362738&ref=br_rs](https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1190322134362738&ref=br_rs) OR our Closed Facebook group True Followers of Jesus Christ (just click the link and then “Join” on the main picture): [https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=873514356051428**](https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=873514356051428)

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