Rev. Dr. Steve Ross is the new Sheriff of Polk County



Ross received nearly 65% of the vote and brought in 3448 votes; King received 1854. Of that, 1625 of Ross’s votes came from early voting. King received 1203 early votes. Precinct totals will be printed next week. Long-term Second District School Board member Gary Silvers will be replaced by Stan Howard, who defeated Silvers by a margin of only nine votes. Harmon Harden was top vote-getter in that district, receiving 883 votes. Howard brought in 778 votes; Silvers had 769.

In the race for Third District School Board, Stephanie Loudermilk defeated Pat Suits. Loudermilk received 865 votes; Suits had 509. In the First District School Board race, Mark Williams defeated Jeff Lanning. Williams garnered 1029 votes compared to 737 for Lanning.

Changes are coming to the Second District County Commission, as well, with Karen Bracken edging out Issac “Buster” Bramblett by 36 votes. Top vote-getter in that district was Greg Brooks with 855. Mike Curbow brought in 809 votes. Bracken received 786 votes; Bramblett received 750.

Two previous County Commissioners will re-join the board. First District’s Mark Bishop and Third District’s Daniel Deal both won back the seats they lost in the last election. In the First District, Bishop defeated James Woody by a margin of 69 votes. Top vote-getter was John Pippenger with 1117. Wendall “Buster” Lewis received 1065 votes, Bishop got 1026 and Woody received 957.

In the Third District, Sheena Gaddis received the most votes with 869. Daren Waters brought in 858 and Daniel Deal ended the night with 827. Earl Tipton had 651 votes and Randall Davis has 629.

County Executive of Polk County, Tennessee

Hoyt Firestone held onto his seat as County Executive with 2161 votes. Write-in candidate Anna Clark came in second place with 1513. Scott Yates came in at 1279 votes.

Trustee of Polk County, Tennessee

Gina Hicks-Burchfiel will be the new County Trustee, bringing in 63% of votes. She had 3134 votes; Austin O’Neal received 1798.

Four races were unopposed in the election.

General Sessions of Judge of Polk County, Tennessee

Judge Bill Baliles brought in 3031 votes

County Clerk of Polk County, Tennessee

Angie Sanford received 3527

Register of Deeds of Polk County, Tennessee

Kandi Bramlett had 3452 votes

Clerk of Courts of Polk County, Tennessee

Connie Clark ended the night with 3441

Vote totals are unofficial until voted on by the election Commission. Tennessee State Troopers were on hand during the election returns to ensure there were no problems. There were no problems.

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