Trinity – 1 God, yet 3 distinct persons???

Last night, I did a message on wrapping your mind around the Trinity, as much as humanly possible. It is a very complex issue that can't be watered down to a single analogy. However, scriptures make it abundantly clear there is 1 God in 3 distinct persons. I broke this message down into what I call, "3 Trinity Truths." In order to "show" my students what I'm talking about, I used a simple, yet very effective illustration of the Trinity.

Illustration: The Father/The Son/The Holy Spirit
I brought 3 students, 1 stood in a "profile" stance, another in a "frontal face" stance and the last in a "bowed head" stance (to show the top of her head to the congregation.
1. The profile is representation of the Father.
the old testament only reveal "types" and "shadows" and profiles of who The Father really is. We can't seem completely. He does not make himself fully know to us. So we have know knowledge of His depth and see him for who He is.
2. The Frontal represents the Son
We see Jesus for who he is in the writings of the New testament. It is revealed in his deeds and sayings. So we can picture Him head on, but to view His depth is next to impossible. I used the illustration of Tom and Jerry and the road runner. After they've been smashed they come out looking normal in the front. It's only until they turn or bend, do you see how damaged they really are.
3. The top of the head represents the Holy Spirit.
This view reveals His depth. We see through the Holy Spirit just how this 1 God shows up in everyday living of His believers.

Another illustration I alluded too was the h2O analogy - Ice/Water/Steam - it's in different states, but it's all the same h2O

Another Illustration (came from Benny Hinn's Book) - The Light turns on/off
The Father gives the command to turn ON the light
You go.
Jesus is the switch that combines your effort, with His command, and the Holy Spirit's execution of that command.
The Holy Spirit is the POWER that brings the command into fulfillment

Below is scritpual references to validate each "Trinity Truth."
I have been asked repeatedly for my notes, so here you go!!
Hope I helped,

Trinity Truth #1: There is only 1 God

Isaiah 44:6 Romans 1:30 Duet. 4:35 1 John 5:20
Jeremiah 10:10 Duet. 4:39; 32:39 John 5:44 2 Chronicles 15:3
2 Samuel 22:32 John 17:3 Isaiah 37:20; 43:10; 44:6-8; 45:5,14, 21-22; 46
Romans 16:27 Galatians 3:20 Ephesians 4:6 1 Thessalonians 1:9
1 Corinthians 8: 4-6 1 Timothy 1:17; 2:5 James 2:19

Trinity Truth #2: There is a Plurality to God
Iow’s – The Father is God. The Son is god. The Holy Spirit is God.
In Hebrew the word “Elohim” (God) Is plural -Leviticus 19:3
Genesis 1:26