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14 thoughts on “Trump’s The Right Man For This Job

  1. Condreth Ruthenberg says:

    may be its time fr everyone to be having soulful knowledge of what our souls needed. understanding and wisdom. that we may be all be able to gain clarity in what is right and what is not. we can only carry for what we see and feel as the truth within our own Divinity. so it is important that we needed foods for our souls. those wisdom that keeps us invigorated through embracing love and peace. for what is true from the start until the end. truth ca never be tarnish. we can start researching for that real truth. if we all seek what is truth, this world we live in will be safer for all of us. truth has no doubts as truth is surety. right now we are confused. and we saw a lot of powerful leadership under tension. we need to seek what is divinely right for us that safety and life will be safe for all of us. in truth there is no hatred nor betrayal. but its a long way. when only few does seek for the truth. we shall seek the truth and we all be free from confusion and troubles truth is mighty. lets all focused in truth. it is the way and the life of righteousness. people lost their life because they don’t trust what is true. abide by truth and avoid acting with dishonor. truth is the mightiest power to gain safety. we need to love our selves and all humanity no matter how impossible it is to do. we can attain what we are God’s glory amen.

  2. Charles Joseph Kloss says:

    FB removed this post for whatever reason it was biasedly deemed in violation of their community standards. You know because they care so deeply about strict

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