The Matt Smith Guide to The Medlin Hall Crosswalk.

Ever since the new crosswalk system was installed at Medlin Hall, it has been very entertaining to watch the drivers stop and blink in confusion at the massive lightshow of a crosswalk.

Thus, I feel it is in order to provide short guide to crossing the road at Ocoee Street, for drivers and pedestrians.


When preparing to cross the Medlin crosswalk, stand between the white posts. The infrared beams from these posts trip the crosswalk lights. When standing, look both ways, and make sure the cars are slowing down properly before you begin to cross. Then, make sure you wave, or salute, or SOMETHING, to acknowledge the driver's courtesy.

Oh, and don't run across the road not in the crosswalk, and don't cross the crosswalk without going through the posts so as to make sure you trip the crosswalk lights.


When you see that the lights are flashing [honestly, you couldn't miss it] begin to slow down. Unless you're right on top of the crosswalk and literally could not slow down or stop, then don't just drive right through. I have already seen multiple drivers run right through the crosswalk, lights blazing and student waiting to cross. Don't do that - it makes you look like a huge jerk.

Once you have slowed down, you may find it necessary to signal the student to cross. Wave them on, flash your lights, do something. This helps the student know, "Hey, they're slowing down for me, so I can cross now."

When all students present in the crosswalk are across, you may then proceed.

When and if a student has crossed the crosswalk in the last 30 seconds and is already gone, but the lights are still flashing, you do not have to stop there. I have lost count of the number of times that there is no one in the crosswalk and drivers still stop, looking around confusedly.


Just be alert. Don't be stupid. If you're hit or hit someone, do not drive away.

Finally, you will not get free tuition if you are hit. Just saying.