We need leaders who know and submit to God’s word….

We need leaders who know and submit to God’s word….

We need leaders who know and submit to God’s word. When we try to remove the creator then the value for life becomes grounded on nothing.

Atheists trust in an atheistic perspective of logic. However, these discussions are only possible because of God. Why highly evolved descendants of bacteria would exercise energy to argue for anything at all in a purposeless universe is mind boggling. If the Big Bang randomly caused perfect conditions in our solar system with the planet earth so a bolt of lightning could strike a bunch of prehistoric scum then we are all nothing more than star dust. Our environment would have no ultimate purpose, meaning, or basis for morality. Atheists can not justify their appeals to laws of logic. Only because God exists we have a basis to uphold human value. We are made in God’s image. Therefore, we have a basis to believe in dignity, value, and responsibility. An atheist does not. Emotional appeals to pain, suffering, and evil in the world make sense if God exists. Emotional appeals have no place in an atheistic worldview. Every time atheists appeal to human value they are stealing from our world view. All appeals to human value and ethics become meaningless if we deny God. To say “God is evil” is meaningless for an atheist. According to his worldview nothing has meaning. Everything came from nothing. Life came from non life. If we really are just star dust in a purposeless universe without objective values then we might as well respond to every non biblical argument with, “so what?” Listen for the image of God to pour out of every appeal that atheists makes to what is a denial of the atheistic world view and can only make sense from a biblical perspective. You can’t steal from a Biblical view on a moral code and then suggest God to be a sinner. It’s a logical fallacy.

How could atheists be surprised by death through disease or catastrophe? Those are the natural consequences to nature. Naturalists are in no position to throw stones at a worldview that they reject.

Often those with qualms with God resort to appealing to suffering in the world with the main tactic to appeal to emotions. What’s wrong with agony and pain from an atheistic perspective? They need a basis for the objection. Christians can appreciate the tragic nature of death because we have a basis for it in scripture. Spare the false concern for humanity. This is the same view that leads a mouth to look to God and ask, “why won’t you help us,” while looking to their fellow man and saying, “there should be fewer of us to save the planet.” All while they never consider themselves for the chopping block, only the unborn, elderly, the less fortunate and the less enlightened.

Some stats say that there are roughly 150,000 people that die every day. There are many verses throughout the Old Testament when God commanded his people to kill the surrounding peoples. There was a time when God killed everyone except Noah and his family. God being God has the right to take life just as he gave it. If you think that’s bad then wait until he in perfect righteousness He casts countless souls into hell for eternal torment. That may sound mean. Criminals think police officers are mean. God is just. How arrogant must the creation be to judge the creator? If we look at Gods wrath and justice and become upset then that only means that we fail to comprehend the depth of the wickedness of our own sin nature. The only reason that we don’t understand the problem of sin nature is because we are under the prideful assumption that if God is good then He owes us something. What we fail to understand in that assumption is that we are not good. God does not owe good things to evil people. The God who sees the heart judges the heart. Fortunately as much as God is a God of wrath he is also a God of mercy. He provides a new heart leading to a saving faith, belief in Him and eternity in paradise. That’s the gospel.

In the thought of a godless existence there could be no concept of right and wrong or good and bad other than our own preferences because we all would have come from nothing more than stardust. There’d be no creator who cares about us. Value for life would be grounded on nothing worthy. Life would be worthless. The abortion industry is the perfect example. Here we have babies in the womb. Babies that we know are live human beings. They are being killed, actually being murdered. Often times just to secure or advance a career…and this is conciseness essential. If people naturally are not good enough to respect the life of an innocent baby then there’s no way that people in government naturally would be good enough to respect your life. Yet, the younger generation finds it so difficult to believe that a government, if charged to do so, either could not or would not provide a decent quality of life with the best interest of it’s people in mind. This is why democratic socialism is so dangerous. This is why we need small government. This is why we need God fearing leadership.

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